Fan of the Month – October

fan of the month

We have reached the 10th month in the Year of the Reader!

If you are a fan of my blog I know you are a READER!

So this year I will be randomly choosing a

Fan of the Month!

Not only will this help me get to know you better but it will help the readers get to know each other better. You may find someone that likes the same authors, books, genres you do. You may “meet” someone that enjoys the same hobbies or is in a similar line of work. They may be someone you want to follow on Social Media.

I am excited to introduce of October’s Fan of the Month!


Tell us a little bit about yourself – I’m a relatively new member following your blog joining because I want to be aware of the work done by independent authors as I am a beta/proofreader for several aspiring authors.

Where is your favorite place to curl up and Escape into a Good Book? I read voraciously and broadly having three or more books being read as one, usually nonfiction. I have one in the car to read when a passenger or waiting somewhere; one by my bedside is my escapism reading; the third is usually a young adult title read in the down time when volunteering for desk duty at my local library.

Do you have a favorite author, book or series? I am a member of three reading groups: bestsellers, classics, and a nonfiction group dealing with ecological, world and multicultural topics. It’s impossible for me name any favorites of characters or books unless you want l-o-n-g lists. Because I taught at the high school level, I was constantly recommending titles and topics to students. When they’d ask me “my favorite” I’d say it’s what I’ve chosen to read right now and I’d constantly mention what I was reading outside of the class readings and encourage them to share as well.

Is there anything else you would like us to share? The most rewarding gifts I’ve gotten is from former students, years later, saying I fostered their love of reading and they in turn passed it on to their children.


~~Thank you Nadine for being October’s Fan of the Month!

Fans of the Month receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card and a copy of a book released during their month Robin will be receiving Looking Mr. Good Witch by Joyce and Jim Lavene!

Would you like to be a Fan of the Month? You can sign up here. Fans are randomly chosen from names generated from this form.

I am starting to look ahead to 2016! What should the bookish theme for the year be? If you have any suggestions leave it in the comment section or use a contact form. Just click the Contact Me Tab at the top of the page.  

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