Fan of the Month – December

fan of the month

We have reached the last month in the Year of the Reader!

I hope you have enjoyed this feature.

I am excited to introduce of December’s Fan of the Month!


Tell us a little bit about yourself –

I retired from being an accountant a little over a year ago and have been devouring mysteries since then.  I also enjoy keeping up with friends on facebook.  During the summer I’m an avid golfer, not necessarily a good golfer, so I spend a lot of time outdoors and get behind on my reading.  My husband and I have 4 fur kids—2 beagles and 2 cats—who are the joy of our life.  I love curling up in my big chair-and-a-half with a couple of my “kids” reading all afternoon in the winter.

I particularly like cozies with animals.  I got hooked on cozies years ago when I discovered The Cat Who… series by Lillian Jackson Braun and would eagerly await each new book as it was released.  I’d love to meet Jim Quilleran of that series—he seemed like he could just jump off the pages of the book.   I so miss her writing now that she has passed.  Probably my favorite series now is the Joe Grey series by Shirley Rousseau Murphy.

I’ve been reading your bog for quite a while—-I’m not certain how long, but at least 3 years—probably longer.  I enjoy finding out what new cozies are coming out and discovering authors that you write about that are new to me.  An of course, I enjoy the contests—there’s nothing like receiving a new, free cozy in the mail.

Thanks again for choosing me as your December fan.

Thank you Sue for being December’s Fan of the Month! 

Sue will be received a $5 Amazon Gift Card and a copy of To Brew or Not To Brew by Joyce Tremel.

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  1. Sue: Love to meet a fan who loves not only cozies but CAT MYSTERY. Hope you will check out my series, Black Cat’s Legacy, Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer and Black CAt and the Accidental Angel. (Amazon) If you loved “CAT WHO” and Joe Grey, I guarantee, you will love Thumper, the cat with his ancestors’ memories… and how he helps solve mysteries. Happy reading and Merry Christmas!

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