Review – A Vision of Sugarplums by Jennifer Blake

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vision of sugar plumsA Vision of Sugarplums
Holiday Romance
87 pages
Publisher: Steel Magnolia Press (November 18, 2011)
ASIN: B006A1Z06W



Meghan Castle is a real Scrooge about the holidays … until she finds an abandoned baby in her store on Christmas Eve. Change is certainly in the air – especially when late shopper Rick Wallman walks in with yet another delightful holiday surprise.

Meghan has to take the baby home — that or call Social Services on Christmas Eve. Rick goes with her to help shop for baby supplies and winds up spending the night.

Meghan and Rick, though, each have secrets — one of which could destroy the fragile future they begin to build together.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Meghan Castle find an abandoned baby in her store and she and a perfect stranger just take it to her house.  The stranger even stays the night and then some.

I did notice this novella was originally published back in the 90’s. No one today would find a baby in their store and just take it home. Heck would the even do that in the 90’s. It was Christmas Eve but not calling the police was so unfathomable to me. Plus a guy your never met but he seems nice so o.k. let’s take him home too. I did keep reading hoping for something redeeming to happen.

A first I thought Rick Wallman was a nice guy but then he convinces her to take the baby to her house. As the story continued steam start coming from my ears. What a jerk.

I do love a romance novel once in awhile for something different to read. I had to keep reading just to see if anyone in this story had any common sense. Meghan finds out Rick’s HUGE secret and did send him packing but SPOILER ALERT she actually takes him back.

Thankfully this was a very fast read and I hadn’t invested much time.

should have stayed home2 STARFISH

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