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Welcome to the 1st Cozy Wednesday of 2016!

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I am so happy to welcome Paige Shelton back to Escape With Dollycas. She has a new cozy series. The first Dangerous Type Mystery, To Helvetica and Back, was released yesterday. This series is off to a great start. Read my review after Paige’s guest post. 


Potato Stamps by Paige Shelton


In my new Dangerous Type Mystery Series, Clare Henry and her grandfather, Chester, run The Rescued Word, a shop that specializes in rescuing all sorts of words. They offer services like typewriter repair and book repair. They also sell every type of pen and paper under the sun. It’s a pretty amazing place.

to helvitica and backAs I was writing the first book, TO HELVETICA AND BACK, and things like fonts and typefaces were being discussed by the characters, I had a flashback to something I’d done when I was a kid. I remembered it being a fun project and a pretty simple way to personalize paper or notecards. I had to try it again.

My memory was correct; it was simple, and pretty fun too. Potato stamps.

Start with the supplies: Potatoes of course, a knife to cut the potatoes in half, an X-acto knife, and some clay tools if you happen to have them handy. My son likes to sculpt so I borrowed a couple of his scooping tools. You’ll need something to stamp on – I used a couple of notecards. And, finally, some paint – I had some bottles of cheap acrylic.


First of all, write down the words you want to carve. Either write them backwards or on something see-though that you can turn over. You’ll need to carve everything backwards.

Commence carving. Take your time, but don’t worry too much about being even. This is fun and it’s supposed to look handmade. Nothing wrong with uneven letters or spaces. It’s a little tedious, but doesn’t take a bunch of time.


PIC 1Once you’re carved, ink the potatoes and print. Really easy and fun. And I think the end result is unique and gives a nice touch to simple, plain paper.


PIC 4PIC 5It’s not quite printing press quality, but sometimes it’s the personal touch that matters.

Thanks for letting me post today, and see you all in the bookstores.


I remember this from my childhood, going to try it with my grandchildren 🙂

to helvitica and backTo Helvetica and Back:
A Dangerous Type Mystery

Brand New Series
Cozy Mystery
Setting – Utah
A Berkley Prime Crime Mystery
An Imprint of Penguin Random House LLC
Cover Illustration by Sarah Oberrender
Cover Design by Anne Wertheim
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0425277256
goodreads-badge-add-plusShop Indie Bookstores


The New York Times bestselling author of the Farmers’ Market Mysteries and the Country Cooking School Mysteries introduces readers to Star City, Utah, and a little shop called the Rescued Word…

Star City is known for its slopes and its powder. But nestled in the valley of this ski resort town is a side street full of shops that specialize in the simple charms of earlier eras. One of those shops is the Rescued Word, where Chester Henry and his adult granddaughter Clare lovingly repair old typewriters and restore old books. Who ever thought their quaint store would hold the key to some modern-day trouble?

When a stranger to town demands they turn over an antique Underwood typewriter they’re repairing for a customer, Clare fears she may need to be rescued. A call to the police scares the man off, but later Clare finds his dead body in the back alley. What about a dusty old typewriter could possibly be worth killing for?

Dollycas’s Thoughts

This theme is a really unique twist for a cozy series. Chester Henry owns The Rescued Word and his granddaughter Clare has been truly learning at his knee her entire life. Today they fix old typewriters, restore old books, and sell every kind of paper and pen imaginable. Set in an area of Star City, Utah, called Bygone Alley, The Rescued Word and other shops bring back the days of yesteryear. The Rescued Word also has a resident cat named Baskerville. He is a pretty temperamental feline who watches from a shelf high above the wares for sale. If he likes you he may hop down to say “hello”.

The alley is popular with both the locals and the tourists in town to hit the slopes. We meet Clare’s best friend, Jodie Wentworth, and her brother, Clare’s ex, CJ. Both are Star City police officers. We also meet local residents, Homer Mayfield, former newspaper editor and Mirabelle, typewriter owner and author. Seth Cassidy, who hales from my neck of the woods, is a geologist  and new to Star City. He wants to get to know Clare a lot better.

This story has a stranger rush into The Rescued Word where he makes quite a scene as he insists he must have a particular typewriter, not one like it but that exact one. Clare is shaken but calling the police sends the stranger on his way. Clare is relieved until she sees something suspicious outside the back door and discovers the stranger dead as a door-nail. Did someone kill him because she failed to give him the typewriter? The story of his life came to an abrupt end, Clare is going to find out why…

These characters virtually pulled me right into this story. They are so real and fleshed out. I was engaged immediately. Everyone was so nice, I felt right at home. Chester has a secret but it is a sweet secret. Clare takes so much pride in the shop and her work and she gets excited about each new project. I love the way her romance with Seth is just beginning. With friends in the police department things can get sticky or helpful depending on the situation. Clare and Jodie are still finding their way.

The setting drew me in as well. I had been to Utah a couple of times several years ago. The descriptions in the book brought back memories of how beautiful things are there. Imagine living so close to the slopes that you can watch skiers from your windows or just ski from your backyeard. It would be wonderful to wake up to that day after day.

Now, the mystery was excellent, just what I expect from this author. She lays out a great base and then clues are dropped like snowflakes, you just have to catch them. Tracking down this killer is no easy task and the final reveal had me on the edge of my virtual lift chair.  An epic read!

perfect 2016

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About The Author

Paige Shelton is the New York Times Bestselling author of the Farmers’ Market Mysteries and the Country Cooking School Mysteries. She’s lived lots of places but currently resides in Arizona. Find out more at

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50 thoughts on “Cozy Wednesday with Paige Shelton – Author of To Helvetica and Back – Giveaway too!

  1. I really would love to read this one and went to the bookstore looking for it but it was sold out! The plot sounds unique and I like the cat on the cover!

  2. Oh, golly! When I first saw this book and title, it made me chuckle and sent me to the past. Helvetica was THE type everyone used when I was in school and first working. In addition, I first learned to type on old manual typewriters like this and on others up to today’s laptop. How far we have come.

    I am very much looking forward to reading and reviewing this novel. It sounds delightful and one I know I will thoroughly enjoy!

  3. When I was in art class in high school we did potato stamps. It was great fun and this brought back lots of memories. Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win a copy.

  4. I loved the Farmers Market mysteries and I am really looking forward to reading this new series. Love the potato Idea.

  5. Congratulations on your new series and release Paige! I love your books and I can’t wait to read this one. I love the setting of the story and I would love to work in the shop with Clare and Chester. Old writing things along with any pen and paper you could want……I would be in absolute heaven. Thank you for creating this fun new series and I look forward to see where you take us in it.

  6. Your book captured my attention the first time I saw the title!
    Being in a book loving family (my husband is in publishing and I am an avid [rabid?] reader), I am fascinated by almost anything to do with print.
    In high school I had a summer job at an office supply store (WAY before Staples or Office Depot) and was quite the expert in typewriters (Hermes 3000 was wonderful) and copy paper (a new version that had the ink impregnated in a wax layer where it wouldn’t get on your clothes).

  7. This sounds like it’s going to be a fun series to read, definitely on my tbr list. I’ve heard of potato stamping but have never tried it, pretty cool. Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on your release!

  8. Looking for a cozy to read for the Cozy Challenge. This would be a great one. Thanks for a chance to win a copy.

  9. I’m reading this book right now and loving it! Looking forward already to the next book in the series.

  10. I used this project with my fourth-grade students. During our focus on California history learning about the missions and rancheros, we studied “brands.” Using my father-in-laws branding iron I showed how the item needed to be backwards and we used potatoes to make our own brand design. Such a success for Open House! I am intrigued by this book…

  11. The Rescued Word sounds like my kind of shop — I love collecting pens, and experimenting with all kinds of font programs — so I’m sure I would have do be dragged out of the shop at the end of the day! I’ve made apple stamps before, you don’t carve letters into it, but the star design when you cut the apple in half makes a beautiful image~

  12. This looks great. I learned to type on one of those old typewriters. Thanks for the giveaway

  13. Congrats to Paige on the new release and series! I love fonts!! I am looking forward to beginning this new adventure. Thanks!

  14. I cannot wait to read this book! I’m actually heading to the book store after work tonight. Fingers crossed they have it! 🙂

  15. This looks like a great book. My dad was a writer and still using his old manual typewriter when he passed away in 2000. And I remember doing potato printing with the kids when I was a camp counselor. Thanks for the fun chance to win.

  16. This sounds like a great series. I also like the book cover. Thank you for the chance

  17. Looks like a great read. Remember as a kid my sisters and I did potato stamps. Only we didn’t have an x-acto knife. We used the steak knife from the kitchen and we used the water color paint box for our colors. Had a blast. Hadn’t thought of that in years. Thanks for the memories

  18. This sounds great. It made me think of Julie by Catherine Marshall; the daughter running the newspaper with her father. Thanks for having the giveaway.

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