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Welcome to Cozy Wednesday!

I am conflicted over this post. I strive to share with you original content on my blog, especially when it comes to guest posts from authors. It was recently came to my attention that some posts from authors, that I was given, were also being posted on other blogs. One person even emailed me to ask why I had stolen the post from another blogger. I had not stolen the post; it was the post sent to me by the publicist for me to, what I thought was, solely use. I didn’t realize the same post was sent to several other bloggers.

In the future I am going to make sure I personally contact the authors myself, to guarantee the content is new, fresh, and solely for my use.  Since I have committed to the posts for this month already and I do what to share the books with you, as well as to help the authors promote their books, I will use the content sent to me already. So from now on if I receive a post from a publicist the post will be prominently labeled as such, so that you will be alert to the fact that it may not have only been sent to me. If I review the book, that of course is original from me.


I am thrilled to have Denise visit today! 
This post was provided by the publicist.

Denise Swanson Author PhotoThe Top Five Reasons I Love Libraries

As a writer, I know the importance of libraries. But before I ever dreamed of becoming a published author, I was a little girl living in a small town. An only child, living on a farm with no neighbors within walking distance, I suffered panic attacks if I didn’t have a pile of books waiting for me to read.

Which was why, when I heard about all the libraries being closed due to lack of funding, I decided to focus the plot of my next Devereaux’s Dime Store mystery on the offer of a philanthropist to reopen the Shadow Bend Library.

Like me, my sleuth Dev, grew up on a farm outside of town, so she too would have depended on the library for entertainment, knowledge, and companionship. Knowing that it was important to the story that she feels conflicted about the library re-opening, I decided that the philanthropist would turn out to be her stepfather. A man she’d never met, married to the woman who had abandoned Dev and run off seeking greener pastures.

BETWEEN A BOOK AND A HARD PLACENext, I took a good hard look at what libraries meant to their towns in the twenty-first century versus what they had been when I was growing up in the late sixties and early seventies. I found out that in this ever increasing digital world, the role of libraries are undervalued. Many public officials have no idea that libraries are community and cultural centers and when there’s a shortfall in the budgets, libraries are among the first institutions to suffer.

With this in mind, I came up with the Top Five Reasons I Love Libraries

1. Libraries can strengthen a community’s bond. Libraries, especially in small towns, are one of the few remaining places where folks from diverse backgrounds can gather to interact.

2. Libraries are centers for the arts. In rural communities there are few places where creative souls can freely express themselves.

3. Libraries are safe places for children and adolescents to socialize and learn how to interact. Unlike Dev’s dime store, most businesses don’t like kids or teens hanging out. The library does.

4. Libraries are quiet. In today’s busy world with people shouting into cell phones or screaming at each other, a library provides a refuge from all the noise pollution.

5. Libraries are where the librarians hang out and librarians are special people sweet, who are knowledgeable, and great at coming up with suggestions for new books and authors to check out.

With that in mind, I wrote Between a Book and a Hard Place. It saddened me that because of the way the plot developed, I was going to have to deprive Dev’s hometown of the library they were counting on regaining. But rest assured, sometime in the near future, like the next book, Shadow Bend will get its library and it will be bigger and better than ever. Because as we all know every town needs a good library.


Thanks you Denise for visiting today! 

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Denise Swanson also writes the Scumble River Mysteries. You can find them all here.

 BETWEEN A BOOK AND A HARD PLACEBetween a Book and a Hard Place:
A Devereaux’s Dime Store Mystery

Cozy Mystery
5th in Series
Setting – Missouri
An Obsidian Mystery (March 1, 2016)
Published by New American Library
An Imprint of Penguin Random House LLC
Mass Market Paperback: 288 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0451477767
goodreads-badge-add-plusShop Indie Bookstores

Five-and-dime store owner Devereaux “Dev” Sinclair moved to Shadow Bend for her family. But when her long-lost mother shows up in town, she realizes too much kin can be killer…

Shadow Bend’s library closed years ago because of budgetary problems, so when a wealthy benefactor offers to reopen it, everyone, including Dev, is thrilled. But Dev’s excitement wanes when she realizes the mysterious donor is actually her runaway mother Yvette’s latest husband, Jett Benedict.

Dev suspects that Yvette and Jett’s intentions aren’t as noble as they appear, but before she can discover what they’re really up to, Jett turns up dead—and all clues point to Yvette as the prime suspect.

Even though Dev has no loyalty to Yvette, she’s in a bind. Setting the record straight could prove her mother is a killer. But doing nothing might get her mother booked for a crime she didn’t commit…

Dollycas’s Thoughts

A tangled web, Dev’s mom returns to Shadow Bend and it is a complete surprise to Dev but not a surprise to everyone. Her mother, Yvette, moved on years ago leaving Dev behind. Why come back now? and with another new husband? Dev is on high alert, her mother is up to something. Her husband Jett has offered a huge amount of money to reopen and refurbish the town’s library. He says he is a history buff and all he asks is that he be able to do a little research in the library’s archives. Before he can delve too deeply someone kills him and Yvette is the prime suspect but Dev and her dad could be on the suspect list as well. Dev doesn’t really want to help her mom but she would do anything for her dad so she is going to track down the real killer and be sure he is booked for murder.

I whipped right through this story. Unlike the the last  installment Noah and Jake are both back in town vying for Dev’s affection. Things get a little steamy with both of them but they both have their share of excess baggage. She is going to have to choose one or set them both free soon, but I certainly don’t know what I would do in her situation. It does make for fascinating reading.

The author gives us a fun mystery to solve too. One that takes us visiting all over Shadow Bend and searching back in history too. You know Missouri was kind of split during the Civil War and Shadow Bend families were also affected. I loved tagging along following the clues and putting the pieces together.

Denise Swanson writes a fantastic story with characters I have grown to care about. She fills the story with mystery, mayhem, suspense, and a liberal dose of romance and romantic tension. Seriously, those guys are going to come to blows one day 🙂

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  1. I am a fan of the Devereaux’s Dime Store Mystery series, and I am looking forward to reading Between a Book and a Hard Place. This installment sounds like a fun read. Thank you for the review and giveaway.

  2. The new book sounds great! I can’t wait to read it. I loved your thought about libraries too. You are so right about how wonderfully QUIET libraries are. It is really a treat, with all the noise and busy-ness of daily life.

  3. I’m trying to leave a comment, it keeps freezing, gotta love technology. Anyhoo, I love this series although looking I believe I missed one, I have some catching up to to do. Thanks for the chance to win this one.

  4. I’ve read your previous series. This one sounds a great book to add to my cozy challenge list. Thanks for a chance to win a copy.

  5. It broke my heart to move away from my library that was just around the corner–now the nearest library is 30 minutes away 🙁 I’m glad to hear that there is a library in Dev’s future~

  6. I really enjoy books about liberty. I have fond memories of going to the library when I was in grade school. The library was right next door to the school and was so easy to spend time there after school. Can’t wait to read your latest book.

  7. Exciting read, especially with a library in it – even if it’s a closed one.
    I haven’t read the previous parts, but from your review I think that won’t affect new readers for this author.
    I also like the guest post about libraries. I was just telling a friend, back in school we didn’t have a library – or we did for a couple of years and it only had children’s books – then it disappeared. We didn’t have library hours, and most of the time they just shooed us away from it.
    Now I have my own mini-library at home. And proud of it too.

    Keep on reading Lori and keep up the amazing blog 🙂


  8. I loved our library growing up. Looking back, I’m amazed at how big the children’s and teen areas were–I never ran out of anything to read! Thanks for the chance to win Denise’s new book!

  9. A new series for me and I am most interested. Thank you for the chance to get this book sooner. A chance for a most interesting read.

  10. My local public library has always been one of my favorite places to be. I’m looking forward to reading the next installment in this series. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

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