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If you are visiting this blog you must like cozy mysteries. They are my favorite genre.

With the merger that took place a couple of years ago of Penguin Publishing and Random House Books we knew there would be changes but never imagined our cozy mysteries would pay such a huge price. The company says they over purchased cozy mysteries over the years and what we are seeing is a market correction. But we have noticed that some our favorite series have ended abruptly or the last books will be released soon. Authors were using terms like “fired” and “surprised”. My heart just aches for them.

I also know over the years series have ended before I wanting them to when contracts have not been renewed. That happened quietly and readers had to leave their characters behind or in limbo. Sometimes we are lucky and the author finds a new publisher or self publishes to continue or wrap up the series.

This time these terminations have been more public and have happened to what I thought were very popular series. The publishing world is always changing and has me worried about the books I love to read. We all have our favorites. Cozy mysteries have themes so varied there is something for everyone. I love that variety and hate seeing it shrink. But today every book needs to be a best seller – no matter what kind of following the author/series may have.

One Cozy Reader, Shelly Toler Franz, has started a Facebook Page Save Our Cozies to keep us informed about which series are ending but she also provides a link for us to politely voice our displeasure to the powers that be, I mean give them feedback. It gives authors a place to connect with us if their series is in danger of being terminated too. You can also follow the authors on their Facebook pages, webpages, blogs and on twitter to stay on top of what’s happening. Many also have newsletters you can subscribe to as well. I will try to keep on top of things here as well.

With these changes pre-orders and first week sales are more important than ever. I am trying to help keep you informed about the new books any way I can. In addition to my reviews, you can check out my Books Coming Soon Page shows what is being released several months ahead. Of course, I have my New Release Tuesday post each month too and my Sunday Salon posts show you when I get new books in the mail. From all you can click on a cover and order from Amazon or make your shopping lists.

I am also adding a post like this one featuring the books being released next month.


Books from Berkley Prime Crime and New American Library,
both published by Penguin, will be out April 5.
Books from Midnight Ink will be out April 8.
Henery Press releases throughout the month and Kensington Books will be released April 26.

I know you can’t afford to buy all these books but there are other ways to help the authors.

  1. Tell your librarian about the books and ask them to order the books. Look ahead and give them a nice list. They can pre-order too! 

  2. Write reviews and post them on GoodReads and Amazon. When a book reaches a number of reviews set by Amazon, they are featured in different way. It can be short or detailed. 

  3. Tell your friends about the books.

  4. Choose an upcoming book for your book club or reading group.

  5. Give books as gifts. 

  6. Post about the book on social media. You can even take a picture of yourself holding the book. Tag the author so they are sure to see it. 

  7.  Join the Save Our Cozies Facebook Group for more ideas.

If we all do a little it may help a lot to SAVE OUR COZIES!!

Thank you Shelley!!!

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38 thoughts on “Save Our Cozies

  1. Thanks for all of the information. I’ve heard about this a lot on Facebook as I follow several cozy mystery authors. I have already joined the Save Our Cozies Facebook group.

  2. Thank you Lori! This is a great help to authors. The ways you suggest to help authors are very effective–if readers show their support, it will have impact.

  3. I love cozies. Ask for the new ones at my library. They are happy to get them.They are always checked out. Will continue to do this.

  4. I just started reading cozies more than ever this year. I will be sure to join the Facebook
    Page and check your book listing to talk up with family and friends.
    Happy Easter ?????

  5. I think this is so unfortunate. I’m glad so many Cozy readers are responding and voicing their support for Cozies. Kudos to Lisa for forming the group and to you for your postings.

  6. I joined the group and sent them an e-mail. I had contacted Penquin before the merger re Laura DeSilverio’s Mall Cop series and NO response from them!

  7. Noooo! Cozies are my go to comfort read! and I never find them in the library here in the UK so need to buy them (so my kindle has loads on it and so do my bookcases!)

  8. Thanks for posting this. As an author, I’m not with Penquin, but I’m a cozy reader as well and hate to see so many series getting cut off before their time. 🙂

  9. Thanks for the call to arms. I keep hoping that the silent majority–all of us cozy readers, mostly women of a certain age, but there are a lot of us–will rise up and demand their books back We are cozy readers–hear us roar!

  10. Thanks so much for this articulate and helpful post, Lori. I hope it gets huge readership! I have two cozy series up for renewal this spring – from Kensington, not Berkley – so keep your fingers crossed!

  11. I am a fanatic fan of Cozies! I follow, read and review as many authors as I can! I of course have my very favorites, but all cosy mysteries are my favorite books to read. I would not want to lose ANY of the authors or their series. I will be VERY vocal about this!

  12. Thank you for this. I am more than ever grateful to be housed with two smaller publishers – Severn House and Poisoned Pen Press – and recommend readers come check us out, too. But what you are saying is so true! I think maybe readers don’t know how much impact they can have. We need you, readers! Please help spread the word.

    1. thanks for posting Clea, I will include these publishers in a future post. Be sure to post in the Save our Cozies group too.

  13. Dollyas, you are a treasure! My series, the Italian Kitchen Mysteries, is one of those that was cancelled. It’s been difficult for me to talk about publicly. Authors put their hearts into their characters and their stories, and I feel as though I am leaving old friends behind. It has been gratifying, however, to have the support of people like you and all those wonderful cozy readers.

    There would be very little publicity for cozies without the hard, and mostly unpaid, work of dedicated bloggers and readers who are happy to spread the word. Authors know full well that some of our readership simply is unable to buy all the books they love, but they support them in many of the ways that Lori outlines above.

    So thank you all from the bottom of my (broken) heart. You made a new author feel welcome and appreciated, and given her many, many friends!

    Hugs and gratitude,

    1. Oh Rosie, I am so sorry and this upsets me too. I don’t understand it. Cozy Readers are a loyal group and your stories brought me joy as they did with so many others.

  14. A great post, Dollyas. For your information, The Lighthouse Library series by Eva Gates has not been renewed past book 3: Reading Up A Storm, coming April 5th.

  15. It has been very sad to learn of author’s whose books/series have been abruptly ended with a particular publisher and if we all come together and send out e-mail and spread the word as this article so nicely tells us, maybe we can save a few author’s series each week. I will try my best.

  16. Lori, my dear, thank you for being such a great friend to cozies and their authors. While this is a time of uncertainty for many of us, it’s inspiring to see how much our work matters to readers. The list of suggestions is terrific. Thanks to all of you for making the extra effort to help us continue bringing you the stories you love.

  17. Thanks for this information. I love cozies! Will share via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

    1. Ouch, Nancy. Yet there seems to be no shortage of cozy readers. There is a disconnect somewhere here. I have heard from others that the big publishers such as Berkley (or what’s left of it) would like to see fewer, bigger books. But their ability to spot a blockbuster bestseller these days is questionable, and the economic logic seems shaky.

  18. I wish I could keep them going all by myself. I’ve already ordered eight of the books listed above and may order even more. As a blogger, I live to read and am so disheartened to learn of the demise of several series I’ve come to know and love. Hopefully, many of them will find a new home soon and keep the books coming.

  19. I read cozies occasionally, and have read books by most of the authors who commented above, and I can’t understand how the publishing companies can try to force out cozy authors and series! Despicable…. and very sad. I hope the authors who have had their series cancelled will find another home for the books to go on, or perhaps self-pub.

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