Spotlight – The Sharyn Howard Mystery Series by Joyce and Jim Lavene

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This year Jim Lavene is re-releasing the first series he and Joyce wrote together.

In January, Last Dance, the first Sharyn Howard Mystery was released again.

When the prom queen is found brutally murdered, Sheriff Sharyn Howard recalls that a similar murder occurred on the night of her prom ten years ago. Her father was the sheriff of Diamond Springs, and the man he sent to prison for the murder now sits on death row awaiting his execution. But Sharyn’s convinced there are too many similarities between the two murders and that the true killer is still at large.

Her move to reopen the first case pits her against the community and her mother, who feels she’ll destroy her father’s reputation in the process. But Sharyn is determined to discover the truth and catch the real killer before he can strike again.

Last Month, Book 2 – One Last Goodbye – returned.
Sheriff Sharyn Howard has her hands full. The county commission wants to cut her staff. Colonel John Metzger wants his brother’s killer yesterday. And the Navy wants to be sure she comes up with the “right” answers to the town’s new mystery.

Add to that a lovesick deputy and her mother dating Senator Caison Talbot, one of Sharyn’s least favorite people.

But what really has her puzzled is the mystery everyone in town is talking about. Someone shot WWII Navy Captain William “Billy” Bost as he dipped his plane’s wings to his sweetheart. The secret’s been hidden for over half a century. Is it possible that the person who killed Billy Bost, Diamond Springs’ most famous hero, is also the same person who killed the Pulitzer prize-winning author looking for the truth?

Tomorrow Book 3 – The Last To Remember – Will land on e-readers everywhere.
On one of the stormiest, busiest night of the year, a prominent businessman stumbles into the sheriff’s office, confessing to a 40-year-old murder. Just a few hours later he’s found hanging from the ceiling of the conference room. The district attorney is soon on the warpath and all the clues point to one man.

Sheriff Sharyn Howard begins to search for the key to unlock a secret shared by three men for forty years. A district court judge, a prominent businessman, and her own deputy, Ernie Watkins, believe that they were responsible for a child’s death at the old Jefferson Training School for Boys when they were just teenagers.

But now someone is after all the men, and it’s up to Sheriff Howard to unravel 40 years of cover-ups, blackmail, lies, and guilt. But with so many suspects and such little time, can she find the real killer before an innocent man is convicted of murder or before the real killer can stalk and kill his prey?

joyceI was so honored to have Joyce Lavene as a friend. We never met in person but our lives met through the computer screens. It is a wonderful tribute to both her and Jim to have these stories released again. I know Joyce is smiling in heaven as we enjoy her stories. It brings her close to us that knew her and introduces her work to so many new fans. If you haven’t read this series, now is the perfect time to start. If you are like me you will be reading them again for pure enjoyment. Just click on the covers to order.

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  1. I stumbled across this series a few years ago in a used book store. It’s one of those series where I wish there were more books in it.

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