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cozy mystery casting couch

Remember when Murder, She Wrote was on television every week? Then a book series started based on the show. Today some of our favorite cozy mysteries are being adapted into movies thanks to channels like Hallmark Mysteries and Movies.  The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries by Charlaine Harris, The Garage Sale Mysteries by Suzi Weinert, The Murder, She Baked Mysteries by JoAnne Fluke, and most recently The Flower Shop Mysteries by Kate Collins. I also heard a rumor another cozy favorite will be coming to us in movie form soon. All at a time when publishers are cutting back on cozy mysteries.

Sometimes it is hard to remember the movies are just based on the books. Some closer than others. Sometimes the movies bring new readers to the series and are totally confused because the characters just don’t match up. Sometimes cozy fans watch the movies and feel the direction in the movie is so far from the books we have to learn to just separate the two.

At the beginning of the year a group of cozy authors took a survey from me, and some of the questions included physically describing their main characters and if they could choose any actress to play them who would it be.
Anna Kendrick

Barbara Ross, author of the Maine Clambake Mysteries, chose Anna Kendrick, stating she may be a brunette but that she is actually from Maine. I can say I agree with that choice.


hilarie burton
Hilarie Burton

Duffy Brown choose actress Hilarie Burton, to play Reagan Summerside, for her Consignment Shop Mysteries. I remember her from several television shows but hadn’t thought of her in this role until I read Duffy’s response.




olivia wilde
Olivia Wilde

How about Olivia Wilde as Kelsey Cambridge in Amanda Flower’s Living History Museum Mysteries.  That’s one I have to think about.



YOU get to be the Casting Director! 

BLANK WOMANblank_person (1) I thought we would have a little fun today. Pick 1 of your favorite cozy series, new or old and you are the casting director. You can cast the Main Character and as many of the supporting roles as you wish! Paige Shelton is one of the authors that has no idea who she would cast for her books.

For her Dangerous Type Mysteries – she describes Clare Henry as 5′ 7″, slim build, and blonde. She is almost thirty, works with her grandfather in The Rescued Word. Repairs typewriters and old books, and sells stationery. Kind of nerdy, but sweet. Grew up in Star City, skiing the slopes and hanging out in the shop.

This is her newest series so maybe we can give her some ideas!

But if you are like me, you have a picture of your favorite characters in my mind.

Just leave your CASTING IDEAS in a comment below!
Be sure to tell us the series and the author.

Then tell us the character/s and who you would love to play the part/s.

Then just FILL OUT THIS FORM so I can notify you if you win.

I will choose 1 random winner to receive a copy of a book of their choice from Amazon. Paperback not to exceed $7.99 plus shipping. E- Books up to $ 9.99.

Contest will end September 13, 2016 at 11:59 P.M.
Winner Will Be Chosen By
Winner Will Be Notified By Email
and Will Be Posted Here In The Sidebar.


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15 thoughts on “Cozy Mystery Casting Couch – #Giveaway

  1. For Paige Shelton’s Dangerous Type Mysteries, she could cast either Julia Stiles or Kiera Knightley as Clare… I love her Country Cooking School and Farmer’s Market series as well…. when I read the Country Cooking School books, I picture Julia McKenzie as Grams…
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. America Ferrera as Maeve Kincaid, Mark Consuelos as Land Mendoza, Ryan Reynolds as Jax Danvers in Food Truck Series by Chloe Kendrick

  3. I would like to see Reagan Summerside of Duffy Brown’s Consignment Shop mysteries be payed by Emma Stone and I think Matthew McConaughey play Walker Boone, and Kathi Bates would make a great Aunt Kiki

  4. The two casting ideas I came up with are – Jennifer Lawrence to play Jaine Austen in the series by Laura Levine, and Jon Hamm to play Charlie in the Cat in the Stacks series by Miranda James.

  5. What fun! For Paige Shelton’s Dangerous Type Mysteries, I would totally choose Emma Watson for Clare–maybe just add a little highlights to lighten up her hair, I think she always has the cute/studious look going on! And in the Country Cooking School mysteries, wouldn’t a handsome cowboy actor from some old western like a young Clint Eastwood, Sam Eliot or Gary Cooper (think High Noon!) make a great Jerome?

  6. I think Cate Blanchett would be great as Olivia From Ellery Adams Books by the Bay, Katie Holmes as June Heal from Tonya Kappes Magical Cures Mysteries.

  7. When I first heard that Kate Collins was going to have her Flower Shop Mysteries air on the Hallmark Channel, my first thought was to cast Ben Bass (played Sam Swarek on Rookie Blue) as Marco Salvare. Sorry, but Brennan Elliott just doesn’t seem as suave enough or have that mysterious Italian quality to play that part. I do like Brooke Shields in the part of Abby Knight, though.

  8. Wow, that is a difficult question. One idea I had was Sandra Bulloch for Stephanie Plum in One For the Money, not K.H. I did like Sherri Shephard cast as Lula. I would have picked sexier guys for Joe and Ranger, but I can’t decide who!

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