#Spotlight – Connections by Jacqueline Wein

Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Two Harbors Press (June 20, 2016)
Hardcover: 406 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1635050172
E-Book ASIN: B01HE17RE4


Contrary to the dazzling wealth, glitz and glamour portrayed in the media, the Upper East Side of Manhattan is not only glass penthouses hedge fund managers, and $500 dinners.

There are also ordinary side streets where hard-working singles rent, where roommates split expenses, where elderly women live orderly lives. For many of them, home means a loving animal, the steadfast presence that shares a life, hears a secret, heals a hurt, claims the heart.

That’s how it is for long-term resident Rosa Bassetti. There is no better friend than Princess, her arthritic Poodle. Rosa’s neighbor, Eileen Hargan, feels the same about Fibber, McGee, her little Boston Terrier. Strangers at first, the two senior citizens become friends as they meet while walking their dogs, come sun, rain, or snow.

Their peaceful routine is shattered when Eileen receives an anonymous note demanding money, threatening to kidnap or hurt her dog if she doesn’t pay. A dangerous criminal? Cruel prankster? Rosa is determined to find out.

Played out against Manhattan’s aging brownstones, tree-lined streets and pre-war buildings, CONNECTIONS brings together an intriguing cast of New Yorkers–a same-sex couple, a tough social worker finding love, a troubled boy, a lonely office manager–who all come together through their love for animals, and join forces against a terrifying menace.

Author Jacqueline Wein writes with warmth, subtle wit, and intimate knowledge of the powerful bonds we share with our four-legged families. Sometimes, it is our beloved pets that help us to get through life’s difficult experiences. But, as CONNECTIONS never lets us forget, the ultimate connection is with each other.

About The Author

Jacqueline Wein spent a long and hectic career in a New York City advertising agency. Outside the office, she penned her first book, Roommate, a suspense novel published by Crown. Since retiring, she wrote Connections, about a different kind of roommate—the animals we love. Jacqueline enjoys splitting her time between New York City and Florida. So does her beautiful cat, Asia.

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