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Happy Sunday Everyone!

We were treated to some awfully nice weather early last week, temps in the high 60’s but Old Man Winter reared his ugly head for the weekend with ice, cold and snow. It also was when my youngest son’s heat/defrost stopped working in “his” truck. That meant he and Mr. Dollycas were out in the cold trying to fix it. This was my oldest son’s truck and keeping it around and running is very important to us, especially for his brother. It has not been easy because it has had plenty of issues the past 2 years, brakes, fuses, tie rods, a window that won’t go up and down, some recalls we still need to take care of and now the heat.  Sometimes I think it is our oldest son sending signs we should give up on the thing. But seeing these guys and sometimes our nephew rally to keep this Tahoe running and bonding with each other brings us all just a little joy in a dark time. I hope Kris is watching down from heaven and sees us keeping his memory alive even with the darn truck. 

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon/Sunday Post – Old Man Winter – Weekly Rewind – Mail Call

  1. I think older son’s way of sharing time with you. I know that missing is always there and I get feelings that my son is letting me know that he is still watching out for me. Hugs

  2. My daughter has a Jeep that sounds similar to the Tahoe but she doesn’t want to give up on it because my father gave it to her and it has good memories and all that. It does sound special that everyone is bonding together to keep it working but I think that’s probably one of those things that’s only great afterwards! Fantastic books this week! I love Lea Waite and the rest of the books look great too!

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