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Happy Sunday Everyone!

It was a busy week and we had another nice snow storm but it is warm enough this weekend that the snow is quickly melting. The milder temps had me in the cleaning mood but I live with a bunch of procrastinators that just drives me nuts. Instead of putting things away, they stack things and say they will put them away later. They start things and do not finish. They say they are going to do something and then when reminded they say, “in a minute”, “later”, “maybe tomorrow”. For that reason some of the Christmas stuff has been put away in the totes but the totes haven’t been taken to the basement. Some stuff is still out because “it is still winter”. Other cleaning that could be done gets a “Spring Cleaning…it’s not Spring yet”. The stacks keep increasing and my patience is dwindling. These are some of the times my paralysis makes me want to scream. If I only had 2 good hands and 2 good legs I would be doing all this myself and trust me I try to do as much as I can. My granddaughter wanted to come this weekend but I asked her to wait a week because I was determined to get the housework done. Then yesterday my older daughter and the boys surprised us with a visit. While I was extremely happy to see them, you guessed it, I put them right to work too. Not the visit they expected but more hands make light work, right. 🙂

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  1. I’m glad your daughter and kids showed up and you were able to put them to work! People WANT to feel useful – so I bet deep down they really didn’t mind one bit! 🙂

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