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The Sunday Salon used to be a meme but was getting so huge it became unmanageable, so it is now a Facebook group that has become an informal week in review
gathering place for bloggers.

It is also a place to share our thoughts about things of a bookish nature.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

The calendar may say it is Spring but the temps are still pretty chilly here in Wisconsin. I can’t wait to see the flowers and trees showing us their springtime blooms. A time of renewal.

Spring has always been my favorite season but this year it is taking on a larger importance with me. My oldest son would have been 31 this year. His birthday is this coming Wednesday. I am going to take some time for myself on that day to try to spring myself forward from this overwhelming grief that has grabbed a hold on me again this month. That doesn’t mean I forget or that there won’t be some sad times. It just means I will try to smile instead of cry a little more often. Remember with more joy and less sorrow. A time of renewal for me. A huge step but I will do my best. 

Smile – Happy Spring Everyone!

March 20 – 25, 2017

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I hope you all have an amazing week full of smiles
and good times!


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  1. I think smiling when we remember loved ones is the best way to keep them with us. Though of course it’s one day at a time. Enjoy your reading! You’ve got a lot of great books. I used to love Susan Wittig Albert but it’s been forever since I’ve read her books and I love Jenn McKinlay! Have a great week!

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