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Happy Sunday Everyone!

It has been a stressful and frustrating week in the Caswell household. Tuesday Mr. Dollycas was a work (about an hour from home) and was experiencing severe stomach pain. He decided about 1 p.m. to come home. He was only a short way from work when he decided he needed to go to the emergency room and drove to one nearby. About 90 minutes later he called me, “I’m sorry, I am in the ER at the hospital” and he hangs up. I had not spoken to him at all the day so I had no idea what was happening or which hospital he could be at. So I started calling the ones nearby first. On the 5th call I found him but they said he couldn’t talk and a nurse would call me.

Unable to drive. I started calling our kids. Daughter #1 was at the dentist with grandson #1 and said she would head to the hospital as soon as she got “the kid” out of the dentist chair. Son #2 was at work but texted right back he would head to the hospital right away. He was the closest and could be there in 30 minutes. Daughter #2 works at a job where she can not be called so I Facebook messaged her and texted her cell phone telling her to call home. And me, unable to go there, had to sit here and wait.

When Daughter #1 arrived at the hospital, my son came home to get me with news they were admitting dad and that the CT Scan has shown an inflamed pancreas. Right before we left to go back to the hospital, Daughter #2 checked in. I told her to stay at work until we knew more.

When I arrived to the hospital they were giving him fluids and trying different pain medications but nothing seemed to be working. After about an hour both he and his nurse encouraged us to go home saying he may rest better without company.

The next day he was still the same and told me to stay home. I had planned to go see him on Thursday but he was going to be having tests all day but he was able to talk on the phone with me a few times. Still in so much pain. Friday he had another CT scan and talked to a surgeon. No surgery needed at this time but because of other tests they could finally start him on antibiotics.

Yesterday Daughter #2 and I went to see him and met with one of his doctors. He is still in a lot of pain and the doctor explained treatment could take weeks. This has left me so scared. My husband is my caregiver, my rock. I hope you will keep him in your prayers.  Thank you.


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Not a good week for smiles around her but I have to have faith they will return soon.
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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband, and hope he will be home with you soon. Take care.

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