Happy Thanksgiving!

The holiday this year has me remembering Thanksgivings before my mom and dad passed away. All three of us children had families of our own but we knew Thanksgiving was the time to gather around the large Duncan Fife table with all the extra leaves inserted and as the family grew card tables added. My mom, born on Christmas Eve, was flexible on the day to celebrate Christmas (as long as you called or stopped for a quick visit on her birthday) but Thanksgiving was her day, no matter what, even if we had to eat a second meal later in the day at the in laws. A 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving your butt and those in your family better be in a seat and her table, or else. 🙂

When dad passed away the tradition continued until mom sold her business and retired. We then invited her to our homes but it was no longer a huge family gathering. After she passed we continued to do our own thing like we do today. Our family would gather for food and football.

When Kris died that changed. Now Katy and the boys spend the holidays with the other set of grandparents and Jeff cooks for the 4 of us. Betsy and I usually read and watch movies or the parade and dog show. Jeff and Jayme watch football or movies together or on their own. It is a quiet day. We all do our best to ignore the huge elephant in the room, that Kris is in an urn on the mantle and not on the couch or at the table.

It is the beginning of our third holiday season without him. for any of you that have lost loved ones you know how hard this can be. I know there will be less tears this year as our hearts have toughened up to protect us from the tremendous hurt. He is still on our minds all day every day, that will never change. We are starting to realize Kris will always be in our hearts but family holidays and their traditions make it harder. Like when first my dad and then my mom left us, traditions change. I am hopeful that someday soon we will gather around a table with a big bird in the middle of the table, too many sides  and pie, lots and lots of pie again. It also makes me wonder about all our loved ones in heaven, giving thanks, and being together around that big table in the sky. It gives me just a little comfort to think that today.  I am thankful for every day we shared together on the earth, knowing someday we will all be together again.

Do you have big plans/traditions for Thanksgiving? I hope you are all together with your families, indulging in all the wonderful food of the season, yelling at the televisions and having fun. If you are having a quiet day like we are I hope you have the perfect book to curl up with or another activity you enjoy.  I will be away from the computer today. Enjoy your day, I will be back tomorrow. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!  


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  1. I know you are having a nostalgic day. I am thankful for your blog and the chance to discover new books! Thanks so much!

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