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Print vs. Digital

For Christmas, I treated myself to a Kindle Paperwhite. The battery lasts so much longer than my Kindle Fire. I was getting so frustrated when I was deep into a book and the dreaded only 10% battery life left message popped up. Of course, I was also using it to check Facebook, Twitter and play games. The Paperwhite is designed solely for reading and I love it. I was nervous about it’s smaller size, but it about the same size as a mass market paperback, fits well in my good hand, and the font size can be adjusted by many more levels than the Kindle Fire. The sale they had before Christmas also played into my purchase.

BUT, there are a few pitfalls. Like people messaging me on Facebook in the evenings when the Fire tablet is stowed away in my bedside table, meaning I may not see the messages until I am back to my computer in the morning. I am trying to train myself to check it more often.

The biggest pitfall that I noticed is that we are well into February and I have read 27 books and only read 4, yes four, were print books. I was one of the people that when e-readers first came out said I didn’t want one. I liked the feel of a print book in my hands. I committed to only read print books. Then a friend sent me a Kindle as a gift. This was way before they could do the magical things like a tablet. I tried it and I liked it, but I still read mostly print books. Then each year I was reading less and less. Last year, I read 212 books, about half were print. The way I have started this year, that is not going to be the case. I have joined the Print Reading Challenge, challenging myself to read at least 78 print books. I hope I make it.

Part of this caused by publishers sending fewer print copies for review. Most are up on NetGalley which makes it easier for us and less costly for them. Sadly I think it won’t be long until all review books will be offered this way.

Another part is my fault because I buy digital copies of books I want from Amazon because it is cheaper and they magically appear almost instantly. I am a prime member though so if the print price and the Kindle price are close to the same I have started to order a print copy, with free shipping I can wait 2 days for the book to arrive.

A third contributing factor is there are so many books I want to read that are only available in digital format. Many authors I love are self-publishing in this format only because print copies are pricey.

A good thing is that I will be using less storage space in my house for my books. Our Kindles have a huge invisible shelf, with books that stay safe on our Amazon accounts, that be downloaded at any time. No one else can see how many books I am hiding in this wonderful little device.  Maybe I will start to look a little less like a book hoarder. 🙂 but I do still love a beautiful bookcase full of books.

What do you read more of Print or Digital?


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I hope you have a wonderful week! 

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – Print vs. Digital – Weekly Rewind – Mail Call

  1. I have a paper white with a ton of books on it but I still mostly read print books from the library. Part of my problem with digital books is that they are out of sight so I tend to forget what I have on there. And they are almost all free books I’ve gotten so I don’t have as much push to read them

  2. Print 99% of the time.
    Latest studies show print is beginning to come back again, slowly but measurable numbers. I have tons of books on the Kindle but just don’t get to them.

  3. I have an original Kindle and I love it. I still have my bookshelves, but I like that I can highlight sections in the book, take notes (although I don’t because there’s no keyboard and that takes forever), and can have hundreds of books at my finger tips. Although, my ereader will never take the place of a physical book. When I purchase a book, it’s usually in a physical form. All my electronic books are pretty much review copies and library books.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  4. Print books. I have found myself stop reading authors, because their books are only available as an ebook. I never have to worry about battery life and if I drop a printed book, no damage. I understand why authors just do ebooks, but I love printed books.

  5. When they first came out with e-readers, I was quite resistant. Now, I prefer ebooks. There are many reasons. It’s the ease of getting the book NOW and the fact that my shelves can be overstocked and who cares? On my Kindle,no one notices 🙂 They take up no physical space. E-Books are now my first choice every time. Have a great week!

  6. i use my cell phone exclusively to read via the Kindle app. love it. i did love my Kindle Fire–but like yours, the battery died completely and mine could not be recharged. can’t just go and buy a battery–must send it back to amazon. it’s in the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

  7. I was also one of the ones that did not want a Kindle when they first came out. I have to admit that they are a lot more convenient. I still love print books though, but I have to say that it’s now 50/50. I used to read more print books.

  8. I wasn’t thrilled about e-readers when they first came out but I liked reading on my kindle not the fire. I balance between print, e-reader and I also do audios as well. I always have my phone near me so I can check messages. Have a great week!

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