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The Ides of March

It’s a warning that has been echoed on stages across the globe for centuries: “Cave Idus Martiae” or “Beware the Ides of March.”

William Shakespeare coined the phrase in his tragedy “Julius Caesar.”

March 15 marks the death of Caesar. The brutal murder was reenacted in Act 1, Scene 2 of Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy. According to the play, a fortune-teller whispered the words to Caesar, the dictator of the Roman empire, before he was assassinated — stabbed 23 times by a group of his own senators led by brothers-in-law Cassius and Brutus in 44 B.C.

Since March 15, 2015, I have my own Ides of March, my own tragedy. The day my son took his life and left not only me, but his daughter, his father, his brother, his sisters, and a huge family that loved him here with our hearts broken. This past Thursday marked our 3rd year without him. Our grieving still takes many forms, most happen in private, but we do post to his Facebook Memory Page when we feel we need a little extra support. I also belong to two survivor’s groups on Facebook where we support each other so well. The mother’s group has helped me quite a bit the last few weeks. I am not sure why but about mid-February the sadness started to be almost overwhelming, but someone always responded and helped me. Last Wednesday, I spent a lot of time looking at pictures and videos, I think I cried myself out. Thursday night we went out for a family dinner and I got through it without tears, at least until I got home. It helps to talk about him, remembering silly things he said and did. Phones were brought out and passed around to look at old pictures. Just looking and listening to his daughter always makes me see how much she is like her daddy and that always makes me smile. She tells me all the time that her daddy is an angel watching over us. I pray every day that is true.

We have one more March day to get through, the 29th, it would have been his 32nd birthday, but to us, he is always going to be forever 29.


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Spread some hugs around this week! 

4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – The Ides of March – Weekly Rewind – Mail Call

  1. My love and prayers go out to you. Although different, as all situations are with no two being exactly alike, I can relate with you. Our daughter died in a car accident when she was 17. She was our only child and our lives changed completely in that split second that we received the phone call. It is so strange how everyone else’s life just went on like the world still spins when our world stopped. It will be 30 years this September. It seems like yesterday at times and eons ago others. There are still times when I retreat to my thoughts and cry myself to sleep. But I will tell you that it does get easier which I know is no comfort to you now.

    I think the hardest part for us was the fact that folks clammed up when her name was mentioned. I refuse to act like she didn’t exist. Seems that when certain situations occur, and suicide and the death of a young person are two of them, that people get uncomfortable. Well, excuse me but it was me that suffered such a horrible loss. People in general need to take the lead from the person who is in pain. Let them talk and listen – but mainly be there for them and don’t abandon them because you don’t know what to say. Didn’t mean to get on my soap box but as you can see it’s still a tender subject even after all these years.

    May you and your family have peace through reliving the good times by talking about him and looking at photographs. Eventually may all the good out weigh the bad and though we seem to remember the things like day of death more importantly we remember the days that mark great happiness. Sending you a big hug.

    1. Thank you Kay. I am so sorry for your loss.

      I love to talk about Kris, and then I remember there will be no new stories. Like you say, some days are easier than others. March is always going to be hard but I get up each day pressing forward because I have to. My son did bring so much happiness to me life and I do my best to concentrate on those days. (((hugs)))

  2. {{Big virtual hugs}} It is never easy, but I am glad that despite the tears you were able to reflect on the laughter and good memories. I love that your granddaughter feels he is guarding her. Our family has been touched by suicide but talking about it is one of the best ways to find peace.

  3. I am sooo sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine the pain from this. God bless you that you are so strong. Your family also. Both my parents died within a month of each other in 2005 and I still get very emotional about it. Time does help but it’s something that lives in you every day. Hugs to you. Prayers for you.


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