Apr 232018

Welcome to My Reading Itinerary Monday!

Where are your books taking you this week?

I will be starting in Michigan, then on to California and Connecticut.

Here’s what I read and what
I have planned for this week.

Escapes Completed

Death by Dumpling: A Noodle Shop Mystery
Release Date – March 27, 2018
Setting – Ohio
My Review will post tomorrow!

Shot in the Dark (A Coffeehouse Mystery)
Release Date – April 17, 2018
Setting – New York
Cleo Coyle will be my guest for Cozy Wednesday this week
and she is touring with Great Escapes Book Tours!

Wedding Cake Crumble (Cupcake Bakery Mystery)
Release Date – April 3, 2018
Setting – Arizona
The review will be up on Thursday!

Unnatural Causes: A Dr. Katie LeClair Mystery
Release Date – December 12, 2017
Setting – Michigan
My Flashback Friday Read

Scheduled Escapes

Read Herring Hunt (Mystery Bookshop Mysteries)
Release Date – April 24, 2018
Setting – Michigan
For Review

Murder Most Fermented (Rose Avenue Wine Club Mystery)
Release Date – April 24, 2018
Setting – California
Christine E. Blum will be my guest for Cozy Wednesday next week!

Beach Bliss
Release Date – March 6, 2018
Setting – Connecticut
For Review

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Please Share Your Reading Itinerary in the Comments below!
Happy Reading!!

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  3 Responses to “My Reading Itinerary Monday! – Week #17 2018 – Michigan – California – Connecticut”

  1. Ooh two books set in Michigan! I’ll have t check both of those out!

  2. I’m in another world with The Diminished (where I’ve been since forever as it’s not drawing me in but I have to review it) and in England (again) with And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.

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