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Farewell Networked Blogs – If you use Networked Blogs to follow Escape With Dollycas’ Blog. Please sign up to follow by email in the sidebar. This way you will receive my blog posts in your email inbox each day.
We’ve had the pleasure of serving you over many years, and we’re honored to have built a service that was used by millions of people. NetworkedBlogs started as a weekend side project for fun and was originally called “Blogs I Read”, but it grew quickly and I eventually ended up working on it full time. Then we received funding from Facebook’s fbFund accelerator and then from 500Startups and TMT and worked really hard to improve it and extend it.
However, despite its popularity, we couldn’t make NetworkedBlogs a profitable business. We put ads on the site and charged for additional features, and throughout the years, experimented with many different features and tried several ideas, with limited success. Eventually, about 3 years ago, we concluded that it’s not going to work out and we stopped accepting new user registrations and shifted our attention to our new product, Symphony Tools. But we decided to keep the service running to serve existing users for as long as we could. And, today, we’re finally pulling the plug and disabling the remaining features.
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  1. Thanks for all you have done to keep up the site. I’ll continue to look for Dollycas on Facebook, as well as the emails.

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