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This week got off to its usual start but on Tuesday afternoon things took stormy turn. 

I went to the dentist to get the tooth extracted that had been bothering me. While I was in the chair, the sky got dark and we thought we heard a siren. After the tooth was extracted we heard another siren. As the dental assistant was pushing my wheelchair to the lobby, we were told there was a tornado warning for our area. We got to the lobby and the rain and the wind started and then the power went out. We weren’t leaving the place anytime soon. We watched out the windows as roads flooded, tree limbs were falling and blowing, and trash cans and other things took flight or traveled down the flooded roads. No, we didn’t go to the basement, we watched the storm with the staff and the other patients. I can’t believe how hard it rained. 

After about an hour the rain and wind had stopped and the road in front of the clinic was cleared for us to leave. We reached the corner to find the road to the right, our quickest route home, was blocked by a down tree, so we turned left and made our way around branches and other debris to find the next road we needed to take flooded, another detour and another and we finally were headed in  the right direction for home when we saw even more down trees, homes damaged and roads blocked.

We finally arrived home to find two huge pines trees in our front yard were down.  The soil was wet from all the previous days’ storms and the high winds must have just pushed them over. We lost some siding on the house, our garbage cans and outdoor furniture traveled a bit and the gate to our fence was pushed all the way thru going the wrong way and parts of the fence were damaged. The dogs were safe but scared from being here alone with whatever they heard and felt. Power was out until about 10 p.m. so I was reading by flashlight. During the height of the storm Daughter #2 was at work in the basement. Son #2 was at Walmart taking cover. Daughter #1 was driving to the babysitters in a heavy downpour. The boys were at the babysitter’s house in the basement. 

Wednesday afternoon the landlord arrived to assess the damage and he and some of his friends and son #2 worked to get the trees cut apart and stacked on the tree border so the city could pick up the debris. The city arrived early Thursday morning and it took them 4 trips to remove everything. The yard really looks different without those trees and it is no longer as shady on that side of the house. We will probably wait until Spring to decide what we want to plant there. We still need to work on the fence, replace some siding and do a little work in the basement due to the amount of rain. Unfortunately, there is more rain in the forecast for this weekend. 

Tornados did touch down in two towns near here but so far it has been declared high winds and rain for our town. So many trees we saw on the way home were twisted like corkscrews, so something definitely went through here too. But we are all safe and I haven’t heard of any other people injured. We are very thankful that the trees fell away from the house. We are also thankful for the rapid response of all the utility and city workers. Power was returned within 5-6 hours and they have been working tirelessly to clean up the aftermath. 


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I hope you have a week full of sunshine!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that’s so scary! I’m glad you all were safe, but sorry about the damage.

  2. WOW! You did have a week didn’t you. Hopefully everything will be back in order or as best as it can be very soon. Thank goodness you and all your loved ones are safe. Possessions can be replaced.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. TG you’re all safe through this storm! Truly frightening, I can well imagine! Also so pleased the trees missed the house.
    Also pleased, Mrs. Dollycas, you’ve fully recovered from your recent illness!

  4. Thank heavens you and yours were/are all safe! We had a storm a couple years ago..a MICRO BURST..damages just as though there were several tornadoes hitting at once!!!

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