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I am a Summer Girl! I love summer even on the hottest days. Even on the stormy days. I also believe it just doesn’t last long enough.

The grands went back to school this week. Kaden to 5th grade, Natalie to 1st grade, and Remington to all day 5-year-old kindergarten. They grew so much over the summer and we had some wonderful family days. Weekends for the next few weeks will be filled with watching Kaden play football, and on September 22 we will be participating in the Walk for Life for Suicide Prevention in the morning with football in the afternoon. 

The worst is the days getting shorter and the temperatures getting lower. I shudder when thinking about the winter weather that will be here way too soon. I have lived in my Wisconsin my entire life but each year I get older the more my body hates the cold. I am praying for a long Indian Summer followed by the shortest winter possible followed by a very early spring.  How about you?


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Have a wonderful week!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – Summer Girl – Weekly Rewind – Mail Call

  1. We live in the Ozark Mountains and they are already talking of temperatures dropping this week at night. I love the longer days of summer as well, but also love the way things seem to slow down in the winter. I have extreme muscle and joint problems that the cold weather plays great havoc with so I’m NOT looking forward to the cold. It will mean more inside time for me for sure staying warm and trying to get comfortable while waiting on warmer weather again. They are predicting a hard winter and if the wooly worm color prediction is correct it will be. I’m not looking forward to it other than seeing some pretty snow out the window (one day would be enough to get the winter vision in my head LOL).

  2. I’m a summer gal too! I don’t even mind that we have a green Christmas here. LOL One thing I like about the change of seasons is the fun holiday cozies. Have a lovely week:)

  3. Your grandkids are adorable! Here’s to a great year for them.

    Wisconsin is ridiculously cold. It’s not too late to move to a warmer climate. Texas doesn’t even get its first cold front until November.

    Think about it.

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