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My week started out with tears then anger then determination. I sat down at my desk last Sunday morning and my computer was totally locked up. I did a hard shutdown, gave it some time, and powered it back up. Hours later the sign in screen finally appeared and I signed in to be greeted by hours of a black screen. We have a family computer in the kitchen and did what I could there but all my docs were on my computer. I usually back them up every week but had gotten lax at that. I was going to do a back up on Saturday but after a long day at the computer decided to wait until Sunday. Well, lesson learned.

After several restarts and getting into the repair center of the computer I was able to drag some documents and images to a jump drive and get my blogoversary posts up using the other computer. I also learned that this computer is not fast enough to handle everything I throw at it. It was stressful trying to get everything done and I am still behind. So right now, I am looking at other options. New, custom built, refurbished, desktop, laptop. I hope to make a decision sometime today so I can get back to the full load of work as soon as possible.

My girls and me.

The stress melted away when our family gathered for Christmas Friday night. We all ate our fill of lasagna and breadsticks made by Daughter #2 with an assist by Mr. Dollycas, who is making good progress with his recovery. After dinner, the wrapping paper flew and everyone was thrilled with their presents. The highlight was Mr. Dollycas’s new recliner, complete with heat and massage. Kaden loved his FortNite sweatshirt, Remi got a pair of light-up roller skates that he barely took off to go to sleep, and Natalie loved her new pink keyboard (piano) and can’t wait to learn to play it. The parents went home and the kids stayed here with Nana, Papa, and Aunt Z.Z, but quickly fell asleep after the all the day’s excitement. 


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I hope you have a week full of best days!

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – Stress Filled Week- Family Christmas – Weekly Rewind – Mail Call

  1. Oh man…computer problems are the worst! Well, computer and car problems. Not sure which of the two is worse. I’m glad you were at least able to move some files to a jump. Whew! Sounds like you had a good Christmas. Speaking of recliners…I need to find one for my 91-yo mom that reclines but DOES NOT ROCK. She can’t get out of the current one by herself because it rocks backwards when she tries to heave herself up out of it. Glad to hear Mr. D is recovering, although I have missed some posts and have no clue what he’s recovering from. Doesn’t matter! All the best to him!

  2. I know the frustrations you feel when your computer messes up big time and you realize that the back ups you intended to do never got done. I learned my lesson the hard way when making a family cookbook. Had over half of the old recipes copied into the computer when it all went black. All my hard work that took hours and hours of my time were lost to the black hole. Even with that I still find myself being lack from time to time. It’s usually when I hear of some other’s cry of “OH NO!” that I crack the whip and get back to doing what should be done all the time.

    Hope you are back up and running full steam soon! My thoughts are with you. <3 Glad that the happy celebration with family was a more than a welcome distraction. Sometimes it takes stepping back to really realize what is important. All the work will be there later and we will always be here when you are back reviewing great books for us. 🙂
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. I feel for you, Lori. My iMac died the morning after the election in a flurry of confetti. That’s literally what it looked like, filling the screen, before it croaked absolutely. My first thought…Russian hackers! But I guess not. Fortunately, I have a Time Machine backup and the SSD in the Mac should be OK. I’ve been limping by on my ancient Macbook, until the budget allows another iMac; new would be nice, but something off Craigslist may be necessary. My advice is get a newish or new machine with the OS you’re used to. And make sure it will run all the apps you need; it’s rotten to get stuck buying updated apps because the old ones won’t work anymore. I need a Mac that can be downgraded to Sierra, so I don’t have to buy a new MS Office, Acrobat, or Photoshop… Great to hear that Mr. D. is feeling better. Happy New Year from Sue and me to the whole Dollycas clan!

  4. I absolutely love that you just celebrated Christmas! I hate when the holidays are over so I really enjoyed having Christmas in January. So sorry to hear about your computer. Sure hope you can find something great for little or no money.
    Hope that Mr. D keeps getting better every day, and that the New Year just gets better and better!!

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