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This book was on my Best Reads of 2018 List! It is FREE right now on Amazon! (Kindle)!!!!!


Poppy Fields, Hollywood IT girl extraordinaire, agreed to a week at the newest, most luxurious resort in Cabo. After all, what’s better than the beach when a girl is feeling blue? When Poppy is abducted, she’ll need all her smarts, all her charm, and a killer Chihuahua, to save herself in this new series from the USA TODAY bestselling author of The Country Club Murders.

Dead body #1 found in bed, with me. That was a shock.
Dead body #2 found in bed, not with me. That was a relief.
Dead body #3 died telling me I’m a lousy actress. I already knew that.
Dead body #4 died trying to kill me.
Dead body #5 died kidnapping me.
Dead body #6 died guarding me.
Dead body #7 was a really bad man.
Dead body #8 was an even worse man.

That’s a lot of dead bodies for a girl looking for a week’s relaxation in Cabo. And, I’m probably leaving a few out—math isn’t my thing. Unless I can escape the cartel, I might be the next dead body.

(This is not a cozy mystery, it is a suspense mystery!)

Don’t wait!! Order your copy RIGHT NOW!!

I am not sure how long this price will last!

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  1. Thank you!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  2. Still free on Friday morning. Thanks for the heads up, I have been wanting to read this, I really enjoy the Country Club murders!

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