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Bearded What???

Mr. Dollycas finished up his second week back to work strong. For the first time in years, he says he is without pain except for a little stiffness in his back. The nerves are regenerating and he is gaining feeling back in his legs and feet. He is no longer wearing his back brace at the home or office. Still using the walker but getting stronger every day. He is excited for Spring so he can get out and walk like he used to. I just wish I could walk with him. We used to walk at least 2 miles a day together prior to my accident in 2001.

Anyway, he came home from work on Friday and told me he had a special visitor at work. From the way he was talking I thought someone brought their dog into work. As I was leaving my desk he said, “Did you see my picture on Facebook?” I hadn’t so I brought up his page and this is what I saw…..

Had a visitor stop by the office this afternoon as I completed my 2nd week back to work. Not nearly as creepy as it looks at it is a very friendly and just loved to snuggle up on me to keep itself warm. It is a bearded dragon that as long as I petted it lightly downward over her back would have stayed there indefinitely. Thanks, Maggie for sharing Whiz with me!

OMG!!! No thank you!!

I love dogs! We have two wonderful dogs.  I love cats! We have had several.  Fish are great, we have 2 huge goldfish in our tank. Not so fond of guinea pigs or gerbils but the kids had those over the years. Bearded dragons are right there with snakes for me. Fine at the zoo, behind glass. Snuggling on your chest . . . not in this house. If Whiz wants to visit him at work, that fine, but he better not have any ideas of getting one of his own or he may find himself back in the hospital 🙂

How was your week?

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Have a great week!! 

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  7 Responses to “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – Bearded What??? – Weekly Rewind – Mail Call”

  1. I’m glad your husband is doing better…but am in complete agreement with you about the bearded dragon. Nyuh.

  2. Hope he’s walking in the sunshine soon – minus that thing on his chest!

  3. I had a bearded dragon for many, many years at my school library. He was a gift from a friend, who knew the kids would love him. At first I was terrified of him. But he grew on me.

    The mailman was certainly good to you this week!

  4. We have a bearded dragon. He loves to be carried around, especially in the summer.

  5. So glad to hear how well Mr. Dollycas is doing! How wonderful! And I love the picture though I think he can have my share of snuggles with it. I like to keep my reptiles at a distance! Have a great week!

  6. I’m so glad he is doing so much better. I’m against all pets who are rodents or need to be provided rodents as food. Have a great week!

  7. I am with you..no thank you. So glad to hear your hubby is doing well. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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