Apr 152019

Welcome to My Reading Itinerary Monday!

Where are your books taking you this week?

I am traveling to Virginia and New York this week!
My destination for later in the week is still up in the air.

Here’s what I read and what I have planned for this week.

Escapes Completed

Night Beach
by Joanne DeMaio
Release Date – March 5, 2019
My Review Will Be Up Tomorrow!
Setting – Connecticut

Sifting Through Clues (A Cookbook Nook Mystery)
by Daryl Wood Gerber
Release Date – April 23, 2019
Setting – California
The Great Escapes Book Tour stops here this Wednesday!

The Egyptian Antiquities Murder (High Society Lady Detective)
by Sara Rosett
Release Date – April 15, 2019
Setting – England
My review will be up Thursday!

Scheduled Escapes

Lucky Stiff (Mattie Winston Mysteries)
by Annelise Ryan
Release Date – March 5, 2013
Setting – Wisconsin
My Flashback Friday Read

The Diva Sweetens the Pie (A Domestic Diva Mystery)
by Krista Davis
Release Date – April 30, 2019
Setting – Virginia
For Review

Magickal Mystery Lore (An Abracadabra Mystery)
by Sharon Pape
Release Date – April 16, 2019
The Great Escapes Tour stops here next Wednesday!
Setting – New York

Future Escapes

This book also releases this week.
April 15 – 21, 2019

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Please Share Your Reading Itinerary in the Comments below!
Happy Reading!!

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