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Yesterday Mr. Dollycas, Daughter #2 and I attended the funeral for my brother-in-law’s mother. We hadn’t had much contact over the years but I will always remember Nancy with a big smile on her face. As the minister stated in his talk she liked to have fun and it showed on her face every time I saw her. He also talked about how losing a child changes a mother. Sadly, Nancy and I shared this. We both lost one of our adult sons way too soon. Totally different circumstances but sudden and unexpected. And it does change everything.

Nancy had been suffering from dementia of late and it was hard on her remaining sons and their families. She passed away surrounded by her family and through faith we know “Welcoming her home was her son Scott”.  I was moved by that thought and many of the minister’s words about the burdens we deal with here on earth and God’s plan for us. My faith has been shaky since I lost Kris, some day’s I am all in and other’s I am mad as hell. I am very thankful for those words I heard yesterday and while saying a final good-bye to Nancy I think I found a little piece of myself.

After the funeral, we traveled around the cemetery.  Stopping by my parent’s graves, “walking” down memory lane remembering all the people we knew that have been laid there to rest. We haven’t visited there much the last few years so we made sure to take Daughter #2 into the older section to point of out her great grandparents and other family graves. It made me realize all the stories I wish I had paid closer attention to and got me to thinking of all our relatives that are buried all around the state of Wisconsin and their stories. We usually think of these things when we lose someone. It is so important to pass down as many stories as we can before the holders of those stories are gone. Obituaries give us facts, ancestry websites have documents but unless family’s personal stories are documented/written down/recorded those stories will be lost. When we lost our house 5 years ago many of my pictures, heirlooms, and documents were accidentally left behind and it broke my heart. I am going to strive to do better at documenting what I can so if this planet survives global warming the generations that come beyond me will know what a wacky, crazy, wonderful, loving, amazing family they come from.  

p.s. The boys did play football yesterday too. We missed the game but am told, Kaden’s team won 38-0, and he sacked the quarterback twice, Remi’s team also won and he caught a touchdown pass. Next week we will be on the road again cheering on the 6th grade team.


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  1. I’m glad the funeral was of value to you personally. I think we get little reminders of what’s important all the time in the most unexpected ways.

    I’m also glad you feel prompted to shares stories of your family. I agree completely. I use every opportunity to tell others my favorite family stories. My dad and I are taking a class together right now called Life Story. I love hearing the stories my dad is sharing with others in the class. I hope to do something with the stories for the rest of our family.

    I hope you can keep up with your busy reading week!

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