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It was a quiet week this week. By Tuesday I was off the cold medicine and feeling better.  I have continued to work on changing my blog theme and had a huge A-HA moment this week that gives me hope that I will actually be able to do this. I think I had decided on a background image too, but truthfully that is the easiest thing to change 🙂 I also did Son #2’s taxes yesterday and Daughter #1’s are waiting on my desk. Daughter #2 does her own and Mr. Dollycas does ours so my work is almost done.

New Office Mates

I have two new friends sharing my office space. This is big because I won’t even go into the reptile house at the zoo. At first, they kinda creeped me out but we have come to an understanding, they stay on their side of the glass and I stay on mine. Bearded Lizards, Girras and Jagres belong to Son #2 and his girlfriend, I just had space for their habitat until they move into a bigger place. Mr. Dollycas is much more hands-on than me, he takes them out and they sit on his chest. They are really active in the morning and fun to watch. I have no desire to touch them though. The dogs are my usual company during the day but they need to go outside several times. These new pets are no work at all at least for me, so until their new spot is ready they can be my office mates.


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6 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – New Office Mates – Weekly Rewind – Mail Call

  1. Love the Martin Luther King Jr. quote!!

    My cousin had some iguanas when I was a kid. I finally got the courage to hold them and the one kept wrapping itself around my neck. Needless to say I didn’t like the idea of having an iguana on my back so I didn’t hold it for very long.

  2. Lizards? My brother has had newts, but even then I could not warm to lizards. I even think of them as cold blooded.
    Did I ever mention how much I like your graphics? Your sign off alone is priceless.
    It looks as if you had a good week, and I hope your weekend finishes off well too.
    We are still recouping from the respiratory virus, and although I thought I was done, we went out to lunch yesterday (Sat.) and I had a relapse. I have been coddling myself ever since and resting and reading.

  3. I don’t think I’ll ever be brave enough to keep a pet reptile. Heck – I’m still not sure about the hamsters. Dogs and fish are all I can handle. So I’m pretty impressed with what you have setup there. Enjoy their company and hope you have fun tinkering with your blog theme – I find it a very cathartic though sometimes frustrating exeecise.

  4. It’s great fun for me to work on my blog layout. I like to try to change up the colors and graphics. It sounds like you are, too.

    I had bearded dragons in my library. A friend knew that the kids at school would love them, and she found one that needed re-homing. I was terrified when I first saw one. I came to see that they were gentle creatures.

    Thank you for the Martin Luther King Jr. quote. Beautiful.

    I hope you have a lovely week.

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