My Reading Itinerary Monday! – Week #16 – 2020

Welcome to My Reading Itinerary Monday!

Where are your books taking you this week?

I will be visiting Virginia and Massachusetts!

Here’s what I read and what I have planned for this week.

Escapes Completed

This Magick Marmot (An Abracadabra Mystery)
by Sharon Pape
Release Date – April 7, 2020
Setting – New York
The Great Escapes Book Tours stops here tomorrow!

A Stroke of Malice (A Lady Darby Mystery)
by Anna Lee Huber
Release Date – April 7, 2020
Setting – Scotland
I will feature this book this week for Cozy Wednesday!

Murder in the Secret Maze (A Tory Benning Mystery)
by Judith Gonda
Release Date – February 26, 2020
Setting – California
The Great Escapes Tour stops here Thursday!

Death and Daisies: A Magic Garden Mystery
by Amanda Flower
Release Date – November 13, 2018
Setting – Scotland
My Flashback Friday Read!

Scheduled Escapes

Old Friends and New, Another Murder (Sheridan Hendley Mystery)
by Christa Nardi
Release Date – December 15, 2019
Setting – Virginia
The Great Escapes Tour stops here next Tuesday!

The Diva Spices It Up (Domestic Diva)
by Krista Davis
Release Date – April 28, 2020
Setting – Virginia
I will feature this book next week for Cozy Wednesday!

Six Cloves Under (A Garlic Farm Mystery)
by Gin Jones
Release Date – April 21, 2020
Setting – Massachusetts
For Review

Future Escapes

April 13 – 19, 2020

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Please Share Your Reading Itinerary in the Comments below!
Happy Reading!!

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3 thoughts on “My Reading Itinerary Monday! – Week #16 – 2020

  1. My current book begins in Vienna and then moved to Bolivia. Then I will be off to Wisconsin. Finally, I will to end the week some place mysterious – because I cannot find the setting while scanning the book!

  2. Thank you so much for including Santa Sofia, California on your itinerary, Lori! Hope you enjoy your visit with Tory Benning and her friends in MURDER IN THE SECRET MAZE!

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