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Memorial Day Thoughts

We are not spending the first weekend of Summer as we would like but a visit to a local hospital would show you how serious this pandemic still is. I am used to going to the clinic for my chemo treatments and my daughter checking me in and leaving to wait in her car, but Friday I had to go to the local hospital for an ultrasound to see if my tumor was shrinking and my husband couldn’t even come into the hospital.

We were met at the door by a nurse who told us only the patient is allowed in, he could wait in the car or better yet go home and they would call him when I was done. She wheeled me into a waiting room so I could check-in where I witnessed a heartbreaking moment. An elderly woman was checking in and in tears. Her husband is her caregiver and knew all her information and she didn’t. He was stopped at the door and not allowed with her. She was very confused by the whole process and just wanted to go home. Someone came to get her for whatever procedure she was having and was very nice but the woman was still so upset and begging for her husband. I heard her husband tell the nurse at the door that this was the first trip out of the house since the pandemic started and that his daughter had slipped two masks through their mail slot so they could come to the appointment. He then went to sit on a bench outside and the nurse followed him telling him he had to wait in his car or go home. He was in tears as he walked to his car.

This pandemic is serious and hospitals are taking it seriously and have enacted a no visitor policy. It doesn’t matter if you come into the Emergency Room or in for an appointment or ultrasound. Only the patient can come in.  Family members must remain outside to be contacted by cell phone. Children are allowed one parent and at some hospitals moms are forced to give birth without the father allowed in.

I can’t forget to mention the people who have died without their families by their side from the Coronavirus and other diseases and injuries. There are no funerals for people to grieve their loss.

Then I turn on the television and hear the man in The White House demanding churches everywhere open immediately. Bars, restaurants, gyms, and more are reopening and people flock in not wearing masks or doing any social distancing. Hair salons are reopening and I read of 1 case where a stylist with ACTUAL SYMPTOMS had opened and infected a bunch of people. There are disturbing videos online of coughing and spitting in people’s faces and getting into fistfights over wearing a mask.

Almost 100,000 people in our country have died and where do we see the leader of the country on the golf course. He also refuses to wear a mask, except for a few minutes at the Ford plant.

I am trying not to make this political but I want everyone from the top down to take this seriously as all the states start to reopen. If they don’t we could end up worst off than we are now.

Here in Wisconsin we had our cases of COVID 19 skyrocket to an all-time high just this past Wednesday and the legislature has blocked the Governor every step of the way as he has tried to keep us safe. Each state needs its own plan and everyone needs to take those plans seriously. I know we can’t stay home forever and everything needs to reopen but we need to use common sense to do it.

So do it for your friends and family to keep them safe. 

  1. Wear a mask whenever you leave your house.  
  2. Wash your hands often and keep hand sanitizer handy. (Not in your car.)
  3. If you are sick, stay home. 
  4. Continue social distancing and keep your groups under 10 people.
  5. Listen to the doctors and not the politicians.
  6. Keep Yourself Safe!

Just because states are reopening doesn’t mean the crisis has passed. We need to be smart and use the resources we have. So many people have died. So many people have sacrificed themselves to take care of the sick. So many have sacrificed so that our basic needs can be met. As you go back to work, think of everyone around you and the families waiting for them at home. As you go back to having fun, again think of everyone around you and those that have sacrificed so that you are able to do so.

On Memorial Day we remember those that sacrificed their lives to protect our country. COVID 19 is the war we are fighting now. It doesn’t care who it kills. As I write this we have surpassed 96,000 deaths in the United States. We have surpassed the military deaths of the Vietnam War. Are we going to surpass the deaths of WWI too?


P.S. My tumor has gotten a little bit smaller.


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Be courageous, be smart, stay safe!

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – Memorial Day Thoughts – Weekly Rewind – New Arrivals

  1. First, I’m glad to hear your tumor is smaller. Keep up the good healing. My husband is 5 years cancer free this month. It takes it toll, but in some cases, like ours, the ordeal is worth it. We say, “The only way out, is through.” And “This too passes.” quite a bit.
    Secondly, thank you for your wise words about CV19 and staying safe. It’s OK to be political in this instance. Your story about the senior couple was very moving.
    I feel fortunate to live in California where this is being taken very seriously and reopening is being done slowly.
    Take care. Sending hugs, I feel as if I know you.

  2. So happy to hear your treatments are going well and your tumor is smaller, Lori! Very well said about taking the precautions regarding the virus very seriously. I totally agree, especially since it is still on the rise in many states. As Governor Cuomo has said, wearing a mask is about respect for each other and caring and consideration for each other’s well-being. I am grateful that California has a great governor and Los Angeles a great mayor who both use science to determine when it is prudent to relax current restrictions. I think most people here are complying but it is so disappointing and maddening when some don’t. Sending love and wishing you continued success with your treatments.

  3. Praying for you in your personal war. Your story about having to be alone in hospitals, etc is a heartbreaking reminder of what people are going through. But go through it we must if we’re going to keep one another somewhat safe.

    Here in Ohio the Governor, Lt. Governor and Director of Health have done everything possible to try to keep the curve low and have been criticized by legislators and protestors and thwarted by the courts. I don’t know if people are so stupid as to not take this threat seriously or are just so “me me me” focused that they don’t care how their actions affect others. Leadership is a top down proposition and when the leader belittles health professionals, refuses to practice social distancing or wear a mask, touts unproven medicines and unrealistic procedures it sends a terrible message to the populace as a whole.

    Ohio is now re-opening. Gov. DeWine says “This is a gamble. This is a new part of the journey. We are on a road that’s never been traveled before, certainly never been traveled before in Ohio. It is a road that has danger signs on it. And we need to fully understand that,” DeWine said. “And what is the danger? The danger is that we relax. The danger is that we pull back. The danger is that we say, ‘OK, well things are better. We don’t have to do this.’” In an interview he gave a sobering outlook as to what may lie ahead: “I don’t know. I think we have to assume this virus is here for a very long time. We don’t know what summer will bring—whether we get any kind of break. We don’t know whether this comes back. If you look at the pandemic of 1918, the second wave was worse than the first wave, and so, I don’t know what’s ahead of us. I just know that if we respect this virus, if we go after it as much as we can, if we keep the social distancing, if we wear the mask, we will be in a position to battle it.”

    I for one have no intention of going shopping or getting my hair cut any time soon. Thank goodness my local Aldi’s will no contact deliver my groceries and other stores are offering curbside pickup. I have no desire to deal with people who refuse to wear masks and have no idea of what “one way’ means or how to keep the 6′ social distance despite clearly marked floor markings. Do I like this “new normal” not particularly. I do enjoy getting together with family and friends; but for now we’ll chat 6′ apart in the garage, chat on the phone or call using instant messaging so we can be face-to-face.

    God love you and the many mystery and romance authors who have engaged their readers online and have done many giveaways, games, etc to keep us engage and communicating. They have encouraged us to engage with each other as well as with them. The story that Ellie Alexander has been writing in collaboration with the group has been a fun experience (many creative minds) and has given us something to look forward to every few days. So despite all of the bad much good has come out of this as well.

    God be with you and all of your followers.

  4. They say the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.
    That is how you fight cancer–one bit at a time. So you are moving in the right direction.
    Well Done!

  5. I’m so glad to hear that your tumor is shrinking. I will continue to pray for you.

    I get frustrated with irresponsible people, too. I don’t understand what is going on. I see people that I know are intelligent who publicly encourage others to flaunt what we are being told by scientists and doctors. Our numbers here in my little town of 25,000 people have gone from 2 active cases last week to 11 cases, and 3 more probable cases. I have three friends here in my town who are undergoing chemo. How selfish is it for others to go here and go there without masks in the midst of these and other vulnerable people.

  6. This has extracted a terrible toll on all…i still fail to see the logic of not allowing a relative who has been living with the patient to be with said patient…especially heartbreaking in the case of the elderly…TG you tumor is shrinking…you remain in our prayers…

  7. I’m so glad to hear your tumor has gotten smaller! Many virtual hugs to you! This is a great post. I’m so amazed at all that’s going on all around the country. Take care and stay safe!

  8. I’m so glad your tumor has shrunk some!!!

    I also totally know what that couple in the hospital were going through. My 93-yo mother had to go in for 4 days and I couldn’t go with her. She was completely out of it at one point and can’t hear very well and all the staff had on masks so she couldn’t even do any lip reading to try to figure out what they were telling her / asking her. And she couldn’t hear well enough to talk to me on the phone. She was very upset and terrified and didn’t even know what hospital they had taken her to.

    I totally understand the hospitals have to take these strict precautions, but they need to figure something out for patients like my Mom and that lady who need their caregiver to comfort & reassure them, translate for them, help them communicate, be their advocate. They’re really no different than a small child so if a child can have one parent with them, why can’t an adult patient like that have their caregiver?

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