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My Week

I had my 5th round of chemo last week. It went well. They added extra steroids because some people have a hypersensitivity reaction to the drug I was started on. I had no reaction and the side effects so far have been mild. I have been told though that the side effects will be cumulative as the treatments continue and we have to keep on top of the neuropathy that I am feeling in my hands and feet and this is going to get worse. I have had a form of this since my accident in 2001 and it did escalate some during the first rounds. I may not be able to tolerate the full 12 weeks, but I am hoping to do them all. Round 6 this Tuesday.

Last week I told you I had an ultrasound and the radiologist told me my tumor has shrunk “a bit”. Well, the Nurse Practioner told me Tuesday that the tumor has shrunk 33%!!!!! To me, that is more than a bit and a reason to celebrate!!!!!

Also, Daughter #1,  the daughter that takes me to my treatments stubbed her big toe at home last week and broke it good. She is now in a boot for at least 3 weeks and trying to work light duty but is in a lot of pain. Please keep her in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

We also had a sad moment this week. My son Kris has been gone for over 5 years. After his death Son #2 drove his truck until it had a mechanical failure to large to overcome. That was almost 3 years ago and we had been trying to work with the bank the whole time to get a clear title or payoff so we could donate the truck to a non-profit group that fixes and resells vehicles but kept getting the runaround. A couple of weeks ago we did another search and were amazed that the lien had been removed from the title. After contacting the DMV we found that yes the title was really clear, we just needed to transfer the title to Mr. Dollycas’s name, pay the fee, of course, and we could get a new title and donate the truck. On Thursday, the non-profit tow truck arrived and hauled Kris’ truck away. I had tears in my eyes as I will no longer have that reminder in the driveway but realize that even after all this time the pain is still so raw.


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I wish you a happy week, full of joy!

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – My Week – Weekly Rewind – New Arrivals

  1. Very pleased to hear of the remarkable progress with your tumor shrinkage!
    Sorry to hear of your daughter’s broken toe…mine is aching in sympathy….
    Pleased the truck has been donated and will provide help for someone else…my nephew did the same with his car…

  2. Wonderful news about your tumor. I would definitely say that a shrinkage of 33% is more than just “a bit.”

    I’m glad that you have been able to tolerate the chemo so well so far. It seems like a good sign that the tumor has already shrunk significantly and yet you have been able to tolerate the side effects.

    I’m sure it is hard to let go of the truck, but I know you are thinking about the positive part of being able to use that truck to help others.

    I’m sending prayers and good thoughts for you and your daughter, prayers of healing and strength.

  3. Glad to hear that you had no/few side effect from your chemo this week and that you were able to donate your truck to help someone else out in Kris’s name. I cried a little from your post. Blessing on you and yours. My Sunday Salon post

  4. So happy to hear the good news of the 33% tumor reduction. Continued healing prayers for you and glad to hear your son’s truck can help another. I am sure it was bittersweet for you all. Blessings always.

  5. Sounds like an emotional week! Glad you’ve got 1/3 of your tumor gone at almost halfway through treatment – that definitely sounds worth celebrating to me 🙂 Hope the side effects stay manageable and treatments continue to be successful.

  6. Letting go of the truck is DEFINITELY hard. Really great that you could donate it.

    And F yeah we are celebrating that 33% shrinkage!!!!

    Hang in there and so sorry about your daughter’s mean toe!!!

  7. 33% is definitely more than a bit! So glad that the truck thing has been sorted – one less thing to stress about right. Hope your treatment continues to go well.

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