Taking A Little Break from Posts and Reviews

This cancer and chemo have been running roughshod over me the past few days. I was unable to have chemo this week because I am severely dehydrated. They gave me two bags of fluids at the clinic and tested me for an infection. I didn’t have the bug they tested for but they can’t test for everything. So I have been pushing fluids and trying to rest and get better so I can get back to chemo next week.

Because I have commitments to authors for book tours, that has to be where I focus my hours at the computer.

So I am going to take a short break from posting reviews and other posts here. I promise I will catch up on them as soon as I can. I appreciate your understanding. I hope I get rehydrated quickly and things get back to normal.

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26 thoughts on “Taking A Little Break from Posts and Reviews

    1. Dear Lori, Friend of books and authors. Many prayers I send for you each night.
      We want you to rest..do not stress over posts and you know we will always be here waiting for your return.
      Lots of prayers and good wishes.

  1. Do NOT be sorry….taking care of you is number one! We need you around for a good long while…prayers continuing

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Just take care of yourself, we’ll all be here for you when you feel better.

  3. As everyone else has stated, please take care of yourself and get better. We’ll be waiting for you for sure. Prayers are with you!

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