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The last time I checked in with you I was feeling good and looking forward to my last 3 chemo treatments. The following Thursday while walking to the bedroom I fainted. It happened again on Saturday. I thought maybe my blood sugar was low so I started drinking a lot of juices. But it happened again late Sunday afternoon and my family decided I was going to the ER. It turned out my potassium and magnesium levels were bottoming out and because I naturally have low blood pressure it dropped to levels that made me pass out. They admitted me to give me fluids with potassium and magnesium and kept me for observation until about 11 o’clock on Tuesday. I was scheduled for chemo at noon and didn’t want to miss it. However, when we got to the cancer center my appointment had been canceled because my insurance wouldn’t pay two different facilities on the same day. I was heartbroken and mad at the same time when my oncologist didn’t reschedule me for the next day but said to come in the next week at my usual time.

Fast forward to the following week. I met with my primary doctor on Monday and he said my numbers looked good and he cleared me for chemo. Tuesday I felt great and arrived for my appointment at the cancer center. The nurse told me my oncologist wanted to see me right after they drew blood for my lab work. Usually, he waits until he has the results. I knew immediately he was going to stop my chemo, but the nurse told me she didn’t think so. But that is exactly what he did. He said the risks outweighed the rewards. I begged him to let me finish. My potassium had been low before and I was now taking tablets so that wouldn’t happen. I knew the chemo was shrinking the tumor and that 3 more weeks may shrink it even more, but he wouldn’t change his mind. He took me over to the treatment area to wait to be sure my lab work was good and I had tears rolling down my face. I felt that my body had yet again let me down. My nurse and the social worker were amazing. They helped me accept there was a change in my plans and this was how it was meant to be even though my labs came back with numbers better than I had weeks before. The potassium was at normal levels, the magnesium was almost normal but I hadn’t been taking any meds for that yet. The tears started again when they gave me a Certificate of Achievement signed by all the nurses that took such excellent care of me. I felt I didn’t deserve it. I hate not finishing something I start.

I still wish I could have had those 3 treatments but instead, I am meeting with the surgeon about a month sooner than I had planned. My appointment is this Wednesday. I am not sure what to expect because I haven’t yet had a scan to see how much the tumor has shrunk. The last scan, at the end of May, showed it a shrunk 33%. Because the tumor is so close to the skin I can feel it and it seems much smaller than that to me. I am anxious to hear her plan for surgery while hoping and praying that my body will be cleared for whatever that plan is.

The following week I meet with a radiation specialist to learn what is ahead for me after the surgery.

You may have noticed I have posted a few reviews but I am still way behind. I apologize to authors waiting for my reviews, I plan to post them and share them everywhere as soon as I can.

I continue to appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I will keep you posted about what’s ahead.


27 thoughts on “Change in Plans

  1. Huge {{HUG}}
    You got this!
    We’re here and wishing we could do more than virtually hold your hand. Know there is a legion of friends out here sending all the best karma, hugs, prayers and everything else, that you are going to come through this with flying colors!

  2. Hi, LORI!
    I am so sorry you are going through all of this. It is so hard to understand why things happen but I am certain one day we will undrstand…it is just so difficult to get through the here and now!

    I am not enduring ANYTHING like you, but I have been to mre doctors and healers I can count and they cannot discover what is causing my symptoms. Many days I am in much pain and the chronic allergies often settle in my eyes so I can’t see clear enough to read.

    I share your feelings of regrt for not getting boks read which authors/publicists have sent, but I just keep hoping I will getbetter. I should quit accepting ANY more book t feels I am giving into defeat if I do.

    Heath issues re the WORSE but as I learn of others suffering, I am humbeld and know mine is not worse.
    I WILL be praying for you.
    Lu Ann

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your health. I pray that you will continue to get stronger and the tumor goes away. If there is anything I can do to help you get caught up with Reviews please let me know.

  4. May God wrap you in His loving arms as you deal with the roller coaster ride of treatment! Thank you for sharing your journey with us so that we can be praying for you. God bless!

  5. Please know that God has this. He has sit you on the path that you need to be on. Will continue to pray for you for a complete recovery and for the physicians that they listen to God’s direction.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  6. Trust your doc! He knows when the right time is. After all, a plan is just that, and things always change. I am going through something similar with a close cousin. She has experienced the same thing. Blessings on you and your family.

  7. My mother had lung ca. she had radiation 5 days a week and chemo 1 time a week, from Dec 1st until Jan,15. She had to miss 2 chemo because her lab numbers were off and Dr. wouldn’t let her do make ups on them. So far, so good for mother, though it’s not been long, she is ca. free and slowly recovering. Continued prayers, it will all work out!!! We are all rooting for you (readers, authors, all your fans)

  8. Don’t worry about reviews… your energy for fighting that beast, cancer….we are here for you and are praying for the best possible outcome!

  9. I don’t like it when plans changes either.
    Sending you good thoughts and hoping you’re better soon.
    You’re in my thoughts and prayyers.

  10. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we have to ready to re-adjust with a moments notice.
    Keep strong. We’ve all got your back.

  11. Oh man…I know how upset and frustrated that made you!!! Hope the next step in your treatment sticks more to the plan. Hang in there, Lori!!!

  12. Hang in there, Lori, don’t worry about reviews! Concentrate on getting well. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Thanks so much for your update. I don’t think there is anyone who follows your blog who doesn’t want you to put yourself and your family first and take the best care you can. As much as we enjoy your posts and reviews and contests I think your well-being is more important to us. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way without stop!

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