Lori Update! Written by Husband – with corrections by Daughter #2

I’m going to try and let as many of Lori’s followers as I can know how she is doing. A short while ago Dr. Stanley called to let me know she came thru the surgery very well and is in recovery. It was a little more complex than what was anticipated because 2 of the 3 lymph nodes did not accept the dye most likely due to fibrosis so to be safe they did the more difficult part of the procedure and just removed them all. She was able to get the main mass entirely along with a small amount of the surrounding tissue so the lumpectomy was more than planned but to error on the safe side done as Lori had asked her to do. Unfortunately due to the hospital being in phase 1 we are unable to visit her tonight but will be able to phone her later when they have her up. She has to stay overnight because they had to place a drain in under her arm where those lymph nodes were to take away any extra fluids and she is going to be shown how to take care of that and tomorrow when they let me go get her they will be showing me the process as well so I can help her with it…that’s all I know at this time so more to follow.

29 thoughts on “Lori Update! Written by Husband – with corrections by Daughter #2

  1. Thank you for the update. Good news! Please tell Lori she – and your entire family – are always surrounded by prayers.

  2. Wishing her the best and I hope she recovers quickly. I’m sorry you can’t be together tonight.

  3. Thank you for the information. I’ll continue to pray now for an excellent recovery! God bless!

  4. Thank you so much for the update! Keeping Lori and the entire family in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping Lori does well and recovers quickly.

  5. The update is much appreciated, thank you! Not being able to visit your loved one in the hospital is hard. Wishing Lori and The Fam all the best!

  6. Thank you so much for updating us on Lori! I’m so glad the surgery is behind her and I’m praying for her pain, comfort and speedy recovery as well as all of you her family. I know this is hard for everyone involved… especially not being able to see her right now! May God give you the strength peace and everything you need to come through it all together in the name of Jesus,Godspeed Amen.

  7. Thank for letting us know. My thoughts and prayers are with Lori, you and your family. God be with you.

  8. Thank you for letting us know about Lori. I’m so glad she has the surgery behind her. I’m sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers for a speed recovery.

  9. thank you for this update on Lori. Hope she gets better real soon. She’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Best Wishes and God Bless you all.

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