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Crisis In America 

This is my first Sunday Salon/Sunday Post since Father’s Day of last year when I cut back on blogging during my cancer treatments. I had planned to write an uplifting post to start the new year but then Wednesday happened. January 6, 2021, will be a day that will live in infamy like other days of disaster in this country. A day when domestic terrorists stormed our Nation’s Capital, sent there by the current resident of The White House to “take our country back”. I was listening to what should have been a ceremonial experience as the electoral college votes were certified during a joint session of Congress when the commentators broke in to say something was happening at the Capital. I started watching on my computer but quickly moved to the television. I had tears running down my face and was visibly shaking. How could something like this be happening in the United States of America? Why were the police so ill-prepared for something that had been advertised on social media for weeks? Where was the security when the President himself tweeted “come to Washington on January 6″ ” it will be wild”?

What happened on Wednesday was terrible but we have learned in subsequent days tell us it could have been so much worse. The terrorists had planned to take hostages and kill Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, and more. We learned what Trump, his son, his lawyer, and other surrogates said at the rally that started the day. This ginned up crowd was told to take their fight to the Capital and they did. Trump said he would join them there but he didn’t. He went back to The White House to watch the damage he started and condoned on television and inside sources say he loved what he was seeing. We learned later he would not approve the National Guard presence at the Capital. Mike Pence gave the approval from where he was being kept safe in the Capital hours after the chaos started. Several members of Congress called nearby states and cities to send National Guard and police but they couldn’t get the proper approvals. We also learned that there may have been people in the Capital helping the terrorists find offices that were off the beaten path and that laptops and other things were stolen from the offices. Bombs were found in the area and several Molotov cocktails were found in backpacks carried by the terrorists. Then, most of the terrorists were allowed to just walk away from the building too so that now law enforcement has the hard job of tracking these people down and charging them. Most were not wearing masks so their faces were visible.

The terror did not stop that day there either. Lindsay Graham was surrounded at the airport and he tried to go home to South Carolina. He was met with shouts of “traitor” and worse. He needed law enforcement to help him get safely to the plane. And this is just one case that was publicized.

In the end, 5 people are dead. 1 radical terrorist was shot by police, 3 radical terrorists died from “medical emergencies” and 1 Capital Police Officer died of injuries he received while doing his job. I lay responsibility for this entire event at the feet of Donald J. Trump, his family. Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz. This was a coup attempt. acts of sedition, a riot, and people must be held accountable. Until his Twitter account was permanently removed the President was still trying to incite violence making sure his supporters knew he would not be at the inauguration on January 20.  That day as well on January 17 are dates these radicalized groups are already planning for future demonstrations and attacks. I hope security is better prepared.

Senator Mitt Romney had it right. He said:

“the best way we can show respect for the voters who were upset is by telling the truth.”

“The truth is that President-elect Biden won the election. President Trump lost. I’ve had that experience myself. It’s no fun,” Romney said.

“Scores of courts, the president’s own attorney general, state election officials both Republican and Democrat have reached that unequivocal decision.”

I try my best to keep politics off this blog but this goes beyond politics. This was our nation under attack, an attack on our democracy, and that should matter to everyone. It is not something we should just get over.  I certainly won’t.

Photos: How newspapers around the world covered the deadly riots at U.S. Capitol


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6 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – Crisis in America – Weekly Rewind – New Arrivals

  1. Great post. Hopefully people will finally realize that something like this can happen any and everywhere. Organizations have been tracking these fringe groups for decades. It was just a matter of time. Also, some journalists were trapped in the building and said that in the past they actually talked among themselves about what they would do if something like that happened. I don’t mind at all if you want to post more real world issue things.

  2. I try to keep politics off my blog, too, but I am outraged by this horrible event. I can’t remember when I have ever been this angry. I cannot wait to see this disaster out of the White House.

  3. Thank you for your thoughts, well done. It needs to be said,..and heard by so many. I have admiration for you and your courage to speak the truth about so many different topics. Take care.

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