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I am listening to the wrap up of the impeachment proceedings while I type this and am so frustrated. I wonder if a member of Congress was injured or killed if that would have changed some votes. McConnell admitted that Trump was responsible but because he was out of office he couldn’t be convicted and went on to say Trump still could be held responsible by the courts. I hope and pray our justice system takes this up and nails that man to the wall along with all of his co-conspirators. Off my soapbox.

The weather here is still cold and blustery but I had to venture out on Thursday for bloodwork and a follow-up with my oncologist. All my numbers are good. I am still working on getting my strength up so I can throw my walker to the curb especially for the short distances around the house. I am upset because I have gained back all the weight I lost, the only good side effect of chemo. The doctor said that can be due to the meds I am on. I told him I thought it was because food tastes good again. We had a good laugh. He has scheduled me for a mammogram next month and another appointment with him the next day along with more bloodwork. I said I was excited about the mammogram because until I can see with my own eyes the tumors are gone I can’t believe it. He then said he was optimistic about that . . . SAY WHAT . . . after all I have been through they better be gone. So now I am pessimistic and nervous.  I am now counting the days. My mammogram is scheduled on the exact same day and almost the exact same hour, 1 year later, than the one the showed the original tumor. I don’t think I can handle a repeat of that experience.

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Have a great week! 

Stay Safe!

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – Cancer Follow-Up – Weekly Rewind – New Arrivals

  1. Remember-always try to put out positive wishes into the universe.
    We are all sending you our best.

  2. Here’s to a clean bill of health!! You can stay on your Trump soapbox and I am right there with you!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day!
    So good to hear such a promising update on your treatment/recovery! I know you’ll make it!
    Prayers and awaiting next update!

  4. I’m sending email to all of those people who didn’t dare to stand up for what was right over the wishes of their political party. I am saddened that he was not convicted.

    I will send many positive thoughts and prayers your way for good results from your testing. I can’t imagine how much you want things to be positive. I’m starting right now!

  5. I am so frustrated the riot on the 6th.with the Impeachment trial results, too. Egads. What qualifies as high crimes and misdemeanors if not he riot on the 6th? And Trumps lawyers were so unprepared. Egads. My Sunday Salon Post

  6. I couldn’t believe he got out scot free, it’s frustrating indeed… My fingers are crossed for the mammography, sending good vibes your way 🙂

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