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A Week in the Life of Dollycas

Yesterday was the big day. I received my COVID 19 Vaccine. I was fortunate to receive the Johnson and Johnson brand so after just 1 shot I’m done. I do have to wait 2 weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective. They had a mass event at the clinic. My appointment was for 11 a.m. and I was the 627th shot of the day. The event was to continue until 4 p.m. They really had an excellent set-up. It took about 40 minutes including the 15 minute wait time required after receiving the shot. Daughter #2 was my driver/wheelchair pusher for the day. Sadly she was unable to get an appointment for herself but hopefully, she will soon find one that will work with her work schedule. Her brother and sister still need to get vaccinated as well. I will continue to wear my mask and social distance as recommended. We are all in this together, and these vaccinations are what we need for our lives to start to get back to normal. Everyone should now be eligible or will be soon. Try to gets yours as soon as you can.

I had an appointment with my oncologist last week and he says I am doing great with just minor side effects from the drugs I am on. I questioned him about my energy level because I still tire easily as I try to do normal things. We both agreed my paralysis doesn’t help but he reminded me my body has been through an ordeal and to try to push myself a little more each day but not to get upset when my body can’t keep up with what my brain wants to do. It is nice to get a pep talk and check in with him every few weeks and catch up with the fantastic people at the cancer center.

Other than that is was a pretty quiet week around here. Book tours, reading, blogging, and television filled many hours. I also continued unpacking and was thrilled to find the box with my pants in it. I also found 2 banana boxes full of books that were never unpacked at the last house. Several full series of older cozy mysteries. There is no room here for them so I have to decide if I want to save them, give them away, or list them on PaperbackSwap.

Did you have a good week?

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – A Week in the Life of Dollycas – Weekly Rewind – New Arrivals

  1. So happy for you! Good news all around, re your health!
    Also good to hear things are settling down at the new homestead. How’s the pup adjusting to the new local?

  2. Wonderful news that you have gotten your vaccine. I like the sound of the one-and-done shot. I think we need to keep reminding people about getting the vaccine. We have friends who have refused so far to get it, but they want to go out to eat with us! We don’t feel good about doing that.

    You have been through an ordeal. I’m glad your doctor is empathetic and supportive.

    One good thing about moving is finding things you’d forgotten about when you pack and unpack.

    I like It Takes Two to Mango. Great title. Great cover.

  3. I wanted the J&J one & done shot but unfortunately, our one and only option is Moderna so I got the first shot on Friday. No appointment. No waiting. They said I was the 6th walk-in of the day. lol And then today at the grocery I see all these people not wearing masks, even though there’s a sign on the door that says MASK REQUIRED TO ENTER. G-r-r-r-r-r-r. I will continue wearing one even after I’m fully vaccinated.

    Hope your energy levels are back where you want them soon!!!

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