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A Week in the Life of Dollycas

It was a very interesting week around here. Storms continued to work their way through the area and we were able to get through them without any damage. But one night, after the bad weather had moved out we were letting the dogs out before bed, and in flew a bat. Mr. Dollycas did his best but it ended up hiding somewhere. The next night it was flying through the living room and into the bedroom. It must have flown into the closet but when it came back out he was ready. He hit it with a broom and knocked it into a box. It was still moving so he set the box outside hoping it would fly away. It was in the box still alive the next day so knowing it couldn’t fly Son #2 put it out of its misery and disposed of it. I hope this is a rare occurrence.

On Tuesday Mr. Dollycas took one of our cars to get gas before taking me to my wound clinic appointment. When he went to start the car again it wouldn’t start. He had it towed to a local repair place and we are still waiting for the bad news of what it was going to cost to get it back on the road.

My appointment was rescheduled to Thursday. So Mr. Dollycas took Daughter #2 to work so we could use her car to take me to the would clinic. He came back to get me and we arrived at the clinic early, rare for us 🙂 My leg was examined, treated, and rewrapped. It was an early day at work for our daughter so we waited in her parking lot until she was done. Of course, I had my Kindle so I didn’t mind a bit. 3 Dairy Queen ice cream cones on the way home and we were all set.

Friday was spent at the computer for me but Mr. Dollycas was busy getting ready for a barbeque for family and friends. It has been ages since were entertained and the first time at this house. We were thankful for Son #2 and his girlfriend’s help getting everything done. The occasion was tied to a local Truck-n-Show that featured a Lights the Night parade Friday night that ran right by our house. A real bonus for living here. There were about 200 trucks in the parade. We had about 25 people enjoy the parade, food, and drink with us. Mr. Dollycas has taken Kaden and Remi to watch the parade other years but it was a first for me to see what all those horns were about. We also celebrated a birthday and the birth of a new baby in our extended family. I was so happy that everyone could join us. Maybe it will become an annual event.

On Saturday afternoon the trucks paraded again so we could see the pretty trucks in the sunshine. Some had cool painting schemes, I even saw one with dolphins painted on the sides. I was thrilled that my mother-in-law came up to join us for this parade. My father-in-law was a truck driver so we knew she would enjoy seeing the trucks.

How was your week?


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Have some fun this week!

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – A Week in the Life of Dollycas – Weekly Rewind – New Arrivals

  1. Sorry about the car but the rest of your weekend sounds delightful! Had never heard of a big rig drive-by! Very cool!

  2. This is my first time hearing about a truck parade. Very interesting! Glad you were able to enjoy a gathering with friends and family! Have a great week!

  3. Sorry about the car…and the bat!!!

    We have a big ol’ semi “caroling truck” that winds its way through our L.A. neighborhood on Christmas Eve. Looked forward to it every year. Miss it.

    A barbecue sounds like so much fun, except I’m a-scared of bugs so I would probably decline if I was ever invited to one. lol Can I just send a delegate to bring me back a plate of food?

  4. What a time you have had! We had a bat problem at my first library. I saw the first bat on Halloween. The school district had to send out exterminators.

    So sorry about your problems with your car.

    I bet the truck parade was very cool. I remember taking my sons to an Art Car Parade in Houston that they loved.

    Long Overdue at Lakeside Library looks great.

  5. What a week you have had! We had a bat in our house a few years back and my youngest son was the lucky one to have to take care of it. It played out similar to your situation and my husband had to put it out of its misery. I’m with you, I hope that doesn’t happen again.

    Glad you were able to have some family time, it’s so precious.

    Have a great week!

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