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A Week in the Life of Dollycas

My trip to the wound care clinic this past week had me really depressed as there just seems to be no improvement. The doctor there said it was time to go to my oncologist for a little help. Both she and I feel that one of my cancer drugs is hindering my healing. When the warnings of the drug say it  “can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections” and low blood cell counts, which we saw a couple of weeks ago that I am experiencing, I agreed it was time for action. I was barely home from the clinic when I received a call to stop taking the medication, which I did that day. But until the drug clears my system, and it could take a while, I am still feeling tired and rundown. I go back to the wound care clinic next Tuesday and meet with my oncologist and have labwork on Thursday. I know I was on the medication for a reason and had been tolerating it well until recently. I hope he can come up with a new plan of attack so I can get my legs healed and feel better by the holidays.

On Thursday my spirits picked up nicely. Daughter #2 took me to get my first haircut since Mr. Dollycas shaved my head when my hair was falling out in clumps due to chemo. It had come back in with some nice curls but was also coming in very uneven. It is really thin but soft on the top and longer in the back, especially on one side. Another side effect of the drug was hair loss so since I am off of it now I thought it was a great time to get it evened up and hopefully promote new growth. I cried as I looked in the mirror. I felt like a new woman. Daughter #2 commented I had some pep in my step. Still tired but grateful to look more like me. I am used to having really thick hair that grows fast so I hope that comes back eventually.

Other than that I spent a lot of time at my desk. I am really behind booking book tours and that is not fair to my bloggers or the authors. My email inbox was also overflowing. I had decided to work late Friday night to catch up on emails but Outlook started to have major issues after 6 p.m. which was very frustrating. Maybe it was the world’s way of telling me to go and relax and I did with a good book and some television. It was back up and working yesterday so I am back to winding my way through all those lovely messages.

How was your week? Pick me up, tell me something fun you did last week!

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I wish you a week filled with joy!

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – A Week in the Life of Dollycas – Weekly Rewind – New Arrivals

  1. Hope you have a “feel good” week! I became a first time grandma earlier this month and can’t wait to see Ben dressed up for his first Halloween!!

  2. I am stopping by to let you know that I think you look darling in your picture! I love your hair and your 😃 smile. I am thinking that you will be on the road to recovery now. And the Docs will keep you healthy. Don’t worry. They wouldn’t agree to take you off of the drug if there weren’t another way to keep on track or if it were too dangerous. I know this.

  3. You’ve heard this before but its worth repeating: your health comes first!
    Your readers, publishing houses and authors will wait, with great understanding and many prayers.
    Carry on and take care of you!

  4. Lori — Echoing K.A., take care of you! You have done so much for the reading and writing community. You’re an absolute treasure! Marc and I send our prayers to you for healing and strength of body, mind, and spirit.

    With much love,

  5. Glad you feeling slightly better, I hope getting of the meds helps. Sometimes they do more harm than good. Hope you have a great week!

  6. Awww you look great in that picture with your newly cut hair. 🙂

    I hear drug ads all the time on TV with those warnings about serious infections but never visualized that meaning something like what has happened with your leg wounds! My God!!! So very sorry you’re dealing with that!

  7. You sound like you had a good week–especially getting your hair cut; best medicine there is! I hope this week starting today is a fine one too. It is so hard to be patient when the doctors’ treatments interfere with each other. I have been in a similar fix. Right now I am waiting…yep, again! Maybe by the second week in Nov. we can schedule a bronchial biopsy (I have to come off the blood thinner for a period of time to schedule it–right now I NEED the blood thinner.) and maybe get some answers and know how to treat this “crud.” LOL
    I keep telling myself I am ok, strong and can do anything I set my mind to. Maybe if I say it often enough, it will be true!

  8. I hope the doctors can figure out how to get you feeling better soon! I loved seeing your bright, smiling face with your new haircut. A haircut truly can make you feel like a new person.

    A new Hyvee opened in our town with a Wahlburgers restaurant inside. My husband and I went to check it out this week. It was a simple, fun date.

    I pray you have a week full of healing and rest!

  9. You look lovely in your photo! I bet it felt wonderful to get a haircut. Once the medicine gets out of your system, your wound will heal much better. Everyone will understand if you set aside all of the tours and book events for now so that you can focus on feeling better.

    Sending prayers and good thoughts to you, Lori!

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