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A Week in the Life of Dollycas

It has been quite a week.

Two more grands went trick or treating last week on Sunday. Remi and Natalie look like they had plenty of fun

Kaden stated he is too old for it anymore. I can’t believe he will be fourteen this Friday.

On Tuesday I went to be weekly Wound Care appointment and it didn’t go well. I have a lot of edema in my right (paralyzed) leg and the doctor felt I was not getting enough compression on the leg and when the leg expanded it was opening the wound wider. So new plan. Instead of going once a week, I am now going to go 3 times a week so they can change the compression bandage more often. They hope the tighter compression along with being off my cancer medication will enhance the healing process. We also talked about using a special product that needs approval from my insurance and also needs to have a co-pay that doesn’t break the bank that should speed the healing process. We will learn more about that at my appointments this week.

Then on Wednesday, the Packer Universe blew up with the news that our star quarterback Aaron Rodgers had COVID and was unvaccinated. His response just made things worse and by Friday he was losing his endorsement deals. Personally, I am totally disappointed in this man. He is supposed to be a leader to his team, an icon to children and adults. He has stated several different reasons for not getting the vaccine and that is his choice. The NFL has a protocol for unvaccinated players but he lied by saying he was “immunized” and followed the vaccinated protocol. This is also the man that sat out the pre-season and stated he wanted to be traded for weeks. The man is a great football player. The Packers catered to almost everything he asked for to get him back in Green Bay. He wanted to win another Super Bowl and the team may have been on track to do that. Now he is sick and can’t play today. How is this virus going to affect his body? Who knows what kind of punishment the NFL may take against him? How many other endorsement deals will he lose? He may have blown up his career because he wasn’t truthful or heaven forbid – gotten the J&J shot like I did, (he has said he is allergic to something in the mRNA vaccines.) and gotten on with his life. Instead, he is blaming others and compounding the lies. Even if he does come back and take us to the Super Bowl I have lost total respect for him. I am sure many fans will say the same. Us Packer fans bleed green and gold but Aaron Rodgers has tainted this year. End of Rant.

Back to blog stuff, I took a giant step and have trained Mr. Dollycas how to do the daily book tour promos I do each morning. He needs to do a few more days to get comfortable but for the most part, is doing an excellent job. It is amazing what a little bit of help means. Because of this, I am freed up to get caught up on things I have been getting behind on like I have started to get my 2022 Reading Challenges set up and should have them up for Sign Ups soon. I was able to update my 2021 Book Recommendation Page through the end of the year and should be able to start the 2022 page soon. But the biggest thing was tackling my emails, I made a huge dent on Friday. Hopefully, it will also allow me to get the remaining tour requests for 2021 out to the bloggers faster and get back on track with requests for 2022. Since September we have had a flood of requests. I am thrilled about that, but due to all the medical appointments, I have not booked them fast enough. I am so thankful for everyone’s patience but I am striving to do better. Maybe he will be willing to learn more things to help me out.  😀

So how was your week? Please share in the comments below. 

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – A Week in the Life of Dollycas – Weekly Rewind – New Arrivals

  1. Sorry to hear the wound treatment is not progressing as we would like but 🙏🏻 the new protocol will help.
    Good on you and Mr. Dollycas!
    Agree with you re Aaron Rogers. Shame on him!

  2. How wonderful that your husband is so willing to help you out. This should be wonderful for you.

    I’m sorry that things still aren’t going well with your wound. Hopefully this new procedures will get you back on track.

    It’s very frustrating when people do the wrong thing, especially people in the public eye.

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