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A Week in the Life of Dollycas

We ventured out into the cold and wet a couple times this week but when we arrived at wound care on Wednesday they told us I had been referred to Home Care for my Wednesday and Friday appointments with them which sounds great to me. I lose less time at the computer those days and can still stop at Dairy Queen for ice cream on Mondays. Mondays are the worse because that is when the doctor debrides the wound and when the numbing medicine wears off it really hurts so treats are always appreciated.

On Thursday I had my six-month follow-up with the radiation oncologist. He says I am doing very well but there is some fluid in the breast that needs to be moved toward the lymph nodes to dissipate. He said this was the most likely reason the shadows have been showing up on my mammogram. We were given instructions on how to do it and told Mr. Dollycas it was the perfect job for him. 😀 I look forward to my visits with this doctor. He is the nicest man and explains things in terms that are easy to understand and he and his nurse both have a terrific sense of humor. I always leave his office with a smile on my face and hope knowing I am on the right track.  I will see them again in June for follow-up after another mammogram.

We also have put up the Christmas tree sans ornaments at this time. Our son’s cats are visiting and we are not sure how they will react to the bright and shiny orbs on the tree. It is also Daisy’s first Christmas, last year she was just born at this time. The cats have left it alone so far but Daisy hates change and she has had a few barking sessions to voice her displease of this intruder in her house. LOL

Of course, I also spent a lot of time at the computer. Since I hired Mr. Dollycas to help with the morning promos it has freed me up to do other things. He really likes doing it and keeps asking me if there is more that he can do to help. Heck, yesterday he was asking about starting his own blog. He used to read quite a few books a year but hasn’t really read any since Kris died in 2015.  Maybe he is at a turning point. I have uploaded a few books to his Kindle so we will see how it goes. Unlike me, he does have a full-time job so reading until the wee hours of the morning is not an option for him.

So how was your week? How is the weather where you are? What are you doing for fun? Tell me in the comments.

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The books below were free when I downloaded them.

I hope you have a blissful week!

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon / Sunday Post – A Week in the Life of Dollycas – Weekly Rewind – New Arrivals

  1. I’ve been thinking about you and Mr. Dollycas. I fully understand the pressures of cancer, working, and the holiday season. Not much is going on my way over in eastern PA. Just wanted to give a shout out of encouragement.

  2. It’s nice that they will do home care for some of your appointments. And I’m glad to see that your report with the oncologist went so well. Gosh, if all doctors just knew how much it helps to smile and offer humor and care!

    Wow! It sounds like we might soon be seeing your husband here each week at Sunday Salon. What a sport he is to help you out so much.

  3. HA! Love your Sunday updates and can so identify with getting the mister involved. It has helped me a bit as well. He certainly reads faster than I, but I’m also doing the graphics and putting his reviews into my review “template,” as well as the follow-up social media and reviews to other book sources, so it still seems heavy on my side. Still, I look forward to doing his reviews as I know his cuts my total time in about half. A big help! I’d encourage Mr. Dollycas to help reading as well.

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