Dollycas 9/25/2022 Weekend Update


Where is Dollycas Part Deux?


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It’s time for an update! I can let you all know that Lori / Dollycas is well on her way to a full recovery from her recent hospital stay and is looking forward to coming home soon, most likely Tuesday 9/27/2022. Her surgery was a very successful one with a side effect she hasn’t felt in 21 years that being to be able to move her fingers on her right side even just a little bit. She is looking forward to sitting in her own room, with her books, surrounded by her family, her puppy Daisy, and friends who haven’t been able to visit due to the hospital’s rules on visitation for patients under their care. But most of all she is looking forward to resuming her real love which is her Book blog & Great Escapes Book Tours and all of her friends and authors related to it all over the globe. She says she may take 1 day once she is home to rest up, read a good book, and play with her Daisy to make sure she knows she wasn’t going to abandon her but then will be back at her desk controlling the “Dollycas” world once again and enjoying every minute of it!!!

This post was set up by Jeff / AKA Mr. Dollycas so please be kind as it is his first attempt without Lori’s direct supervision, thank you all for the support during this difficult past 2 weeks…



13 thoughts on “Dollycas 9/25/2022 Weekend Update

  1. Absolutely wonderful news! So happy for her and for all of you!
    The best of continuing good fortune to you all…”It’s and ill wind that blows no good”

    BTW: Jeff ~ Mr. Dollycas, excellent job!

  2. What wonderful news! Thanks so much, Mr. Dollycas, for the great update! Continuing to send prayers and healing thoughts your way, Lori, for a quick and restful recovery.

  3. Thanks for the update, Jeff! Good to hear all went well and she’ll be home soon! Sending love and positive vibes for a continuing and speedy recovery!

  4. Jeff,
    Thank you for the great news! You’re an awesome admin.
    Please tell Lori that we’re so, so glad she’s doing so well, and will be able to hug everyone very soon. I’m sure Daisy is really missing her.
    Tell her to take her time, we don’t mind waiting.

  5. Wonderful update! Sigh of relief and continued prayers. And great job, Jeff / Mr. Dollycas! Take care.

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