The Case of the Amorous Assailant by Terry Ambrose #Review

The Case of the Amorous Assailant
Private Investigator Mystery
Setting – California
Satori (October 18, 2022)
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 320 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 099689148X
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0996891486
Kindle ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0B8TQVFZ5

New PI Jade Cavendish’s investigation into a cheating husband takes a bizarre turn when she uncovers a plot to commit murder.

The Amorous Assailant has frustrated police for months. His MO is always the same. He binds his victims with red silk, kisses them, and leaves them with a red rose. Women throughout the city are worried they’ll be his next victim.

Novice PI Jade Cavendish isn’t one of them, though. After inheriting the Beachtown Detective Agency, she’s worried about landing a paying client. Any client. She’d even settle for a dognapping.

Gina Rose, a wealthy young heiress, has a problem. Her new husband, a man she thought was her perfect match, is bleeding her dry. When Gina hires Jade to prove her husband is defrauding her, Jade quickly learns he’s a terrible businessman. His investment properties are oozing money like open wounds.

On the surface, it appears Gina simply has bad taste in men. But Jade refuses to give up on her client so easily. Her investigation pulls her into a world filled with greed, one where secrets are a way of life, events are not always what they seem, and lies conceal deadly realities—including the Amorous Assailant’s true motive.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

PI Jade Cavendish is a rookie. She has inherited the Beachtown Detective Agency from her father who is retiring. Now, she just needs her first case and she doesn’t care what kind of a case it is.

Rich young heiress, Gina Rose enters the Beachtown Detective Agency with a problem. She thought she had married the man of her dreams, but she now realizes he just married her for her money. Jade agrees to help her even when Gina doesn’t like the path the investigation takes.

All the while, the Amorous Assailant has the police stymied. He targets women, uses red silk to bind their hands, gives them a kiss and a red rose, and disappears. Would Jade have a better chance of catching him?

Mr. Ambrose has introduced readers to a spunky smart protagonist in Jade Cavendish. She just needs to get her first case behind her to grow her confidence.

Jade is joined by some entertaining secondary characters. Her dad and mom, Zoe, a blogger that becomes her sidekick, along with a group of women she meets teaching a self-defense class. Zoe brings a lot of humor to the story and gives Jade a few headaches with her unpredictable way of overstepping her bounds. I enjoyed meeting these characters and felt they were well-developed for the first book in the series.

The story started out in a way that I wasn’t expecting making me wonder where the author was going but soon it all became clear as he took his characters through a bunch of twists and turns to deliver a very solid mystery. Jade uncovered several secrets and lies that kept the story moving at a nice pace. I was able to piece the clues together before Jade’s discovery but that didn’t take away my desire to see how everything was going to play out.

This author gets the details right. He sets a scene so well, readers feel they are there, right on the spot. His characters are realistic and their dialogues ring true. The mystery is well-plotted and while the theme of this story is a little out there it could actually happen in real life.

I hope The Case of the Amorous Assailant is the first book in a long-running series. I really like these characters and can only imagine the storylines Mr. Ambrose could feature them in. The sky seems to be the limit.

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About the Author

Terry Ambrose started out skip-tracing and collecting money from deadbeats and quickly learned that liars come from all walks of life. He never actually stole a car, but sometimes hired big guys with tow trucks and a penchant for working in the dark to “help” when negotiations failed.

A resident of Southern California, he loves spending time in Hawaii, especially on the Garden Island of Kauai, where he invents lies for others to read. His years of chasing deadbeats taught him many valuable life lessons such as—always keep your car in the garage.

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