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  1. Check out the new fiction novel by Frederic Smith, BULL. Bull is a 19th-century Mandan Indian — formerly, Black Bull Medicine — maliciously dropped into the 21st century as a Black Angus bull calf.

    BULL describes his flight from his Hannover, ND home and subsequent career as a rodeo star and liberator of cattle. It also remembers Bull’s previous life at Fort Clark — and an interlude in the Happy Hunting Ground, where he is an intimate of Meriwether Lewis!

    Past and present converge eerily as Bull ultimately hits the trail for the North Dakota Badlands, aiming at a life of freedom for himself and his band of renegade cattle.

    The reader is invited to ride herd on the laughs…but should also be prepared to brush something from his eye. (Trail dust, you know!)

    The author: FREDERIC SMITH, of Bismarck, moved to North Dakota 40 years ago for the express purpose of living among the scenes depicted in BULL. He has been a railroader, construction clerk, newspaperman and author.

    Get this 2014 paperback release at http://www.ahwipriebooks.com or on Amazon.

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