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Grevy Danger: An Entertaining Cozy Murder Mystery (A Kenya Kanga Mystery) by Victoria Tait #Review / #Giveaway – Great Escapes Book Tour

Grevy Danger: An Entertaining Cozy Murder Mystery
(A Kenya Kanga Mystery)

by Victoria Tait

About Grevy Danger

Grevy Danger: An Entertaining Cozy Murder Mystery (A Kenya Kanga Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
5th in Series
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Kanga Press (August 6, 2021)
Digital: Number of Pages 260

Two deaths. No crime. For this determined sleuth the answers are not black and white.


Community vet ‘Mama Rose’ Hardie is hoping for peace and tranquility to mourn the death of her faithful husband. But when a woman collapses and dies in her arms, she’s shaken to the core.


She joins an endangered zebra expedition, but alarms bells start ringing when a second woman mysteriously dies in her care.


Despite the lack of evidence, and the authorities’ insistence that the tragedies are coincidental, Rose acts on her own instincts to prove they’re deliberate killings. But with clues luring her deep into the corrupt lion’s den, unmasking this deadly plot could claim her last breath


Will Rose’s pursuit of justice lead to her own extinction?


Grevy Danger is the fifth book in the compelling Kenya Kanga Mystery series. If you like intuitive heroines, mysteries full of twists and turns, and sweeping African landscapes, then you’ll love Victoria Tait’s intelligent tale.

Before I started reading this book I did a little research because to me a zebra was a zebra.

I learned that the Grevys zebra is a lot different than the Mountain zebra and the Burchell zebra. Grevys zebras are less populated and rarer than the Mountain zebra and the Burchell zebra. They are also less social than the other types of zebras. overall, Grevys zebras are very different than the Mountain zebra and the Burchell zebra. The long-legged, endangered Grevy’s zebra is the largest of the wild equids. It is distinguished by its unique stripes, which are as distinctive as human fingerprints. Foals are brown with reddish-brown stripes, and gradually their coats darken to black. The Grevy’s are more closely related to the wild ass than the horse, while the plains zebra is more closely related to the horse. Grevy’s also are taller, have larger ears, and have narrower stripes than plains zebras. They are the largest of the zebra species.

Knowing the author would give me more details I was ready to jump right into this book.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

This story begins not long after the last one ended. Mama Rose is mourning the loss of her husband Craig and her friends are trying to get her back out into the world. She joins an event with her friends to count the endangered Grevy Zebra. They are all hoping for a quiet expedition with no drama for Mama Rose. But before they even start the event a woman dies and Rose becomes distraught that couldn’t help the woman she held in her own arms. Then another woman dies in a similar fashion as the rally barely begins. Rose tries to leave the deaths to the authorities and concentrate on the zebra count but she just can’t let it go. She really feels the deaths are connected, she just has to prove before she ends up on her own endangered list.

Sadly Craig is gone and there is a new coroner for the area who has become a huge thorn in the side of everyone she meets, but Chloe, Pearl, Thabiti, Commissioner Akida, Constable Wachira, Dr. Emma, and Sam all return. Rose catches up with some old friends as well but we are introduced to several new characters too.  Rose is such a dynamic character, an elderly woman with more energy than women half her age. She needed a new project and her friends knew that. When that project led to another murder investigation Mama Rose did not shy away. She just has a way of putting the clues together. It may take a while for her to think things through but look out when the secrets and twists are pinned down she takes it upon herself to reveal all.

The mystery of the current murders is not the only investigation people are focused on. A plane went down nearly ten years ago that could be connected to the murders and Thabiti is working with a group of plane hunters looking for that plane and others.

The way Victoria Tait twists events and clues together continues to draw me deeply into the story. I shut the door so I wouldn’t be interrupted and nestled into my recliner and escaped right into Grevy Danger. Ms. Tait’s descriptive writing style brings the setting of Kenya alive as well as all the people we meet. I can feel the heat and get excited when a Grevy zebra is seen or any other animals that may appear. I really appreciated that this story opened my eyes to the different kinds of zebras especially the endangered Grevy Zebras. I love that I learn things while engrossed in a great mystery.

Grevy Danger really excited me. I will never travel to Africa/Kenya but the books in this series take me there virtually. I highly recommend reading them all. I can’t wait for the next adventure Ms. Tait takes her readers on.

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About Victoria Tait

Victoria Tait is the author of the enchanting Kenya Kanga Mystery series.  She’s drawn on 8 years’ experience of living in rural Kenya, with her family, to write vivid and evocative books.  Her readers feel the heat, taste the dryness and smell the dust of Africa.  Her silver-haired sleuth, “Mama Rose” Hardie, is Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple reincarnated and living in Kenya.

Like all good military wives, Victoria follows the beat of the drum and currently lives in Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  She has two fast growing teenage boys and enjoys horse riding and mountain biking.

You can find Victoria at, on Bookbub and in her readers’ Facebook group, Victoria’s Voracious Readers (with her cat Izzy)

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Great Escapes Praise for Grevy Danger: An Entertaining Cozy Murder Mystery (A Kenya Kanga Mystery)
by Victoria Tait

Well-developed characters take us on an African trip to remember all while Rose figures out what really happened. Makes for a fabulous read as it all plays out taking the reader on a trip they won’t forget.
~Books a Plenty Book Reviews

Overcoming grief and depression is a focus of this novel, healing, as well as greed and animal population concerns . . . Links, from relationships to crimes, can be tricky to establish and author Victoria Tait does so masterfully.
~Laura’s Interests

Once again Victoria Tait has written a wonderful mystery set in my favorite place, Africa. As always, she “paints’ the setting of rural Kenya so vividly that you can imagine yourself there in the heat and dust with her characters.
~Here’s How It Happened

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Cozy Wednesday with Author Sheila Webster Boneham (Giveaway too!)

Welcome to Cozy Wednesday!

I spend a lot of time each month searching for future books coming out to share with you. When I saw the cover of Sheila’s book I knew I had wanted to read this book.  I did a little research and found out that Border Collies as well as an Australian Shepherd were some of the stars of this story. As a mom of 2 Border Collie/Blue Heeler mixes I knew I had to invite Sheila to be my guest.  I am thrilled that she is here today!!!

Hi Sheila!

Hi Everyone!


Dogs, Cats, Horses – oh my! Animals have always been part of my life, so it makes sense that they have also been important to much of my writing. Horses had most of my attention in my teens and twenties, and more than a few cats have graced by life. And as I’ve written in some of my books, I inherited the “dog gene” through my maternal line. My mother and her mother and, well, mothers all the way back, were crazy about dogs, and growing up we had a lovely variety – Chihuahuas, a mixed-breed who was my childhood heart dog, various other mixed breeds, a Scottish Deerhound, an Irish Wolfhound….In the 1980s, I got involved with dog obedience with my Labrador Retriever, Raja, and in the early 90s I fell in love with an Australian Shepherd puppy, the first of my Aussies in my life. For more than two decades I’ve been heavily involved over the years with rescue, canine-assisted therapy, public education, and various canine sports.

Write what you know, or what you love! I started writing as an academic folklorist, and spent a number of years teaching writing at universities and working as an editor and freelance writer. My first commercial magazine article was “The Legend of Gelert,” about a Welsh folktale of King Llewllyn’s hound. It was published in two versions, one of them in Dog Fancy magazine, and I was off and running.  I spent a few years writing a lot of articles for dog and cat magazines. Then in the early nineties I helped founded two rescue programs. This was before the Internet was such a tool, and information was hard to find, so I decided to write the book that I could have used when I was starting. Breed Rescue (Alpine, 1998) won a Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) for Best General Interest Book. For the next fifteen years I wrote almost entirely about dogs and cats, and I’m honored to say that six of my books have won “best book” awards from the DWAA and the Cat Writers’ Association, and several others were finalists.

I didn’t think I could make up a story, but a few years ago I found myself in a writers’ group with three other women who were all writing mysteries. They would show up with juicy murders and quirky characters and I would show up with “how to get puppy peepee out of your carpet.” Then one day I was driving home from a dog show and an opening line popped into my head, and a title, and by the time I got home I could see the whole story. So I started to write.

That said, like all novelists, I draw on personal experience to create characters. Janet MacPhail, the series protagonist, isn’t me, but we do share some quirks. (No, I won’t say which ones!) Sometimes life imitates fiction, too. I created Janet and made her an animal and nature photographer, then became friends with two women who are animal and nature photographers. Neither of them is precisely Janet, but they’re terrific resources for anecdotes and to keep me accurate. Janet’s Aussie Jay is – surprise! – based on my own Aussie Jay, and Labrador Retriever Drake is a composite of my own three Labs. The other dogs, too, are based on dogs I’ve seen or known or lived with. Drop Dead on Recall also has a lovely feline character, Leo, who plays a heroic part in the story, and he is a blend of my two beloved orange tabbies, Leo and Malcolm. Many of the scenes are built around my own experiences or stories I’ve heard from friends.

That’s what novelists do. We take life and bend it to our purposes and give it back to our readers. Great fun!

Drop Dead for Healthy Dogs. I love cooperative ventures – everybody wins! So I have teamed up with Canine Health Events, the Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute, and an independent bookstore in Wilmington, NC, where I live, for a “Virtual Book Launch Party” through October 31. Readers can order personally autographed print copies of Drop Dead on Recall or Rescue Matters from Pomegranate Books. I will pop into the bookstore and sign the books, and the store will ship them to the buyers. Pomegranate will then donate a portion of the sales to Canine Health Events to support their projects.

People can order online at or call Pomegranate Books at 910-452-1107.

In obedience competition, there is an exericise called the “drop on recall” in which you call your dog (the “recall”) and, on a signal from the judge, you have your dog lie down, then come the rest of the way. One of my favorite dog show bumper stickers says, “Old dog trainers never die, they just drop on recall.” So, Drop Dead on Recall opens with a leading obedience competitor keeling over during the drop on recall, and the story unfolds from there. My protagonist, Janet MacPhail, is an animal photographer who is there competing with her Australian Shepherd, Jay. Janet also has a heroic little orange tabby named Leo, and lots of other dogs play big parts in the story.

The “Animals in Focus” series is not a dog mystery series, by the way. Upcoming books involved birds, cats, and….well, we’ll see!

No one in the book is “real,” but everyone – dog, cat, bird, person – is realistic. Like my protagonist, Janet, I believe that animals are much more interesting when we see them as themselves, not as funny little people in fur coats, so the animals in my book act like, well, animals. They don’t talk, and we can’t get into their heads (though I would love about five minutes in a dog’s head!).


Sheila, Thank you so much for being my guest today. I love your real animals! I live in a house full of them so I completely understand!

About This Author

Award-winning author Sheila Webster Boneham writes fiction and nonfiction, much of it focused on animals, nature, and travel. Although best known for her writing about dogs and cats for the past fifteen years, Sheila also writes fiction, narrative nonfiction, and poetry, teaches writing workshops and classes, and is interested in speaking to groups about writing, creativity, and related topics. Drop Dead on Recall, her new mystery, is available now from your local bookseller and online in print and ebook formats; the Audible edition will be available soon. Find Sheila at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter @sheilaboneham.

2012dollycas favorite cozy

Drop Dead on Recall
(An Animals in Focus Mystery)

A Brand New Series
Midnight Ink (October 8, 2012)
An Imprint of Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd.
Paperback: 408 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0738733067
Cover Illustration by Joe & Kathy Heiner/Lindgren & Smith
Cover Design by Lynne Menturweck

Drop Dead on Recall

When a top-ranked competitor keels over at a dog obedience trial, photographer Janet MacPhail is swept up in a maelstrom of suspicion, jealousy, cut-throat competition, death threats, pet-napping, and murder. She becomes a “person of interest” to the police, and apparently to major hunk Tom Saunders as well. As if murder and the threat of impending romance aren’t enough to drive her bonkers, Janet has to move her mother into a nursing home, and the old lady isn’t going quietly. Janet finds solace in her Australian Shepherd, Jay, her tabby cat, Leo, and her eccentric neighbor, Goldie Sunshine. Then two other “persons of interest” die, Jay’s life is threatened, Leo disappears, and Janet’s search for the truth threatens to leave her own life underdeveloped – for good.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

I absolutely loved this story!!!!! As the parent to two Border Collie/Blue Heeler mixes and 3 rescue kitties this book hit me on a very personal level. Pet lovers know all about the way our furry friends delight us.

This author knows the dog training world very well and takes us behind the ropes at the competition level. Is this competitive circuit cutthroat enough for people to get murdered??

Janet MacPhail is the perfect amateur sleuth to find out. With her camera and her own canine she can get up close and personal with all the suspects. Janet is a mature woman that I can easily relate to dealing with real life issues. Taking care of an aging parent is so very hard and making the decision to remove much of their independence is a very tough issue many of us face. The author takes on this issue with love and mixes in wonderful bits of humor that helps ease the pain we know Janet is feeling.

The author’s sense of humor is what really stands out to me in this story. The mystery is top notch, character development spot on, a bit of romance, wonderful animals, but it is the laughter that will make me remember each and every page of this story. There is a part where Janet is in a cafe waiting to meet a detective that had me laughing out loud and almost rolling on the floor. The comedic timing is excellent. I can’t believe this is Sheila Webster’s Boneham’s first dip in the fiction pool. This book is so dog gone good!!!

Fans of Linda O. Johnston and Susan Conant will love this story. All animal lovers who like great mystery will enjoy it as well. Heck I think mystery lovers will find it delightful whether they love pets or not. It is a wonderful read!

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Receiving a complimentary copy in no way reflected my review of this book. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”