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Mysteries, Midsummer Sun and Murders: A Cozy Mystery Anthology – Pickled to Death by Gayle Leeson #Review #CharacterGuestPost #Giveaway – Great Escapes Book Tour

Mysteries, Midsummer Sun and Murders: A Cozy Mystery Anthology
by Hillary Avis, Benedict Brown, Catherine Coles, Paula Darnell, Connie B. Dowell, Ellen Jacobson, Joann Keder, Patti Larsen, Cate Lawley, Gayle Leeson, Daisy Linh, Rimmy London, R.B. Marshall, Megan Mayfair, Wendy Meadows, Phillipa Nefri Clark, Michele Pariza Wacek, Erin Scoggins, Cathy Tully, Victoria LK Williams and Carly Winter

About Mysteries, Midsummer Sun and Murders

Mysteries, Midsummer Sun and Murders: A Cozy Mystery Anthology
Aye Alba Publishing (June 21, 2022)
Number of Pages ~1600
Digital B09K9NN64X

Poisonous picnics, burgled barbeques, deadly deckchairs… and midsummer mayhem!

From a brilliant bunch of amazing authors, including multiple prizewinners and USA Today best sellers, comes this wonderful collection of 21 summer-themed cozy mysteries.

Featuring peril at the pool, blood on the beach, and felony at the festival, these fabulous stories—21 brand new and exclusive tales—will keep you entertained until long after the sun has set.

With stories from Hillary Avis, Benedict Brown, Catherine Coles, Paula Darnell, Connie B. Dowell, Ellen Jacobson, Joann Keder, Patti Larsen, Cate Lawley, Gayle Leeson, Daisy Linh, Rimmy London, R.B. Marshall, Megan Mayfair, Wendy Meadows, Phillipa Nefri Clark, Michele Pariza Wacek, Erin Scoggins, Cathy Tully, Victoria LK Williams and Carly Winter, you’ll surely find some of your favourite authors and discover some great new writers within the ~1600 pages of this set.

This collection will only be available for a limited time so don’t miss out – grab yourself a bargain today!

Today I am focusing on Pickled to Death by Gayle Leeson.

The fair would have been a lot more fun had Aunt Bess not been accused of murder – – and if the streaker hadn’t been such a disappointment.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Aunt Bess had decided to oust the local pickle queen, Mabel Hobbs, by entering her own jar of pickles at the fair but while a streaker distracts everyone someone takes out the queen permanently using a jar of her own pickles. A witness says she saw Aunt Bess taking aim with the jar just before she turned away but no one believes Aunt Bess could kill anyone. But without evidence to prove otherwise, Aunt Bess is in the hot seat. Jackie is doing her best to protect her grandmother while Amy tries to find the real killer. Her first order of business – find that streaker!

This was a fun read. I really enjoy checking in with the gang at the Down South Cafe. I was pleasantly surprised that even in this shorter format so many members of the cast were able to be included. While Amy and her cousin Jackie are the stars, Homer with his daily heroes continues to be my favorite. The fair brings a blast from Amy’s mom’s past to town and that upset Amy a bunch. It gives readers a little snippet of Amy and her mom’s history and how it had affected their lives moving forward.

Mabel Hobbs was a woman with a plan and that plan may have been what had gotten her killed. There are some clear suspects besides Aunt Bess and a corkscrew twist adds even more. Ms. Leeson does an excellent job of giving her readers an interesting mystery with enough meat to sink our teeth into with a very exciting ending. That is not easy to do in less than 100 pages. The streaker was a nice touch too, but now that song is in my head. “Boogity Boogity!!!”

Pickled to Death was a Perfect little mini Escape!

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Now a Special Treat!

By Gayle Leeson


Don’t be intimidated because I’m royalty. I don’t think my lineage sets me on a pedestal. Being a cat does that.

I live with Amy Flowers, who owns the Down South Café. Amy is a sweet girl, and I like her okay. She makes sure I get all the attention I want and plenty to eat and drink. But she’s not my favorite. My favorite human in the world is Amy’s mother, Jenna. But when Jenna’s mom died, Jenna moved into the house on the hill above Amy’s place to live with her aunt. Since Aunt Bess is allergic to cats—huge eye roll here because really…am I right?—I had to stay here at Amy’s house. I guess the aunt was too old to rehome because, honestly, I don’t know who else would have her at this point. She’s quite the handful. At least, Jenna is close by, and I get to see her all the time.

Amy has been dating a great guy lately, and I like him a lot. His name is Ryan, and he’s a police officer. Whenever he comes to visit, I hop onto his lap. It’s funny because it makes Amy a little jealous because she wishes I liked her that much. Between you and me, that’s one of the reasons I do it. Also, he has strong, muscular thighs. I knead and knead and knead, and then I curl up into a ball and doze. Purrfection.

I enjoy lying on the windowsill, lying on the chair by the living room window, lying on the kitchen chair that’s closest to the wall, and lying on my bed—although I spend the least amount of time there. I’d rather be up a little higher, especially when I want to avoid pats and licks and doggie breath, if you know what I mean. I like Rory, the terrier, okay. Or, at least, I do now. When he was a puppy, I referred to him as Rory, the terror. In fact, I thought that’s what the humans were saying when someone would ask what type of dog he was. But I came to realize they were saying terrier, and he’s grown up to the point where he’s tolerable. And he’s good for Amy. She needs someone willing to be picked up and cuddled at her whim—that’s not me.

Admittedly, though, I’ve been staying a little closer to her lately. There has been some trouble involving her cousin, Jackie. Jackie is the granddaughter of Aunt Bess—who I’ve already told you about. I’m not terribly keen on Jackie and her boyfriend, Roger, but I’d allow them to feed me if Amy happened to be out of town and Jenna wasn’t available. Amy loves them, though, especially Jackie. So, since Amy has been worried and sad about whatever is going on with Jackie, I’ve been staying close in case Amy needs me. She’s a good kid, and I appreciate her more than I let on. I have to say, though, I hope this ordeal gets put behind us soon. A girl needs her beauty rest, especially when that girl is a princess.

About Gayle Leeson 

Gayle Leeson is an author living in Virginia with a beautiful family and quite a few pets. She also writes–or has written–as Gayle Trent, Amanda Lee, and G. Leeson. As Gayle Trent, she writes the Daphne Martin Cake Mystery series and the Myrtle Crumb Mystery series. As Amanda Lee, she wrote the Embroidery Mystery series. As Gayle Leeson, she writes the Down South Cafe Mystery series and the Ghostly Fashionista mystery series. And as G. Leeson, she is writing the Literatia mystery series. Website

Release Date – June 21, 2022

Also by Gayle Leeson

Writing as Gayle Trent

Writing as Amanda Lee

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About Ellen Jacobson

Ellen Jacobson is a writer, cat lover & obsessed with chocolate. She writes cozy mysteries and romantic comedies including the Mollie McGhie Mysteries and the Smitten with Travel Rom-Coms.

You can find out more on her website (, sign up for her newsletter (

About Patti Larsen

I’m a multiple award-winning writer with a passion for the voices in my head. With many (many!) titles across many (many!) genres, all in happy publication, there’s no end in sight…

That being said, I’m short (permanent), happy (I have the best life ever) and blonde (forever and ever). I love to talk one on one about the deepest topics and can’t seem to stop seeing the big picture. I happily live on Prince Edward Island, Canada, home to Anne of Green Gables and the most beautiful red beaches in the world, with my multiple cats, pug overlord and lady and Gypsy Vanner gelding, Fynn.

About R.B. Marshall

Like my amateur sleuth, Izzy, I’m a dressage-riding computer geek who loves coffee – but there the similarity ends. She is far smarter than me, and a lot younger! I hope you’ll join me in discovering where her curiosity leads to next…

Pretty much all my books are set in my native Scotland, and my mystery stories are no exception. You’ll meet colourful characters solving perplexing puzzles in the most glorious landscape imaginable. Throw in a castle or two, the occasional royal, and maybe even a delicious cake shop, and you’ll have the recipe for my new series.

I also write fantasy and clean romance/women’s fiction, as Roz Marshall:

and Historical Romance telling the story of Mary Queen of Scots, as Belle McInnes:

About Hillary Avis

Hillary Avis writes cozy mysteries about smart women who persist until they uncover the truth—about themselves, about their communities, and of course about any unsolved murders.

She grew up in a small town on the west coast, went to college in a small town on the east coast, and now lives in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. She has two charming children, three fluffy dogs, and two practically perfect felines named Mystery and Intrigue. She also has too many chickens and one very patient husband.

When Hillary’s not reading, writing, or editing, she bakes bread, makes pottery, drinks coffee, and streams The Great British Bake-Off, but not all at the same time.

About Cate Lawley

Cate Lawley writes humorous, action-filled mysteries that frequently contain a paranormal twist.

When Cate’s not tapping away at her keyboard or in deep contemplation of her next fanciful writing project, she’s sweeping up hairy dust bunnies and watching British mysteries.

Cate is from Austin, Texas (where many of her stories take place) but has recently migrated north to Boise, Idaho, where soup season (her favorite time of year) lasts more than two weeks.

She’s worked as an attorney, a dog trainer, and in various other positions, but writer is the hands-down winner. She’s thankful readers keep reading, so she can keep writing!

Paranormal cozy mystery series:

Vegan Vamp Mysteries

Night Shift Witch Mysteries

Death Retired Mysteries

Cursed Candy Mysteries

Cozy mystery series:

Fairmont Finds Canine Cozy Mysteries

Cate’s sweet romance series:

Love Ever After

Lucky Magic

For bonus materials and updates, visit her website to join her mailing list:

About Rimmy London

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My Reading Itinerary Monday! – Week #23 – 2022

Welcome to My Reading Itinerary Monday!

Where are your books taking you this week?

I will be traveling to Massachusetts and Louisiana!

Here’s what I read and what I have planned for this week.

Escapes Completed

Peril at Pennington Manor (An Avery Ayers Antique Mystery)
by Tracy Gardner
Release Date – June 7, 2022
Setting – New York
My Review will be up tomorrow!

Death By Beach Read (A Lighthouse Library Mystery)
by Eva Gates
Release Date – June 7, 2022
Setting – North Carolina
I will feature this book this week for Cozy Wednesday!

Valued for Murder:
A British Cozy Murder Mystery with a Female Amateur Sleuth
(A Dotty Sayers Antique Mystery)
by Victoria Tait
Release Date – June 10, 2022
Setting – England
The Great Escapes Tour stops here this Friday!

Scheduled Escapes

Mysteries, Midsummer Sun and Murders: A Cozy Mystery Anthology
Release Date – June 21, 2022
Setting – Various
The Great Escapes Book Tour stops here
Thursday, June 9, and Saturday, June 18

so I will be reading 2 stories over the next two weeks.

Murder Is No Picnic (A Cape Cod Foodie Mystery)
by Amy Pershing
Release Date – June 7, 2022
Setting – Massachusetts
The Great Escapes Book Tour stops here next week for Cozy Wednesday!

Bayou Book Thief (A Vintage Cookbook Mystery)
by Ellen Byron
Release Date – June 7, 2022
Setting – Louisiana
The Great Escapes Book Tour stops here next Thursday!

Future Escapes

June 5 – 11, 2022

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Happy Reading!!

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