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New Release Tuesday – June 2018 – Week #1

Welcome to New Release Tuesday!

June 2018 – Week #1

These books have release dates of June 1 – 9, 2018

June 1

Confound It (A Dreamwalker Mystery)
by Maggie Toussaint

June 5

Bought the Farm (Farmer’s Daughter Mystery)
by Peg Cochran

Panty Raid: A Samantha Kidd Humorous Mystery (Style and Error Mysteries)
by Diane Vallere

Picked Off (A Brie Hooker Mystery)
by Linda Lovely

Rockets’ Dead Glare (A Tourist Trap Mystery)
by Lynn Cahoon

June 8

As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles (A Food Lovers’ Village Mystery)
by Leslie Budewitz

Cherry Pies & Deadly Lies (A Very Cherry Mystery)
by Darci Hannah

June 9

Underground in Ocean Alley (Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery Series)
by Elaine L. Orr

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Special Guest – Lesley A. Diehl – Author of Killer Tied (Eve Appel Mystery) #GuestPost @CamelPressBooks

Killer Tied (Eve Appel Mystery)
by Lesley A. Diehl

I am so happy that Lesley Diehl is here today for a visit!

Changes in a Cozy Series Character
by Lesley A. Diehl

People often say they don’t like change. Change requires adjustment, and that’s often difficult. On the other hand, sameness in our lives is unexciting. Changes such as marriage, birth of a child, promotion in a job, graduation from high school or college, a vacation, even purchasing the home of our dreams are usually viewed as bringing happiness or joy, but they also involve alterations to our lives. On the surface getting married would appear to be an almost totally happy experience yet it is accompanied by other, less positive issues such as who pays for the wedding, how much, who is invited, will there be a honeymoon, who has the final say in choosing the bridal gown? Those are just a few, yet humans perceive this day as a to be yearned for milestone in life. Any change alters what has gone before. It modifies our lives, and the accumulation of changes makes us into people we weren’t before we began adulthood. Yet change is what we see as the trajectory of living. As much as we would like to avoid negative events and what they demand of us, we must admit that life would be oh so boring without the reworking and revision we engage in to accomplish what we want or what is demanded of us.

Readers expect development and change in a series character. Rarely do we encounter a protagonist who remains unaltered throughout the series. There are exceptions. We like the Jack Reacher character in Lee Child’s books just as he is when we first meet him. We do not expect nor want him to marry, settle down, get a day job or open a charge account. Reacher, however, is an iconic character in his changelessness. It is what defines him and what attracts him to us.

In cozy mysteries, life changes in the main character are expected. The protagonist arrives in the first book with issues that need to be resolved not only for the reader, but these issues are part of what drives the character as she strives to find her true love, deal with her teenage daughter’s crush on the bad boy in school or exit an unhappy relationship. She may find her husband is cheating, her business may encounter financial problems, or her mother dies suddenly. Cozy mystery writers like to throw many roadblocks in her way as she struggles to live her life. Then, of course, the writer also tosses in a murder for her to solve. The murder is probably the only unique problem the protagonist confronts. All the others are common to many readers’ lives and are the stuff that defines who the protagonist is and the reasons why the reader comes to both like and identify with her.

Protagonists in a cozy mystery series take careful development. Not only does the reader expect resolution of the issues presented to the protagonist in an individual book, but the writer must leave something or somethings unresolved to arise in the next book. The murder will be solved, and the love affair might look as if there will be wedding bells, but as to the latter, does the writer want to begin the second book with marriage or should the protagonist be reluctant to marry? Perhaps book 2 might introduce another love interest? There are a variety of issues both internal to the protagonist and external to her life which can be proposed, resolved or left to the next book. Many of the internal roadblocks to change arise from fears or yearnings within the character and may define the evolution of the character through the series.

In the case of Eve Appel, protagonist in the
Eve Appel mysteries, it appears she has found the love of her life, and her husband’s father, after a long absence, has returned to the family. Great, but I decided to create an in-law problem with a twist when he is accused of murdering the man who might be the father of Eve’s half-sister. Even though Eve’s father-in-law doesn’t like her, and she finds him annoying, her husband’s family hires her as the PI to find out the truth about the murder. There’s trouble in Eve’s own family when she has reason to believe her grandmother has lied to her about her parents’ deaths. I also decided to take Eve back to the Northeast to confront issues which she believes were resolved when she was a child.

One enduring issue for Eve, the one she struggles within each book, is her impulsivity. It is one she now is aware of and works to overcome. Less obvious and subtler is that of distrust arising from Eve’s childhood and loss of her parents. Book 6 Killer Tied reveals this concern to be one Eve must acknowledge and come to grips with as it affects her and the people closest to her.

Killer Tied represents a turning point in Eve’s life from the youthful and adventurous Eve to a woman more mature yet still the old sassy gal she has always been. I want to be careful I don’t violate Eve’s true nature; the person readers want to remain constant. Readers will find the Eve they love, but they will see her as more nuanced and complex than before. Eve takes changes in her life in stride. How could she not? She’s taken on alligators, a Cape buffalo and a whole host of baddies. Eve is growing, and the changes in her make her even more intriguing to the cozy mystery reader.


Than you Lesley for visiting today!

Now let me tell you about Killer Tied.

About the Book

Killer Tied (Eve Appel Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
6th in Series
Camel Press (March 15, 2018)
Paperback: 264 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1603813198
Digital ASIN: B0789824WQ

Eve Appel Egret is adjusting to married life with Sammy and their three adopted sons in Sabal Bay, Florida. While still running her consignment stores, she is going pro with her sleuthing by becoming an apprentice to a private detective.

Until her marriage, Eve’s only “family” was her grandmother Grandy, who raised her after her parents died in a boating accident. Now, in addition to her husband and sons, she has a father-in-law who clearly dislikes her. Sammy’s father, a full-blooded Miccosukee Indian long presumed dead, has emerged from the swamps where he’s been living like a hermit, and he isn’t happy about Eve’s marriage to his half-Miccosukee, half-white son.

As for Eve’s family, are her parents really dead? A woman named Eleanor claims to be Eve’s half-sister, born after her mother faked a boating accident to escape her abusive husband, Eve’s father. Then Eleanor’s father turns up dead in the swamps, stabbed by a Bowie knife belonging to Sammy’s father, Lionel. Strange as Lionel Egret is, Eve knows he had no motive to kill this stranger. In order to clear him, Eve must investigate Eleanor’s claims, and she might not like what digging around in her family’s past uncovers.

About the Author

Lesley is a country gal through and through, from her childhood on a dairy farm in Illinois to college in a cornfield in Iowa, Lesley creates sassy, snoopy protagonists who embrace chasing killers in country settings. Lesley writes several series: the Big Lake Murder mysteries and the Eve Appel mysteries both set in rural Florida; the Laura Murphy mysteries located on a lake in upstate New York; and short stories, some featuring a few of Lesley’s unique relatives from back on the farm (Aunt Nozzie and the Grandmothers). She is inspired by an odd set of literary muses: a ghost named Fred and a coyote as yet unnamed. Killer Tied is the sixth mystery in the Eve Appel Mysteries. To read more about Lesley’s unusual and humorous cozy mysteries, go to

Author Links

Website    Blog   Twitter: @lesleydiehl Facebook   Facebook Fan Page

  • Purchase Link



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New Release Tuesday – March – Week #2- 2018

Welcome to New Release Tuesday! 

These books are available this week!

March 13

Death al Fresco: A Sally Solari Mystery
by Leslie Karst

Lethal in Old Lace: A Consignment Shop Mystery
by Duffy Brown

Plain as Day: An Amish Mystery Short Story
by Laura Bradford

Playing With Bonbon Fire: A Southern Chocolate Shop Mystery
by Dorothy St. James

Six Feet Under (A Kenni Lowry Mystery)
by Tonya Kappes

May 15

Clues in the Sand (A Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery)
by Terry Ambrose

Killer Tied (Eve Appel Mystery)
by Lesley A. Diehl

Three Strikes, You’re Dead (An Eddie Shoes Mystery)
by Elena Hartwell

Want to see all the mysteries – cozy to thriller
released in March.
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#Spotlight / #Giveaway – Six Dogs ’til Sunday (A Mae December Mystery) by Lia Farrell – Great Escapes Book Tour

Six Dogs ’til Sunday (A Mae December Mystery)
by Lia Farrell

Six Dogs ’til Sunday (A Mae December Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
6th in Series
Setting – Tennessee
Camel Press
Paperback Release (March 1, 2018)
Digital Release (February 15, 2018)
Paperback: 256 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1603812504
Digital ASIN: B077KFFH52

It’s January in Rosedale, Tennessee, and Mae December is preparing for her March wedding to Sheriff Ben Bradley. Mae, who boards dogs for a living, is also busy tending to her pregnant dog and scouting locations for the movie featuring the music of her former fiancé Noah West, who died in a car accident four years earlier. Fortunately, the picturesque old house at the end of Little Chapel Road is for rent.

Just as filming is about to begin, a man is shot on the set, but manages to drive himself to the hospital, where he dies before he can ID his killer. He was a member of the film crew, but also a local, and circumstances point to his being a confidential informant for Ben’s predecessor, Sheriff Trey Cantrell, also the owner of the house turned movie set. At the time of the shooting, the victim had been stealing a large sum of money from a safe on the premises. Whose money is it, and where does it come from?

The Rosedale Sheriff’s Office not only has another murder case on its hands, but one that will dredge up a past long buried. How far will the guilty parties go to protect their secrets?

About the Authors

Lia Farrell is the nom de plume for a mother/daughter duo of writers. Mom Lyn Farquhar and Daughter Lisa Fitzsimmons have been collaborating on the Mae December mystery series for four years.
Lyn Farquhar taught herself to read before starting school and honed her storytelling abilities by reading to her little sister. Ultimately, her mother ended the reading sessions because Lyn’s sister decided she preferred being read to over learning to read herself. She fell in love with library books at the age of six when a Bookmobile came to her one-room rural elementary school. The day the Bookmobile arrived, Lyn decided she would rather live in the bookmobile than at home and was only ousted following sustained efforts by her teacher and the bookmobile driver.

Lyn graduated from Okemos High School in Michigan and got her college and graduate degrees from Michigan State University. She has a master’s degree in English literature and a Ph.D. in Education, but has always maintained that she remained a student for such a long time only because it gave her an excuse to read. Lyn holds the rank of Professor of Medical Education at Michigan State University and has authored many journal articles, abstracts and research grants. Since her retirement from MSU to become a full-time writer, she has completed a Young Adult Fantasy trilogy called Tales of the Skygrass Kingdom. Volume I from the trilogy is entitled Journey to Maidenstone and is available on Lyn has two daughters and six stepchildren, nine granddaughters and three grandsons. She also has two extremely spoiled Welsh Corgi’s. Her hobby is interior design and she claims she has the equivalent of a master’s degree from watching way too many decorating shows.

Lisa Fitzsimmons grew up in Michigan and was always encouraged to read, write and express herself artistically. She was read aloud to frequently. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, she was seldom seen without a book in hand. After becoming a mom at a young age, she attended Michigan State University in a tri-emphasis program with concentrations in Fine Art, Art History an Interior Design.

Lisa, with her husband and their two children, moved to North Carolina for three exciting years and then on to Tennessee, which she now calls home. She has enjoyed an eighteen-year career as a Muralist and Interior Designer in middle Tennessee but has always been interested in writing. Almost five years ago, Lisa and her mom, Lyn, began working on a writing project inspired by local events. The Mae December Mystery series was born.

Lisa, her husband, and their three dogs currently divide their time between beautiful Northern Michigan in the summertime and middle Tennessee the rest of the year. She and her husband feel very blessed that their “empty nest” in Tennessee is just a short distance from their oldest, who has a beautiful family of her own. Their youngest child has settled in Northern Michigan, close to their cabin there. Life is good.

Author Links:
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Amazon  B&N   Kobo

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#Review / #Giveaway – Best of Luck (O’briens) by Corinne Scott – Great Escapes Book Tour @CamelPressBooks

Best of Luck (O’briens)
by Corinne Scott

Best of Luck (O’briens)
Romantic Suspense
2nd in Series
Setting – New York
Camel Press (February 14, 2018)
Paperback: 248 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1603813839



Crew Costa isn’t Irish, but for a kid from the school of hard knocks, he’s had the luck of the Irish with his chain of faux-Irish pubs, O’Shaughnessy’s Shenanigans. Number 13 is set to open in time for St. Patrick’s Day. The Bronx is already the site of several authentic Irish pubs, including The Lion O’Brien. Started by Liam O’Brien, the pub is now managed by his youngest daughter Siobhan, but only after her four older brothers refused the job. Now Siobhan has to prove she is worthy.

Siobhan falls for Crew, literally, after they collide while he is moving into her apartment building. Their attraction is immediate and powerful, but they are rivals. Siobhan is counting on the Lion winning the St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl, which Crew has entered as well. The lead-up to the event involves “pranking” your competition, and the older pubs band together against the gaudy newcomer, with its McNaughty the Leprechaun and other cultural stereotypes. For Crew and Siobhan, the pranking quickly gets personal and expensive.

Siobhan and Crew can’t resist the electricity between them, but can Siobhan trust this streetwise charmer? Can Crew trust this daddy’s girl whose overriding passion is her pub? And will the rage brewing among the other pub owners put their lives in danger?

Dollycas’s Thoughts

I am been anxiously awaiting the next book in this series and I must say it was well worth the wait.

After her brother turned down managing the family pub, the Lion O’Brien, Siobhan takes over the reins. Her father isn’t sure this is the right move but with his recent health scare, he doesn’t have much of a choice. Her first decision is to join the St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl. A unique event where patrons travel from pub to pub in teams, drinking, eating and answering trivia questions. She sees it as a fun community event that will draw new customers to the Lion. Then she finds out a chain pub is joining in this year. Crew Costa is set to open is 13th O’Shaughnessy’s Shenanigans and plans to use the Crawl as his grand opening. The man doesn’t have one drop of Irish blood in his body so the other pub owners are quite upset to have him joining their party. So they come together to use the traditional pranking that leads up to the crawl to force him and his bar out of the St. Patty’s Day event.

There is only one problem. Siobhan finds herself drawn to Crew. The romantic tension just radiates between them. Can they seriously be headed for a relationship? or is it just a fun fling leading up to the holiday? Will their relationship make them targets of the pub owners, putting themselves in danger?

Adding romance to the suspense is always good in my book.

We met the O’Brien’s in the first book of this series, Beginner’s Luck. I was captivated by this family right away. I do have a little Irish in my blood and Siobhan’s parents remind me a little bit of my own. Eoin and his wife Vivian are back, newlyweds expecting their first child. The other brothers all make appearances too, but this is Siohban’s story. She is handling her new pub duties very well until she meets Crew Costa and the crawl pranks start. Some causing some costly damage and making her father very unhappy. Crew is a handsome man who had a little criminal activity in his past. That and a little luck got him to where he is today, owning a chain of pubs. The electricity between them is evident immediately, but they are rivals, Siobhan is dedicated to her family, he is rarely in one place for more than a few weeks. They are both such strong people, can they have a real meaningful relationship.

Again Ms. Scott sets the perfect pace to get us invested in her characters. We get to know them so well while she draws us in and then things get not only romantic but suspenseful. Someone is carrying these pranks too far, putting lives in danger. But who is it? I was suspecting everyone right up until the culprit was finally revealed.

I am impressed with the author’s talent to mix her steamy romances with a nice suspenseful mystery and keeping a comfortable balance between the two. She gives her readers a very entertaining story.

Meetings 1 and 2 with the Obrien’s have both been perfect escapes. I am ready for visit 3, If we are lucky we won’t have to wait too long.

Your Escape With A Good Book Travel Agent

 *Book contains adult language and scenes.

Corinne Scott was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Her parents were teachers, so of course, she grew up to be a teacher as well, proving that the apple does not fall too far from the tree. Corinne has a bachelor’s degree from Texas State University and a master’s from the University of North Texas. She is passionate about books, which led her to her current occupation as a librarian and author. For more information and links to social media, click here.

Author Links – 
Website – Facebook –  Twitter – Pinterest – Instagram – GoodReads

Purchase Links –

Amazon B&N

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Praise for Best of Luck (O’briens)
by Corinne Scott

One of the jewels of Best of Luck for me was the development of the relationship between Siobhan and Crew. This is no run-of-the-mill boy-meets-girl story.
~Back Porchervations

What a great romance novel! . . . The Irish details are enchanting but when added to the romance it really added a nice twist.
~Books a Plenty Book Reviews

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Receiving a complimentary copy in no way reflected my review of this book. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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My Reading Itinerary Monday! – Week #8 2018 – New York, Mississippi and North Carolina

Welcome to My Reading Itinerary Monday!

Where are your books taking you this week?

New York, Mississippi and North Carolina are on my itinerary this week!

Here’s what I read and what
I have planned for this week.

Escapes Completed

Biscuits and Slashed Browns (A Country Store Mystery)
Release Date – January 30, 2018
Setting – Indiana
My Review will be up tomorrow!

Cast for Murder (A Veronica Walsh Mystery)
Release Date – February 13, 2018
Setting – New York
Jeanne Quigley will be my guest for Cozy Wednesday this week!

The Queen of Hearts
Release Date – February 13, 2018
Setting – North Carolina/Kentucky 
My review will be up Thursday!

A Good Day to Buy (A Sarah W. Garage Sale Mystery)
Release Date – April 25, 2017
Setting – Massachusetts
My Flashback Friday Read!

Current Escape

Best of Luck (O’briens)
Release Date – February 14, 2018
Setting – New York
The Great Escapes Tour stops here next Tuesday!

Scheduled Escapes

Claws for Concern (Cat in the Stacks Mystery)
Release Date – February 20, 2018
Setting – Mississippi
Miranda James will be my guest for Cozy Wednesday next week!

Death by a Whisker: A Cat Rescue Mystery
Release Date – February 13, 2018
Setting – North Carolina
The Great Escapes Tour stops here next Thursday!

I need to choose a Flashback Friday book!


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Please Share Your Reading Itinerary in the Comments below!
Happy Reading!!
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#Review / #Giveaway – Murder of a Good Man (A Piney Woods Mystery) by Teresa Trent – Great Escapes Book Tour @CamelPressBooks

I am wrapping up this tour today.

Murder of a Good Man (A Piney Woods Mystery)
1st in Series
Setting – Texas
Camel Press (January 15, 2018)
Paperback: 256 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1603816359



When Nora Alexander drives into Piney Woods, Texas, to fulfill her dying mother’s last wish, she has no idea what awaits her. First she is run off the road, then the sealed letter she delivers turns out to be a scathing rebuke to the town’s most beloved citizen and favored candidate for Piney Woods Pioneer: Adam Brockwell. Next thing you know, Adam has been murdered in a nasty knife attack. Suspicion instantly falls on Nora, one of the last people to see him alive. After all, everyone in Piney Woods loved him. Or did they? Nora learns that her mother had a complicated past she never shared with her daughter. Told not to leave town by Tuck the flirty sheriff, Nora finds a job with Tuck’s Aunt Marty trying to get the rundown Tunie Hotel back in the black. The old hotel was Piney Woods’ heart and soul in its heyday as an oil boomtown. Now the secrets it harbors may be the key to getting Nora off the hook. She’s going to need to solve the mystery quickly to avoid arrest, or worse: becoming the killer’s next victim.


Dollycas’s Thoughts

Secrets, lies, and a murder. Piney Woods is nothing like Nora Alexander ever imagined, but people thinking she killed Adam Brockwell is just plain crazy. Her mother seems to have had a past with the man, but she never mentioned the man to Nora. Why would she want him dead? Well, the plot thickens when the will is read and even the handsome police chief Tuck Watson thinks she may have done it and has told her not to leave town. To be able to stay she gets a job at the Tunie Hotel behind the desk. The owner turns out to be the chief’s aunt who hopes to renovate the place and bring it back to the glory it had not so many years ago. Nora meets several people and some secrets are revealed, but are they enough to prove her innocence?

The characters are what really made this mystery shine. Nora’s mother’s deathbed wish sends her to Piney Woods where first she meets Tatty and Ed, who own a B&B. Nora quickly moves in and the three become fast friends. They never doubt her innocence for one minute. She meets Marty, a woman driven to fulfill her dreams of making the Tunie Hotel a thriving business again. Max also works at the hotel. They also believe Nora had nothing to do with the murder. Chief Tuck Watson is easy on the eyes and he is sweet on Nora from the moment they met. If they could just get this murder mess straightened out. We are introduced to several more characters, like Adam Brockwell’s son, the Reverend Alton Siddons, and a woman from the bank who handled Adam’s investments. All the characters are all unique, memorable and pretty fleshed out for the first book in the series.

Ms. Trent takes these wonderful characters and swirls them together in quite a mystery. Seems not everyone thought Mr. Brockwell was a “good man”. He had secrets and enemies. This story is full of little twists and turns, but the final one just about gave me whiplash. Surprised, you bet I was. It is not a story I will soon forget. There is also a happy event at the end and Nora has a revelation I can’t wait to see play out in the next book.

I loved these characters and their story so far. I am excited to see what the author has in store for them next. My next trip to Piney Woods can’t happen too soon.

Your Escape With A Good Book Travel Agent


Teresa Trent lives in Houston, Texas and is an award-winning mystery writer.  She writes the Pecan Bayou Mystery Series, is a regular contributor to the Happy Homicides Anthologies. Teresa is happy to add her Henry Park Mystery Series to her publishing credits with Color Me Dead, the first book in the series. Teresa has also won awards for her work in short stories where she loves to dabble in tales that are closer to the Twilight Zone than small town cozies. When Teresa isn’t writing, she is a full-time caregiver for her son and teaches preschoolers music part-time. Her favorite things include spending time with family and friends, waiting for brownies to come out of the oven, and of course, a good mystery.


Praise for Murder of a Good Man (A Piney Woods Mystery)
by Teresa Trent

Family secrets abound in this small town novel. . . Not an easy mystery to figure out.
~Laura’s Interests

There is an amazing amount of secrets revealed that I never really saw coming making this a fascinating read, to say the least.
~Books a Plenty Book Reviews

The characters are fun, believable, charming and welcoming.
I can’t wait to read more about this little town.
~My Reading Journeys

An intriguing start to a new series set in the Piney Woods of East Texas. And since I have family in East Texas, I felt like I was right at home.
~Storeybook Reviews

. . . an interesting and well-paced start to a new cozy mystery series.
~Cassidy’s Bookshelves

Author Links


Purchase Link 
Amazon B&N

Also by Teresa Trent

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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January 19 – A Holland Reads – GUEST POST
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January 25 – Queen of All She Reads – REVIEW
January 25 – Socrates Book Reviews – SPOTLIGHT
January 26 – Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book – REVIEW


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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Receiving a complimentary copy in no way reflected my review of this book. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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New Release Tuesday – January 2018 – Week #1 – Teresa Trent, Lorraine Bartlett, R.L. Syme and more!

new release tuesday jan 2018 week 1

Murder of a Good Man (A Piney Woods Mystery Book 1)
by Teresa Trent
Kindle Edition Available January 1, 2018
Paperback Available January 15, 2018

It’s Tutu Much (Life On Victoria Square Book 4)
by Lorraine Bartlett
Release Date – January 1, 2018

Another One Bites the Crust (A Bakeshop Mystery)
by Ellie Alexander
Release Date – January 2, 2018

Death Below Stairs (A Below Stairs Mystery)
by Jennifer Ashley
Release Date – January 2, 2018

Dial M for Mousse (An Emergency Dessert Squad Mystery)
by Laura Bradford
Release Date – January 2, 2018

Scones and Scoundrels: The Highland Bookshop Mystery Series
by Molly MacRae
Release Date – January 2, 2018

Vangie Vale and the Strangled Strudel (The Matchbaker Mysteries)
by R.L. Syme
Release Date – January 4, 2018

Winter Whodunnits: A Dozen Cozy Mysteries for a Chilly Winter’s Night
by Stacey Alabaster,‎ Anna Celeste Burke,‎ Kathi Daley,‎ Nell Goddin,‎ Alison Golden,‎
Dianne Harman,‎ CeeCee James,‎ Summer Prescott,‎ BR Snow,‎ Amy Vansant,‎
Shannon VanBergen,‎ J A Whiting

Release Date – January 2, 2018


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#Spotlight / #Giveaway – Passport to Murder (Professor Prather Mystery) by Mary Angela – Great Escapes Book Tour @CamelPressBooks

Passport to Murder (Professor Prather Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Camel Press (September 15, 2017)
Paperback: 272 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1603816533

Start with an unlucky number. Throw in a romantic location. Include a dashing Frenchman and an uncompromising professor. And you have all the ingredients for a passport to murder.

This semester, it seems that Professor Prather’s dreams are about to come true. Ever since she was a young girl, she’s imagined going to France, and her French colleague, André Duman, has finally made that trip possible. Over spring break, she and André are to lead a group of students and faculty to Paris to explore the City of Light. But before she can utter her first bonjour, a professor dies, and they are stuck in Minneapolis. She returns to Copper Bluff with an unstamped passport and a mystery to solve.

When André becomes the prime suspect, Emmeline puts her research skills to good use, determined to find out who really killed the professor and spoiled their spring break plans. With thirteen travelers assembled, the possibilities are varied and villainous. Luckily, her dear friend and sidekick, Lenny Jenkins, is close by. Together, they will sort through the conflicting clues even if it costs them time, trouble, or tenure.

© Julie Prairie Photography 2016


About The Author

Like her protagonist in the Professor Prather mystery series, Mary Angela lives on the Great Plains and teaches college writing and literature. When she’s not grading papers (when is she not grading papers?), she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her family. She and her husband have two amazing daughters, one adorable dog, and a cat who would rather not be limited by an adjective. For more information, go to

Author Links

Webpage     Blog     GoodReads      Facebook     Twitter

Purchase Links

Amazon B&N

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#Spotlight / #GuestPost / #Giveaway – Dadgummit by Maggie Toussaint – Great Escapes Tour

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Series: Dreamwalker Mystery
Paranormal Mystery
4th in Series
Setting – Georgia

Publisher: Camel Press (August 1, 2017)
Paperback: 312 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1603815932
Kindle – ASIN: B073RVW3XC

Amateur sleuth Baxley Powell is on vacation at Stony Creek Lake in the north Georgia mountains. Her parents, best friend, and ten-year-old daughter are camping with her. Almost immediately, a young man’s body is found beside the lake. Strangely, there’s no apparent cause of death. The local police have heard about Baxley’s skill at closing unusual cases, and at their urging she agrees to help.

Her psychic sleuthing leads the police to a halfway house. There they encounter eight comatose victims and an odd man named Jonas, who also has supernatural abilities. Baxley senses Jonas cruelly drained their life force energy. Jonas escapes, taking the sheriff as a hostage. Deputy Sam Mayes, a Native American, leads the manhunt, and he keeps Baxley close, knowing she’s the key to capturing this powerful criminal.

Baxley’s paranormal talent of dreamwalking, which she uses to traverse the veil of life, draws the unwanted attention of beings believed to be Cherokee folklore. Jonas stole a treasured artifact from them, and they want it back. They hold Baxley’s best friend and two others because they know Baxley can help them. As the clock ticks, Jonas taunts this crime-fighting duo and proves to be a wily adversary.

With the body count rising, Baxley and Mayes realize they are up against an entity who appears to be invincible. Do they have the power to subdue an energy vampire, turn the tide of evil, and save the day?

Energy Thieves
By Maggie Toussaint

As children, we are taught the difference between right and wrong. Our parents and other family or community members reinforce those lessons of how to conduct ourselves. For the most part, by the time we are old enough to “know better,” we do.

However, for some people that home training doesn’t stick or maybe they didn’t get it. These folks have an entirely different code for living. They think nothing of stealing from friends, family and strangers. They take items from cars, homes, businesses, and governments. They live to steal.

Some forms of theft may seem more subtle, such as stealing from the cable company or the power company. Criminals may rationalize their actions, but their conduct hurts us all in some fashion.
On top of this, there’s another kind of energy thief. You may have run across someone like this and never even thought twice about it. Think back and see if you remember feeling overtired after being with a person for a short while or even after engaging in conversation with someone. You might notice that some routine task you perform at work or elsewhere is especially difficult – and you aren’t sick and didn’t begin the day overtired.

Did that ever happen to you? If so, you may have encountered an energy thief. This is an actual process where some people have the ability to siphon off your energy. Most of us are unable to block such a specialized talent. The only saving grace is that most energy thieves, or energy vampires, as they are also known, need to be in close proximity to effect the transfer.

In most cases, an energy thief is someone in a negative mindset. Perhaps it’s someone: who blames others for everything, who is insecure and worried about everything, who is jealous of another’s happiness, or who is a killjoy and doesn’t want anyone to have fun. You might feel these effects after being around a bully, a drama queen, a gossiper, a whiner, or even someone with a short temper. I bet by now you are nodding your head in agreement.

These symptoms are often reported after being near people who sap your energy: exhaustion, lack of focus, and depression. Long term exposure to an energy vampire may lead to a lack of motivation, a pale complexion, and general malaise.

Starting to sound scary, right? What if an author decided to take this real-life phenomenon to extreme? What if energy vampires required energy from others to survive? What if they intentionally drained people past the point of no return? What if they selectively preyed on vulnerable people?

In Dadgummit, book 4 of my Dreamwalker Mystery series, I’ve placed an energy vampire in the mountains. Further, he’s befriended a young man in the community who knows everyone. This young man becomes the spotter for the energy vampire so that the targets don’t complain and generally aren’t missed.

The story begins with the death of the spotter. His body is positioned beside a lake, and his peaceful repose is at odds with the fact that his life was stolen from him. Life changes for the energy vampire, and local cops realize they need a different kind of sleuth to solve this crime. Lucky for them, Baxley Powell is vacationing in the mountains when these two former partners have a falling out.

For more about energy vampires, check out Dadgummit by Maggie Toussaint.


About The Author

Southern author Maggie Toussaint writes mystery, suspense, and dystopian fiction. Her work won the Silver Falchion Award for best mystery, the Readers’ Choice Award, and the EPIC Award. She’s published seventeen novels as well as several short stories and novellas. The next book in her paranormal mystery series, Dadgummit, releases August 2017. Maggie serves on the national board for Mystery Writers of America, is President of Southeast Mystery Writers of America, and is Co-VP of Low Country Sisters In Crime. Visit her at

Author Links:

Facebook | Twitter | Blog | Goodreads | LinkedIn | Pinterest | Booklover’s Bench | Amazon Author Central | Bookbub | Website 

Purchase Links

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