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Just Checking In

I had a good week this week. I think the best week since I started chemo. Knock on wood that it continues. I have chemo treatments scheduled for the next four weeks and then I meet with the surgeon to discuss what happens next.

The last two treatments my potassium levels have been very low so I received an IV to treat that along with taking some huge capsules. One of the steroids I was taking was removed from my treatment as well and the chemo dosage was cut back a bit.  I am not sure which of these cut the major side effects I was having but am thankful they subsided at least for this past week.

My main side effect now is fatigue. I try to work at the computer each day on the book tours and even have written a few reviews, but as soon as I move to the recliner my eyes slam shut. My family wakes me up for supper most of the time. Sometimes I wake up later and the house is quiet so I read for a while before I actually go to bed for the night. Sleep is my friend now, it rejuvenates me for the day and week ahead.

My oncologist is very optimistic about my outcome and that excites me. Don’t get me wrong, I am also fearful for what’s ahead, it always seems I end up doing things the hard way, but I have a great support crew that includes you, my family and friends that I draw strength from every minute. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. I appreciate them so much!

I will continue to add reviews as I can and post some spotlights too and update you again soon.



P.S. The grand are all doing great. In fact, Charlotte is 11 months old today and is walking all over the place. Kaden is here helping Papa, and Remi, Natalie and Thomas are always up to something fun 🙂