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The Prophet by Ethan Cross Virtual Book Tour

When a fireman or a policeman would visit his school, most of his classmates’ heads would swim with aspirations of growing up and catching bad guys or saving someone from a blazing inferno. When these moments came for Ethan Cross, however, his dreams weren’t to someday be a cop or put out fires; he just wanted to write about it. His dream of telling stories on a grand scale came to fruition with the release of his first novel, the international bestseller, The Shepherd.

Ethan Cross is the pen name of a thriller author living and writing in Illinois with his wife, two daughters, and two Shih Tzus. In addition to The Shepherd and The Prophet, he has published two novellas––Callsign: Knight – Book 1 (A Shin Dae-jung – Chess Team Novella) and The Cage.

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The Prophet: A Shepherd Thriller
Suspense Thriller
Published by The Story Plant (October 16, 2012)
Trade Paperback: 414 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1611880458

The Prophet: A Shepherd Thriller

OLD ENEMIES… Francis Ackerman Jr. is one of America’s most prolific serial killers. Having kept a low profile for the past year, he is ready to return to work – and he’s more brutal, cunning, and dangerous than ever.

NEW THREATS… Scarred from their past battles, Special Agent Marcus Williams cannot shake Ackerman from his mind. But now Marcus must focus on catching the Anarchist, a new killer who drugs and kidnaps women before burning them alive.

HIDDEN TERRORS… Marcus knows the Anarchist will strike again soon. And Ackerman is still free. But worse than this is a mysterious figure, unknown to the authorities, who controls the actions of the Anarchist and many like him. He is the Prophet – and his plans are more terrible than even his own disciples can imagine.

With attacks coming from every side, Marcus faces a race against time to save the lives of a group of innocent people chosen as sacrifices in the Prophet’s final dark ritual.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

BAM! WHAM! KAPOW! Ethan Cross has thrown a knockout punch with The Prophet. I stayed up late in the night to finish this one and then had nightmares. Wow!!

Riveting, thrilling, gritty, gripping, enthralling, chilling, edgy, okay you get the idea. Cross’s books tend to make me get a little carried away. The detail of  the descriptions will make you shiver and shake. Cross is a very compelling writer. He PULLS you right into the drama and the mind of a serial killer. Scary!! and not for the squeamish! The way the characters connect is spellbinding on many levels.

Special Agent Marcus Williams worked for a covert agency overseen by the Department of Justice, The Shepherd. Agents don’t come to the group through normal channels. Each is fighting their own demons and is specially selected to become part of the group. Williams story continues to build slowly and soon you will be on the edge of your seat and the tempo reaches breakneck speed.

In a previous review for the  The Shepherd I told James Patterson he had competition. This story surpasses Patterson.  Ethan Cross is the new author to watch in thrilling suspense fiction! If you haven’t read The Shepherd I recommend reading that first.  I also wish I would have read the novella The Cage before reading this as I am a stickler for reading series in order. But  the author has brought forth the necessary facts to allow this to be read as a stand alone.

Ethan, give me a little tine to recover and I will be ready for your next installment. The rest of you need to get reading!!!

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Review: THE SHEPHERD by Ethan Cross

This review appeared over at my old blog Dollycas’s Thoughts on May 18, 2011.
I gave it 5 stars!

The Shepherd

Publisher: Story Plant, The; Reprint edition (October 16, 2012)

Paperback: 328 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1611880557


Marcus Williams is a retired New York City Homicide Detective that has left New York to move to a farmhouse in Texas that was willed to him by his aunt.  He made a choice to save others and due to that choice it was definitely time for a change.  Small town life has a great appeal.
At the same time Francis Ackerman, Jr. makes a different choice.  He chooses to inflict pain and suffering to as many people as possible and happens to arrive in Texas at exactly the same time as Marcus.
They both become very unwilling pawns in a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of our government.  Marcus becomes involved in a “game” with a psychopathic serial killer and a vigilante group with unlimited resources.  He must wrestle his own demons all the while trying to stop one of the most ruthless killers in the world while trying to figure out and expose a huge political conspiracy.
Hold on tight, this book is going to shake you to the core!!!
A Spellbinding, Enthralling, Mind-Bending, Riveting Thriller!!!! Look out James Patterson, Ethan Cross is giving you some fantastic competition.  This is an excellent book but it will definitely give you nightmares and it will be a book you will be telling everyone about for a long time to come.  The best thriller I have read this year!!!
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