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Cozy Wednesday with A. E. H. Veenman – Author of Prepped to Kill – Guest Post / #Review / #Giveaway

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Welcome to Cozy Wednesday! 

I am pleased to welcome A. E. H. Veenman
to Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book today! 

INTRO-ESCAPEMany thanks to Dollycas for having me. I’m A. E. H. Veenman, author of Dial QR for Murder and Prepped for the Kill, the latest novel in the Marjorie Gardens Mystery series.

In Prepped for the Kill, Defense Attorney Isis Ferrelli is hanging up the Do Not Disturb sign for two glorious weeks. She and her beau, Jason Shahaman, haven’t decided what to do or where to go.

But what our fast-thinking heroine hadn’t counted on was having to spend a portion of her holiday with a bunch of Preppers. Her Point Shirley neighbors, Raymond Lockhart and Jedemiah Briggs, are buying a survivalist condo designed for the digital age after doomsday. They plan on visiting the Reebok Refuge Silo that weekend for open-house.


3-ESCAPESpending three days underground with a bunch of Nervous Nellies hadn’t been on the amateur sleuth’s itinerary. Yet, her good friend Deidre Mason convinces her to go along and look after their friends. And like any attorney worth her weight in lawsuits, Isis could either sue the manager for swindling her friends out of their pensions—or gain a new corporate client.


5-ESCAPEUsually, our star-studded attorney escapes the hustle and bustle of Boston to the retreat of her small New England community, the lovely ocean-side community of Point Shirley in Winthrop, Massachusetts.

With the most breath-taking views in northeast America, Winthrop is a peninsula just shy of two miles in all directions. On one side there’s a panoramic view of the outer harbor and Atlantic Ocean. On the other, the Boston skyline and inner harbor form a backdrop across the sky.

And, of course, there’s Crystal Cove!

So why in the world would Jed and Ray want to leave? With the rear bed of Jed’s truck packed, Isis has a front seat with her name on it. She travels to the deep woods of northern Maine—and after some car trouble—she Jed, and Ray finally arrive at the Reebok Refuge Silo.

Early on, she observes an employee publicly reprimanded, then a heated confrontation between shareholders. It doesn’t take “Marjorie Gardens” (her online investigator persona) to realize there’s something untoward going on behind the scenes.

During the open-house, a security guard breaks into a sold unit. But when the condo’s resident is later poisoned, it becomes apparent the intruder’s motive wasn’t to take anything from the home away from apocalyptic home—but to put something in.

Isis and Ray take point in investigating the weekend’s continuous disruptions, while Jed repairs his truck. Soon, everyone is literally in the dark when the silo loses power. Instead of a romantic getaway with Jason, Isis is trapped inside the compound.

The refitted structure retains original military protocols. To unlock the blast doors, Isis must find the burglar security guard. He has the second code.

But when she finally locates him, he’s not talking…

Well-prepped sabotage has escalated to murder.

While an escape from the office has taken on a different meaning for Isis, all is not doom and gloom. She and Jason finally go on vacation in their Romance Mystery novella, Ten Days in Tahiti.

The Reebok Refuge Silo is either a prepper’s paradise or a real estate scam. But when the decommissioned compound locks down after a power failure—a resident is poisoned, and another is found dead—it’s time to sound the SHTF alarm! Isis has a murder investigation…underground.

She must determine who has betrayed the colony. If she doesn’t, either she, Ray, or Jed could end up bugging-out in the afterlife.

Author-Pic-A.E.H.-Veenman-400x400About the Author.

Fun Fact: Veenman is pronounced “fein-mun.”

At an early age, her hunger for mystery books whetted her appetite for hunting down clues and solving crime. Thus began a three-course menu for her becoming a writer.

Rich and sweet was the first Digital Age Cozy in the Marjorie Gardens Mystery series, Dial QR for Murder. Now she doles out a helping of Prepped for the Kill. A delectable novella featuring Isis Ferrelli and Jason Shahaman follows in the first Marjorie Gardens Romance Mystery—Ten Days in Tahiti.

E. H. Veenman is a Dutch-American originally from New Jersey and has lived in Holland for more than fifteen years. She’s a member of Sisters in Crime and Crime Writers’ Association.

Visit her Author Website or Like her Facebook Page. You can tag her on Twitter with #DigitalAgeCozy and follow her on Goodreads and Instagram.


PREPPED-COVERPrepped for the Kill
(Marjorie Gardens Mystery)

Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Setting – Maine
Digital Age Cozy, Exobia (July 4, 2016)
Print Length: 263 pages



No power. No communications. No way out.
Are you ready? Are you prepared?

Defense Attorney Isis Ferrelli wouldn’t have believed it if she weren’t holding the purchase agreement. Point Shirley residents Raymond Lockhart and Jedemiah Briggs are buying a survivalist condo designed for the digital age after doomsday.

The Reebok Refuge Silo is either a prepper’s paradise or a real estate scam…

But when the decommissioned compound locks down after a power failure—a resident poisoned, and another found dead—it’s time to sound the SHTF alarm!

Isis has a murder investigation…underground.

Isis, Jed, and Ray must determine who has betrayed the colony. If they don’t, one of them could end up bugging-out in the afterlife.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Prepped for the Kill is a very gripping story that quickly turns into a a variation of a locked room mystery. Isis Ferrelli, who just happens to be an attorney, gets roped into joining Jed and Ray on their trip to Maine to check out the Reebok Refuge Silo, a place where they plan to buy a condo. Isis thinks it is all a scam and plans to not only save Ray and Jed but anyone that happens to be taken in by this unbelievable scheme. Shortly after they arrive systems start to fail and everyone is trapped. When a man is poisoned and another ends up dead, Isis, Ray and Jed don’t know who they can trust but they need to find a way out before more bodies start piling up.

I will start this by saying I broke my own rule and read this second book in the series without reading the first. Things that happened in that story are referenced quite a bit and it seems not everything was wrapped up and was still part of a subplot to this story. I am very intrigued and will need to go back and read Dial QR for Murder and then more things that I read about in this story will make more sense.

That aside, Isis Ferrelli aka Marjorie Gardens is a compelling character. Faced with so much and trapped without anyway to contact the outside world, she remains determined and strong. If she is like that in court I would hate to be the opposing counsel. Jed and Ray are unique, one is a master gardener who has won awards for his flowers and the other in an inventor. His latest invention rocked the entire neighborhood when he gave it a test run. They are the preppers, the survivalists, and a little naive when it comes to promises of others that may just be out to make a quick buck.

Veenman tells a great story giving us vast descriptions so we get the true feel of life inside the Reebok Refuge Silo. I would be way too claustrophobic to be able to live anywhere like that. I enjoyed the way twists kept changing the minds of who was the mastermind and who were the minions responsible for trapping everyone in the silo and their reasons for doing so. I would call the pace steady, always a little misdirection or observation that changed things sometimes in a good way others in a bad way. The ingenuity it took to figure out all the clues was at times just mesmerizing.

Isis is a character I want to get to know better. I think I would have given this story a perfect rating if I had read Dial QR for Murder first so that is what I recommend. The author has penned Ten Days in Tahiti, which she classifies as more of a romance that takes place after Isis and her friends are rescued from the silo too. It is more of a novella and and it does include a little mystery too. 

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