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The Corpse with the Iron Will (The Cait Morgan Mysteries) by Cathy Ace #AuthorInterview -Great Escapes Book Tour

The Corpse with the Iron Will (The Cait Morgan Mysteries)
by Cathy Ace

I am thrilled to welcome Cathy Ace to Escape With Dollycas today!

Hi Cathy,

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

 First of all, (a lot of people ask me this) yes, Cathy Ace is my real name – my birth name, in any case. I’m Welsh, having been born and raised in Swansea, and I migrated to Canada aged forty. I now live half-way up a little mountain in a rural area in the southwestern corner of British Columbia.


What are three things most people dont know about you?

 Hmmm, maybe they hadn’t guessed that I’m Welsh? Or, if they knew that, maybe they didn’t know my husband is also Welsh – so we keep our Swansea accents alive, despite the fact we’re both Canadian now.

I’m a natural optimist – which helps a great deal if you’re a writer, because you have to believe the planets will all align to allow your next book to be published, and sell.

I live by the maxim: “Don’t dream it, be it” (which is stolen from Dr. Frankenfurter in The Rocky Horror Show)

 What is the first book you remember reading?

 This is impossible to answer, because I read so much, and so fast, when I was little, that all the Enid BlytonFamous Five” and “Secret Seven” books roll themselves up into one adventure-filled ball. I vividly recall the cover-art for Nancy Drew books, and I’m pretty sure the first Agatha Christie I read was “Death in the Clouds” – which, again, I recall for the wonderful cover-art by the artist Tom Adams – but I could be wrong about that. I do have a copy of a book called “Little John Little” on my shelves, which I recall was bedtime reading when I was very small, so possibly that?

 What are you reading now?

 A bit of a confession here – I’m actually reading one of my own books! I wrote The Corpse with the Golden Nose in 2012, and it was published in 2013, which feels like a very long time ago. It was the second Cait Morgan Mystery, and there are characters in it who will make an appearance in the planned eleventh book in the series, which I am currently plotting (see more below). I knew I had to go back to them before I could write about them again, and I am therefore rereading that book. It’s a weird experience – I can hardly believe I wrote it, and there are bits I painfully wish I could rewrite, and bits which fill me with delight, and pride.

 What books have most inspired you?

Every book I have ever read has inspired me, in some way or another, but – since you’re asking me to be specific – I’ll plump for the works of William Shakespeare and the works of Agatha Christie.

 What made you decide you wanted to write mysteries?

 I’ve always read mysteries, and I cannot imagine writing anything else. Each book I write is a book I’d like to read, and I’m a complete dyed-in-the-wool mystery reader, so that’s my thing, and I’ll stick to it.

 Do you have a special place you like to write?

 I have an office, and writing is my work, so I tend to write there. However, for a few years I wrote at the dining table, and I have been known to spend time in the summer out on the back deck, enjoying the fresh air as I edit – but I can’t write there, just edit. No idea why! Wherever I am I need silence to be able to write. My most productive hours are between about 9pm and 2am, so – fortunately – that’s naturally a pretty quiet time, though the owls, bats, and coyotes keep me company.

Where do the ideas for your books come from?

This is one of those annoying answers, because it’s honestly, “It depends”! I might hear or see something that makes me think, “What a great way to kill someone!”, or I might be struck by a situation or an encounter when I think “What a great reason to want someone dead!”. Once there’s the germ of a starting point, that’s when the hard work of crafting a complex plot begins, and I enjoy thinking through the details of a plot as I work on our acreage, or do a spot of DIY.

Is there anything about writing you find most challenging?

For me, the entire process of writing involves much more than sitting at a keyboard – I think of it as including all the plotting, researching, outlining, and then writing and editing, too. Of the overall process, what I dislike most is editing. For me, the first draft is the most fun, because I’m trying to get the movie I’ve already seen in my head onto the page in such a way that the reader can see that same movie, without the words getting in the way.

What do you think makes a good story?

A good story is like a good piece of music: there are only so many notes to play with, but it’s the unique voice of the composer that makes the music what it is. In the same way that I’m drawn to the works of certain composers, I’m drawn to the works of certain writers – no matter what sub-genre they are writing in (Note: I honestly only read crime). Thus, whilst I need a story to “work” overall, for me it’s the voice that draws me in, and – ultimately – satisfies me.

Which, of all your characters, do you think is the most like you?

Unquestionably, Cait Morgan. She’s Welsh, an immigrant to Canada, over-indulgent, judgmental, a bit bossy, and has a soft heart (but an acid internal voice).

What makes your books different from others out there in this genre?

I think this comes back to the point I made earlier – voice. The Cait Morgan Mysteries are traditional, Christie-style mysteries: they always feature a closed circle of suspects, play fair with the clues, and deliver red herrings, with a final denouement and comeuppances for the baddies. In other words, they deliver against the expectations of those who enjoy that “shape” of mystery, and I think that’s important (it is for me, as a reader, anyway). But I write them, with my voice, in my head (which is Cait’s voice, of course, and these books are written in the first person) so they are unique to me in that respect. In all honesty, it would only be others who could tell you how my voice differs from that of other authors; I’m not clever enough to do that.

 Whats next on the horizon for you?

As I mentioned, I’m plotting the eleventh Cait Morgan Mystery at the moment. I know where it’s set, who the main players are, the basics of what happens to whom, and the how and why of that – but I’m not quite ready to announce the title or the publication date, yet. I’m a detailed planner – I have no idea how anyone begins to write a book until they’ve already outlined the entire thing not only in their head but on paper, too – so I have to work out all the twists, turns, and details before I can be sure this story will end up being the next book. There will be an eleventh Cait Morgan Mystery, but this might not be the story I tell; I hope it is, because I really want to take folks to the location, which is fantastic – but it’s too early for me to be certain.

Thank you, Cathy, so much for visiting today!

Keep reading to learn about Cathy’s new book!

About The Corpse With The Iron Will

The Corpse with the Iron Will (The Cait Morgan Mysteries)
Cozy Mystery
10th in Series
Publisher: Four Tails Publishing Ltd. (June 3, 2021)
Number of Pages: 325
Digital ASIN: B08YRQP569

Welsh criminal psychologist and globetrotting sleuth, Cait Morgan, and her retired-cop husband Bud Anderson, are enjoying some well-deserved peace and quiet at home, in moody, mountainous British Columbia. The sudden death of a neighbor is a significant loss for them both, so Cait’s honored when Gordy Krantz’s “unusual” will requests that she eulogize him at his memorial.


However, delving into the dead man’s background becomes a pressing priority when a puzzling theft, and some surprising discoveries, put our favourite sleuths on high alert. Might someone living in their seemingly tight-knit – and certainly off-beat – rural community have wanted their neighbor dead? And if so, are more people they know at risk?


The tenth Cait Morgan Mystery from Bony Blithe Award-winning author Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Iron Will, forces Cait and Bud to use the skills they’ve honed tackling cases around the world to unmask a killer who’s too close to home for comfort!

More About Cathy Ace


Cathy Ace was born and raised in Swansea, Wales, then migrated to Canada aged 40. Having traveled the world (for business and pleasure) for decades, Cathy put her knowledge of the cultures, history, art, and food she encountered to good use in the Cait Morgan Mysteries – a series of traditional whodunits featuring a globetrotting Welsh Canadian professor of criminal psychology. These books have been optioned by Free@LastTV (Agatha Raisin). Ace also writes the #1 Amazon bestselling WISE Enquiries Agency Mysteries, featuring four female PIs (one is Welsh, one Irish, one Scottish, one English). They tackle quirky, quintessentially British cases from a Welsh stately home in the rolling countryside of the Wye Valley. Her standalone tale of psychological suspense, The Wrong Boy, also became an amazon #1 bestseller, and is due to become a bilingual TV mini series. Cathy lives on five rural acres in British Columbia, where her ever-supportive husband ensures she’s able to work full-time as an author, and enjoy her other great passion – gardening. She’s been shortlisted for the Bony Blithe Award three times in four years, winning in 2015, has won an IPPY Award, and was shortlisted for an IBA Award and an Arthur Ellis Award.

Author Links:    Website    Facebook     Twitter: @AceCathy    GoodReads   Instagram

Purchase Links – AmazonKobo

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The Corpse with the Crystal Skull (The Cait Morgan Mysteries) by Cathy Ace #Review – Great Escapes Book Tour

The Corpse with the Crystal Skull (The Cait Morgan Mysteries)
by Cathy Ace


About The Corpse With The Crystal Skull

The Corpse with the Crystal Skull (The Cait Morgan Mysteries)
Cozy Mystery
9th in Series
Setting – Jamaica
Publisher: Four Tails Publishing Ltd. (June 29, 2020)
Print Length: ~300 pages
Digital ASIN: B086FVBTTN

Welsh Canadian globetrotting sleuth, and professor of criminal psychology, Cait Morgan, is supposed to be “celebrating” her fiftieth birthday in Jamaica with her ex-cop husband Bud Anderson. But when the body of the luxury estate’s owner is discovered locked inside an inaccessible tower, Cait and her fellow guests must work out who might have killed him – even if his murder seems impossible. Could the death of the man who hosted parties in the 1960s attended by Ian Fleming and Noël Coward be somehow linked to treasure the legendary Captain Henry Morgan might have buried at the estate? Or to the mission Bud and his secret service colleagues have been sent to the island to undertake?

Dollycas’s Thoughts

A locked room, a dead host, and a crystal skull . . . who knew turning 50 in Jamaica could bring so much drama. Then again drama does follow Cait Morgan and Bud Anderson everywhere they go. Bud inviting his friends Jack and John with their significant others has Cait thinking there is something else going on besides their holiday and celebration. In fact, they could be suspects in the murder of dear Freddie.

After nine stories in this series, you would think I would know Cait Morgan very well but the author continues to find ways to keep her fresh. A professor of criminal psychology, excellent amateur sleuth with a very analytical way of looking at clues and forming theories. My absolute favorite part of the story is near the end when Cait uses her eidetic memory to untangle all her observations and puts them in order and explains what happened and whodunit.

The supporting characters are complex, all dealing with real-life issues. This really adds to the story and gives the characters more depth than expected in one book of a long-running series.

Again, Ms. Ace has written a complicated mystery, so much so that Cait has trouble eliminating suspects especially living in such close quarters with people who all seem to be hiding something. She knows Bud didn’t kill Freddie but she knows he is keeping something from her.  Twists and turns galore set this mystery on a new course more than once keeping the characters and this reader on their toes.

I loved the descriptions of former Lieutenant Sir Henry Morgan’s estate. It is an extraordinary place with quite a history and a perfect place to set a murder mystery. It is very private, not your typical Jamaican beach locale. Full of treasures like the crystal skull, who knows what is truly hidden in this idyllic place. Because of the privacy the guests don’t run into other tourists and we know a pretty penny was paid for this amazing vacay.

The Corpse with the Crystal Skull was a Perfect Escape for me. I had to force myself to put the book down to go to sleep. Each book in this series can be read on its own but to really get to know Cait and Bud and all their adventures I recommend starting at the beginning.

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“…touches of Christie or Marsh but with a bouquet of Kinsey Millhone.” —The Globe and Mail


“A sparkling, well-plotted, and quite devious mystery…” —The Hamilton Spectator


“…a sympathetic amateur detective, a locked-room mystery, a small cast of colourful suspects, loving descriptions of food and drink, and a few red herrings thrown our way…with a nod to a fresh literary or filmic artifice in each novel in the series…” – Crime Fiction Lover


About Cathy Ace 

Born and raised in Wales, now-Canadian Cathy Ace is the author of the Cait Morgan Mysteries, featuring her Welsh Canadian criminology professor sleuth who travels the world tripping over corpses, and The WISE Enquiries Agency Mysteries, featuring a quartet of female PIs, working from a Welsh stately home. Both series are traditional, entertaining, and have been well reviewed.

Author Links:    Website    Facebook     Twitter: @AceCathy    GoodReads

Purchase Links – AmazonKobo 

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#Review / #Giveaway – The Wrong Boy by Cathy Ace – Great Escapes Book Tour @AceCathy 

The Wrong Boy
by Cathy Ace


About the Book

The Wrong Boy
Setting – Wales
Four Tails Publishing Ltd. (January 9, 2019)
Print Length: 307 pages

Perched on a Welsh clifftop, the ancient, picturesque hamlet of Rhosddraig has its peaceful façade ripped apart when human remains are discovered under a pile of stones. The village pub, The Dragon’s Head, run by three generations of women, becomes the focal point for those interested in the grisly find, and it’s where layers of deceit are peeled away to expose old secrets, and deep wounds. The police need to establish who died, how, and why, but DI Evan Glover knows he can’t be involved in the investigation, because he’s just two days away from retirement. However, as the case develops in unexpected ways, it becomes irrevocably woven into his life, and the lives of local families, leading to disturbing revelations – and deadly consequences . . .

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Rhosddraig, a peaceful village in Wales, is home of The Dragon’s Head, a pub owned by a very demanding and opinionated woman, Myfanwy ‘Nan’ Jones, and managed by her daughter, Helen. Her granddaughter Sadie also works there. The pub becomes the center of attention when human remains are found nearby. The case brings DI Evan Glover to investigate but he finds there will be no way to solve the case before his retirement in just two days and has to turn the case over to his partner DS Liz Stanley and other officers. But he just can’t let it go and soon both he and his wife become entangled in the case as they seem to go down one rabbit hole after another trying to find out the real story.

First I have to say, I am always delighted by the places this author takes us too. I will never travel to Wales, but she creates such vivid imagery with her words that the places come alive and can be viewed so clearly in my mind. She put her readers right there in the moment and I love that about her writing.

This story builds slowly in a journal-like tale told from several points of few. The characters are introduced as we read their accounts of each day but we quickly see these are multilayered people, with pasts and secrets. All their lives interconnect as the story moves forward and layer after layer of their lives and inner beings are peeled away. It seems each day a different perspective took hold and completely changed my mind about where the story was headed.

Cathy Ace is a pro, she knows how to draw the reader in and keep their attention. While I didn’t feel a lot of thrilling suspense through the entire story, the psychological aspects were there the whole way.  A terribly flawed individual’s words and actions had a very strong impact on several characters. The day by day observations were quite unreliable, showing so much dysfunction. Everyone saw things to the betterment of themselves and the truth was buried so deep I wondered if we would ever get there.

This terrifically written story leads up to an ending that was absolutely chilling and turned anything I had been thinking totally inside out. Part police procedural and part family drama, the book sets readers on a very unique journey. Tragic, eerie, and dark, the only light brought by two distinct characters. The Wrong Boy was different from anything I have read of late and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a psychological mind twister.

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About the Author

Born and raised in Wales, now-Canadian Cathy Ace is the author of the Cait Morgan Mysteries, featuring her Welsh Canadian criminology professor sleuth who travels the world tripping over corpses, and The WISE Enquiries Agency Mysteries, featuring a quartet of female PIs, working from a Welsh stately home. Both series are traditional, entertaining, and have been well reviewed.

Author Links:    Website    Facebook     Twitter: @AceCathy    GoodReads

 Purchase Links


Praise for The Wrong Boy
by Cathy Ace

The characters are very well-written and believable, and the mystery will keep you intrigued as the suspense builds throughout the story.
~The Book’s the Thing

I still get shivers down my spine when I remember the ending. The identity of the perp is shocking and bone-chilling!
~The Book Decoder

THE WRONG BOY is an excellent psychological suspense thriller, set in a stunning location with eons of history, ingrown characters, and a background on which play out the “normal” human emotions and motives, and quite a few not so “normal.”
~Mallory Heart’s Cozies

Spanning a realistic timeline and told in multiple yet seamless perspectives, this is a slow-burning and deeply twisted mystery that packs a powerful punch.
~That’s What She’s Reading

Also by Cathy Ace

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#Spotlight – Murder Knows No Season: 4 novellas featuring Cait Morgan, the WISE Women & DI Glover by Cathy Ace


Murder Knows No Season: 4 novellas featuring Cait Morgan, the WISE Women & DI Glover
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Women Sleuths
Four Tails Publishing Ltd (November 17, 2018)
Paperback: 273 pages
ISBN-10: 1775175448
ISBN-13: 978-1775175445
Kindle ASIN: B07KNFWKYM (455 Pages)


WINTER: The Corpse with Eight Faces – A Cait Morgan Mystery
Trapped in a snowbound lodge in the Canadian countryside, Cait is faced with a corpse, and a group of eight suspects. A classic closed-circle mystery featuring Cait Morgan.

SPRING: The Case of the Desperate Duchess – A WISE Enquiries Agency Mystery
Lady Jacintha Wraysbury calls in the WISE Enquiries Agency to hunt for a missing girl. Join the private investigators as they scour West London for a florist who’s in more danger than any of them imagine.

SUMMER: Out and About in a Boat – A standalone thriller
Meet an average Canadian family. Dad Dave takes his son and daughter for a weekend at a local lake. What could go wrong in just thirty hours? When there’s a dead body involved, quite a lot.

AUTUMN: The Fall – A DI Evan Glover Case
When a Welsh rugby legend’s body is found at the bottom of a cliff, the question ‘Did he jump, or was he pushed?’ is one of national significance. Sadly, DI Evan Glover’s inquiries reveal his hero might not have been the man he thought he was.

About The Author

Born and raised in Wales, now-Canadian Cathy Ace is the author of the Cait Morgan Mysteries, featuring her Welsh Canadian criminology professor sleuth who travels the world tripping over corpses, and The WISE Enquiries Agency Mysteries, featuring a quartet of female PIs, working from a Welsh stately home. Both series are traditional, entertaining, and have been well reviewed.

Also by Cathy Ace

Click on cover for more info or to purchase from Amazon.

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