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#Review / #Giveaway – With a Little Bit of Blood (The Eliza Doolittle & Henry Higgins Mysteries) by D.E. Ireland – Great Escapes Book Tour

With a Little Bit of Blood (The Eliza Doolittle & Henry Higgins Mysteries)
by D.E. Ireland



About the Book

With a Little Bit of Blood (The Eliza Doolittle & Henry Higgins Mysteries)
Cozy Mystery
4th in Series
Setting – England
Grainger Press (April 15, 2018)
Paperback: 352 pages
ISBN-10: 0998180939
ISBN-13: 978-0998180939
Digital ASIN: B07BSV486T

In the fourth book from the Agatha Award nominated writing team of D.E. Ireland, famous literary characters Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins find they may have brought trouble with them when they attend a country house party in With A Little Bit of Blood.

Eliza is not happy when Higgins buys a snazzy roadster. Her misgivings prove correct when he becomes injured in a motor car crash. Forced to play nursemaid, Eliza is thrilled to accept an invitation to a house party from Lord Ashmore and his bride, the former Clara Eynsford-Hill. But upon their arrival at Banfield Manor, Eliza is dismayed to see her sweetheart Freddy arm in arm with a beautiful actress. Higgins is shocked to learn the woman who once stalked him is also attending the party. Things grow even worse when spiritualist Madame Evangeline arrives and warns of impending danger. Her prediction comes true when someone is killed during the following day’s shoot in the forest.

Higgins and Eliza suspect it wasn’t an accident, but murder. Every guest hides a dark secret that involved the dead man. But who hated him more? The French aviator, the American cinema actress, a lady novelist, the Austrian count, or a knighted explorer of the Amazon? Madame Evangeline’s séance may reveal what is really going on. But her cryptic words deepen the mystery, especially after another guest turns up dead.

Who is behind these murders? And has Higgins himself been targeted? As the day of the fox hunt begins, it seems likely that more than the fox will die. Before that happens, Eliza and the Professor must discover who may have a little bit of blood on their hands.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Iconic characters Eliza Doolittle, Henry Higgins along with Colonel Pickering, Freddy Eynsford-Hill, and Mrs. Pearce, return in the 4th installment based on the George Bernard Shaw classic, My Fair Lady. Sadly Colonel Pickering and Mrs. Pearce has minor roles this time.

An accident in a fancy roadster and a fire send Eliza and Henry off to the country. They were invited to the home of Lord Ashmore and his new bride, Clara. Higgins had no desire to go but current circumstances have given him no choice. Eliza was excited to go but when she sees Freddy, the man who has begged her to marry him several times, with a beautiful woman by his side, she is unsure how she feels. When Higgins gets a gander of another guest, Lady Annabel, he is ready to return to London immediately, seems the woman stalked after him in the past.

The guest list rounds out with Sir Anthony Dennison, Annabel’s husband, pilot Phillippe Corbet, Count, and Countess von Weisinger,  Madam Evangeline, “a table tipper”, and her manservant Zohan Batur. Dwight Pentwater, an American businessman arrives just after dinner has been served. An eclectic bunch all there for a week-long house party that will culminate with a fox hunt.

Madam Evangeline is barely in the door when she proclaims “Death and Darkness surround this house. The future of the world stands in the balance.” So when someone is killed in the forest Henry and Eliza suspect the death was no accident. The house is full of suspects and Madam Evangeline even holds a séance to try to reveal the killer but all it raises are more questions like is Henry somehow involved?  With a “little bit of luck,” or blood, he and Eliza work to solve the case before anyone else ends up dead.

I opened the book and start to read and as before the voices I hear are the ones from the movie. The authors have truly captured their essence in manner and dialogue. Their descriptions bring everything alive from people to places and even the food and tea served. There is a large cast of characters but each is clearly defined and easy to keep straight.

The story is very well written and time is taken to add background and introductions before death occurs and the mystery portion of the story starts to play out. For this reason, the story takes place at a very comfortable pace. It takes time to determine the exact and correct motive. Then a plan is made but like true Eliza, she has her way of doing things. I was very entertained from beginning to end.

I love these characters and enjoy the imaginative way the authors take them on this little journey to the countryside. There is never a dull moment when Eliza Dolittle is around.

Blimey, you just have to read this book, I tell ya!

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Thrilled to note, Escape With Dollycas has a place on the Praise pages of this book! 


Praise for With a Little Bit of Blood (The Eliza Doolittle & Henry Higgins Mysteries)

by D.E. Ireland

It’s an intriguing plot and I did not figure out the villain before the end.
~Valerie’s Musings

I have read all the books, the series is getting better and better . . . The characters are so wonderful to read about.
~Babs Book Bistro

WITH A LITTLE BIT OF BLOOD is a fun country house mystery. Interesting characters with lots of motives and a hint of the supernatural make this a page turning addition to a delightful series.
~Cozy Up With Kathy



About the Authors

D.E. Ireland is the pseudonym of long time friends and award-winning authors, Meg Mims and Sharon Pisacreta. In 2013 they decided to collaborate on a unique series based on George Bernard Shaw’s witty play Pygmalion, which also inspired the classic musical My Fair Lady. At work on Book Four of their Agatha nominated series, they also pursue separate writing careers. Currently, both of them write cozy mysteries for Kensington under their respective pen names: Sharon Farrow with her Berry Basket series, and Meg Macy with her Shamelessly Adorable Teddy Bear series. The two Michigan authors have patient husbands, brilliant daughters, and share a love of tea, books, and history.

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Sharon’s Books

Meg’s Books

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Cozy Wednesday with D.E. Ireland – Author of Get Me To The Grave On Time – #Review / #Giveaway

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Welcome to Cozy Wednesday!

I am super excited to have D.E. Ireland here today!!

Final Meg Sharon V1Escape with D.E. Ireland

Anglophiles and award winning authors, the team of D.E. IrelandMeg Mims and Sharon Pisacreta – write the Eliza Doolittle & Henry Higgins cozy mystery series set in 1913 England. In addition, they each pen a contemporary mystery series; coincidentally both series were acquired by Kensington. It seems these two friends are fated to do everything in tandem. Having so many books to write and promote in the course of a year is exciting, but it can also be stressful and tiring. So where do they escape to when they need a break? It’s complicated.

First, they both live in Michigan, albeit on opposite sides of the state. Meg lives near Detroit and prefers to write, laptop on her outstretched legs, in the “Sheldon spot” on the sofa in her living room, right beside the window where she can watch the finches flutter around the hanging feeder. An early morning riser, Meg reminds herself to take tiny “escapes” during her writing day: e.g., letting the dog out, stretching, or exercising. She also takes a break at lunch and at bedtime by reading. Her favorites are cozy mysteries, celebrity biographies, historical mysteries, thrillers, and fantasy. Meg has stacks and stacks of books, plus a staggering number on her Kindle and iPad.

Although Sharon was born and raised in Detroit, she now lives in one of the charming villages and resort towns that dot the sandy shores of Lake Michigan. Surrounded by such scenic natural beauty, it’s easy for her to walk along the beach or go hiking in one of the nearby state forests whenever she feels the need for an “escape”. However a great deal of her day is spent writing on her laptop: in the morning she can be found at her dining room table, in the afternoon, she moves her work station to a comfy leather club chair by the window.

get-me-to-the-grave-on-timeWhen she needs a break – and a vanilla latte – she heads for the village coffee house. There is something about the combination of espresso, the aroma of pastry and coffee beans, and the cozy environs that help Sharon solve any plotting problems. Sometimes, she brings a book to the coffee house, yet another way to escape from the constant pressure of deadlines. While Sharon enjoys reading a wide variety of genres, she prefers mysteries, (especially Louise Penny), sci-fi and dystopian YA, and urban fantasy. As a former history major, she also reads history for both research and pleasure.

Another frequent escape from the daily writing routine occurs when Sharon and Meg chat on the phone to plot out their next DE Ireland book, discuss the progress of the mysteries they write on their own, and gossip about the latest news from the publishing world. Conversation doesn’t always happen on the phone. Since Sharon moved to the lakeshore, Meg has made more than one visit to her house, allowing the two of them to brainstorm new plot ideas . . . and enjoy a few lake perch dinners.

As for vacation fun, Meg prefers to escape to Mackinac Island with her family. She loves walking along the downtown Main Street, people watching while bicycling around the island, and shopping in the small boutiques that line the streets. Next summer she plans to visit the Butterfly House there, enjoy planked whitefish at one of the restaurants, and perhaps stay at one of the bed and breakfasts on the island.

Because Sharon already lives in a lakeshore resort, she prefers big city vacations in NYC and Chicago. If she had the time and the money, she’d head back to Britain, the site of her all-time favorite vacation, especially Dublin and Edinburgh. But she hasn’t had much time for a vacation lately. In addition to writing two mystery series, she also works at one of the gallery shops in town.

Luckily, there are writing conferences. Sharon and Meg both escape to Malice Domestic every spring, where they love chatting with fellow mystery authors. It’s so relaxing to share what they’re writing, to meet readers, and appear on workshop panels. Malice has a special place in their hearts not only because of the warm and welcoming community who gather there each year. But they were thrilled when their Eliza Doolittle & Henry Higgins mystery, Wouldn’t It Be Deadly, was a finalist for Best Historical of 2014.

Next year, both authors will not only be attending Malice, but are looking forward to traveling to Toronto for Bouchercon. While at Malice and Bouchercon, Sharon and Meg will be discussing – and signing – their respective new cozies: Dying for Strawberries and Bearly Departed written under the pen names Sharon Farrow and Meg Macy.  Of course, they are already plotting out the fourth book in the Eliza Doolittle/Henry Higgins series, along with writing the next installment of their cozies. No wonder they need a vacation.

~D.E. Ireland

get-me-to-the-grave-on-timeGet Me To The Grave On Time
(The Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins Mysteries)
Historical Cozy Mystery Series
Setting –  London, England

Publisher: Grainger Press (November 15, 2016)
Print Length: 274 pages




Although Eliza still refuses to marry Freddy Eynsford Hill, everyone around her seems headed for the altar. Not only is her cousin Inspector Jack Shaw about to wed his sweetheart, but Freddy’s younger sister Clara is engaged, along with the niece of Henry Higgins. Another blushing bride is the sixty-year-old Duchess of Carbrey, who plans to marry a handsome fellow half her age. But when the groom is found dead, a jealous mistress is blamed for the murder. However, the death may also be connected to the stolen treasure of an Indian temple.

Disaster strikes next at Jack and Sybil’s wedding. Soon after, the wedding reception of Higgins’s niece takes a lethal turn. Someone is targeting bridegrooms, and the wedding of Freddy’s sister is next. Before another bridal bouquet is tossed, Higgins and Eliza must track down the killer. Otherwise, Clara’s bridegroom – and perhaps the bride herself – may be murdered before they can get to the church on time.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Love this series and am so happy the authors have found a way to continue it.

Eliza Doolittle is not heading to the alter with Freddy Eynsford Hill, but she and Henry Higgins will be attanding several weddings throughout the story. Sadly all of the nuptuals have disaster hit them in some way. Someone seems to be targeting these weddings and Eliza and Higgins are doing their best to find out why and still get to the church on time.

The wonderful thing about this story is that if you are familiar with the George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion or the movie My Fair Lady, you know these characters and can jump into this series anywhere. Of course, I believe you should start at the beginning 🙂

This writing team captures these characters wonderfully. The dialogue is spectacular, especially between Higgins and Eliza, but all the others too. I hear the voices from the movie so clearly in my head. The story comes alive for me in the voices of Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Wilfrid Hyde-White and Mona Washbourne. To have the characters sleuthing around London, even the East End in just brilliant. 

The mystery is very well plotted and it has to be because there are so many characters to keep straight. The classes of people all come together for wedding, funerals and everything in between. The adventure of following our sleuths is so much fun. Eliza seems to have no fear and such keen insight for a young woman. Higgins is forced to follow her lead and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! So much happens within these pages. It becomes impossible to put down.

Laced with a high degree of humor this is a story I highly recommend.

Which tune will these authors take on next? I Could Have Danced All Night? or I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face? I can’t wait to find out?

perfect 2016

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Final Meg Sharon V1

About The Authors

D.E. Ireland is a team of award-winning authors, Meg Mims and Sharon Pisacreta. Long time friends, they decided to collaborate on this unique series based on George Bernard Shaw’s wonderfully witty play, Pygmalion. While they admit the lovely film My Fair Lady and its soundtrack proved to be inspiring, they are careful to stick to Shaw’s vision of the beloved characters from Eliza to Higgins to Pickering and Freddy Eynsford Hill. They’ve also added a cast of new characters to flesh out their own version of events post-Pygmalion. They both have patient husbands, brilliant daughters, and share a love of good books, tea and history.

Website     Facebook   Twitter     Pinterest

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Receiving a complimentary copy in no way reflected my review of this book. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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Get Me To The Grave On Time (The Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins Mysteries)
Release Date – November 15, 2016
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Better Late Than Never (A Library Lover’s Mystery)
Release Date – November 1, 2016
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